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Helpful Information for MUT Race Directors

The Mountain, Ultra, Trail (MUT) Running Council of USATF would like to thank you for your interest in hosting a National Championship race. Please complete the bid form and return to Nikki Kimball with any material in support of your bid. Review of bids will take place at the USATF Annual Meeting which is held each December.

Race Directors may attend the meeting to formally present their bids. Please notify Nikki Kimball if you wish to make a presentation. Bids that are not formally presented are not penalized. The MUT Running Council attempts to attain a balanced championship schedule with high quality races that are held throughout the year, across the country, and on varied terrain. Not all race distances will necessarily be awarded during the meeting. However, Championships that are awarded by the close of the December meeting will be included in the USATF National Championship calendar. Race Directors and the running media will be notified shortly after the meeting regarding the outcome of the bidding process. Bids can be accepted after the meeting for race distances that have not been awarded.

The MUT Running Council uses the following criteria to evaluate bids. Please address these criteria when formulating your bid.

1. Can you provide examples that show how your race will be a valuable addition to the championship schedule and the MUT running program in general? Examples may include previous USATF sanction, number of runners, previous winners, number of volunteers, number of aid stations, pre/post race activities, etc.

2. Is the race willing to host a combined men's, women's, and master's National Championship?

3. Is the race interested in a multiple year championship bid?

4. Will the race provide travel and lodging expenses to the previous year's National Champions if applicable?

5. Will the race provide free entry to previous year's National Champions and/or top national runners identified by the MUT Running Council?

6. Can the race provide travel and or lodging to top runners or otherwise encourage national-class athletes to attend?

7. Will the race offer prize money or other significant awards?

8. Who are the race sponsors? What is the amount of sponsorship?

9. Is the race willing to pay for USATF championship medals and patches if necessary?

10. Is the race willing to post the USATF banner in prominent location at registration, race, and awards sites?

11. Is the race willing to make USATF membership forms available to all athletes who request them?

12. Is the race willing to work with an appointed USATF liaison during all phases of the race process?

13. Is the race sanctioned by USATF or are you willing to get it sanctioned if it becomes a National Championship?

14. If the race is road or track, is the course certified?

15. If the race is trail, is the course comprised primarily of trails or dirt roads?

For more information on the USATF bidding process click here.

Send completed bid forms and accompanying material by mail or email to Nancy Hobbs at the following address. If you email your bid form, mail or fax the signed signature page prior to the deadline.

Questions? Contact:

MUT Championship Coordinator Paul Kirsch



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