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Masters Athletes - Overview

An overview of each of USATF's Masters programs:

Track & Field

Photo of a high jumperMasters track & field competitions provide athletes an opportunity to compete year round. Athletes compete for age-division honors in:

  • Running events (60m to 10,000m)
  • Pole Vault, Long, Triple & High Jumping
  • Shot, Hammer, Discus, Javelin, Weight & Superweight Throws
  • Combined Events

and more! Hundreds of competitions are held annually, including local USATF-sanctioned meets, all-comers meets, National, Regional, and Association Championships. Click here to search for Masters events.

Long Distance Running

Photo of a cross country raceMasters long distance running events take place at road races, cross country meets, and mountain/trail runs, with distances ranging from 1 mile to 100 miles. Thousands of road races are held throughout the year, both locally and nationally, where masters athletes can compete for age-division honors.  Cross country meets are often held in the fall and winter, and many meets include a team scoring component that provides a platform for camaraderie and teamwork. Mountain and trail runs provide masters athletes an opportunity to run on terrain that is generally more rugged and challenging than standard cross country courses. Many such events are held in parks and mountain resorts. To learn more about long distance running, visit the Road Running, Cross Country, and Mountain/Ultra/Trail sections.

Race Walking

Photo of a race walking eventMasters race walking events occur both on the track and on the roads. Distances range from 1,500 m (1 mile) to 50 km (31 miles). Competitions are conducted throughout the year in a variety of USATF-sanctioned events and National, Regional, and Association Championships. Visit the Race Walking section to learn more about race walking.

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