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The Andy Bakjian Award is given annually to an official that has given outstanding service throughout a career to the running sports by taking officiating track and field to a higher level.

Award Criteria

Criteria for having the name of an official placed in nomination for the Andy Bakjian Outstanding Official Award:

  • Must be a Certified USATF Official for a twelve (12) year period.
  • Must be a Master Level Official in good standing with the Association which they are certified, in good standing with the National Officials Committee and in good standing with USATF.
  • Must have officiated at National Championship Meets and/or International Championship Meets.
  • Recognition by peers for excellence and achievement in track and field officiating.
  • Recognition by peers for there betterment and devotion to track and field officiating.
  • The Andy Bakjian Outstanding Official Award can not be a posthumous award.

Nomination and Selection Process

The procedure to nominate an individual for the Andy Bakjian Outstanding Official Award is as follows:

  • Nomination forms will be e-mailed to each member of the National Officials Committee and to the Officials Certification Chair of each Association on August 1st of each year. They must be returned to the National Officials Committee Vice-Chair of Awards by August 30th. The nomination forms must include the name of the individual being nominated along with verified statements of his/her accomplishments.
  • All Nominees must endorse the statement of accomplishments to verify the validity of the contents presented by the individual doing the original nomination.
  • If there are more than ten nominees, their credentials and statements of accomplishments will be sent to the National Officials Awards Sub-Committee. By secret ballot, the Awards Sub-Committee will select the ten names to be placed on the final ballot.

The procedure for final selection for the individual that will receive the Andy Bakjian Outstanding Official Award is as follows. . .

  • The final ballot will be e-mailed to the following on October 1st and the ballot must be returned by October 31st.
    • National Officials Committee Executive Committee
    • Association Officials Certification Chairs
    • At-Large Members
    • Athlete’s Representatives
    • Chairmen Emeritus
    • National Liaison Officers
    • National Officials Committee Representatives

The individuals that make up the above group will vote in the following manner. The ranking will be a one for your first choice, a two for your second choice and so forth and your tenth choice will receive a ten and be your final choice. All ten places must be voted on to be an official ballot. The voting will be tallied like a cross country meet in that when you place a number 1 beside a persons name they will receive 1 point while a 10 will give the individual 10 points. The votes will be tallied by the National Officials Committee Vice-Chair of Awards and the individual receiving the fewest number of points will be the winner of the Andy Bakjian Outstanding Official Award and presented at the Annual USATF Convention.

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