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Project 30 Program - FAQ

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1. What is the Project 30 Program?
A joint venture between USATF and Nike, the Project 30 Fund provides financial support to athletes who will help Team USA achieve its goal of winning 30 medals in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

2. Who qualifies for the Project 30 Program?
Any athlete with demonstrated medal potential in 2011 and 2012.
3. Why isn’t there an application process for Project 30?
Any athlete with demonstrated medal potential who does not have an existing shoe contract with another company is eligible for the program and will be considered.

4. What are the criteria used for choosing athletes? Are criteria the same for everyone?
Project 30 will be selected using performance-based data analyzed by both USATF and Nike as part of a joint venture. All Project 30 athlete selections are subject to approval by both Nike and USATF.

5. Does an athlete qualify for the program if they signed a contract with any other company (Adidas, New, Balance, Puma, etc…) other than Nike?
No. An athlete will not be considered for this program if they have already signed a contract with another company since the affiliation with Nike would pose a potential contract breach for the athlete.

6. As an athlete who was contracted by a shoe company other than Nike and my contract has ended, do I have the opportunity to talk with USATF/Nike and switch companies for the 2011 year, knowing that my performance merits consideration for the Project 30 Program?
Yes. Project 30 recipients will execute a contract with Nike. Consequently, if your contract with another company has ended you are free to sign with Nike as part of Project 30.
7. Are only currently Nike contracted athletes being accepted into the Project 30 Program?
Not at all. Any athlete not already signed with another shoe company, including athletes without shoe contracts, who meets the performance standards is eligible.
8. Will an athlete need to sign a contract with Nike if they are a recipient of this program?
Yes, the athlete will sign a Nike endorsement contract as part of their responsibilities. The contract will define the terms and conditions for the athlete’s participation in the Project 30 Program and will include benchmarks and progress standards that must be achieved for continuance in the program. All such benchmarks and standards will be agreed to collectively by the athlete, the athlete’s coach, and Project 30 personnel.
9. How will my contract as a Project 30 athlete be different from a Nike contract athlete who is not involved with Project 30?
The agreement is very similar to Nike contracted athletes who are not part of Project 30. Some of those similarities include: equipment, bonuses, rollovers and standard clauses of the contract. However, Project 30 athletes may have some unique stipulations that differ from the contracts of those Nike athletes who are not in the program.
10. If an athlete is selected for the program will their athlete representative (agent) be entitled to this funding?
This depends on the details of the contract between the athlete and the athlete representative.
11. Will athletes who are selected for this program receive equipment from Nike? If so, what does that consist of?
Yes. The athlete will receive 2 standard equipment shipments per year. This shipment will consist of shoes, competition gear, and work out apparel. The equipment provided is the same equipment all other Nike sponsored athletes receive during the year.

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