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Kami Semick
Events:  Ultramarathons
Height:  5'4"
Weight:  115
Born: 07/06/66 in Southern California
Current Residence: Bend, Oregon
College: University of Alabama, 1989
Profession: Software management; mom
Sponsor: The North Face


  • Marathon: 2.53 (Seattle 2004)
  • 50 km trail: 4.17 (Quick Silver 2006)
  • 50 mile: 6.13 (Helen Klein 2005)
  • 100 km trail: 9.30 (Miwok 2005)

Career Highlights

  • Numerous wins and course records in 50 km, 50 mile, 100 km events.
  • 4th place woman in 2006 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run


Kami began competitive distance running on the cross-country team at the University of Alabama, a school she chose because she thought it would be culturally and climatically different from her Pacific Northwest upbringing, which it definitely was. After college, she moved to Atlanta where she worked during the week and did triathlons on the weekends. Eventually the West Coast called her back, much to Kami's delight, and, while living in San Francisco, she tried her hand at mountaineering, first conquering the "small stuff" and then working her way to the heights of Denali, Alaska. However, the time and travel demands of the sport meant time spent away from her husband and child. After missing her daughter's 2nd birthday because she was climbing Denali, she started searching for adventures that were challenging, but that would keep her closer to home. Enter ultra running. As Kami explains it, "With ultra running, I can take the family with me, have a mini adventure, and be back in time for dinner that night, or breakfast the next day." Although relatively new to the sport, Kami is already making her mark. She is ranked fourth for 2005 Women Ultra Runners of the Year by UltraRunning magazine.  As she enters the 40+ age-group, Kami is excited about being a new masters runner.  "I always like new-ness - new trails, new races, new categories - so it should be a fun year."

In their own words...

Running achievement I am most proud of: Battling a sinus infection, nausea, dizziness and dead legs in Where's Waldo 100k run in 2005, only to win and set a course record.

Why I run: Freedom of movement, and the clarity that comes with focusing on basic needs eat, drink, and move forward.

Future Goals: International competition; running 100 mile races around the country and world.

Favorite quote: "Just put one foot in front of the other..."  Kris Kringle from Santa Clause is Coming to Town



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