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Zero Tolerance Anti-Doping Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 7 - November 2004

In This Issue

Why Zero Tolerance?

USA Track & Field CEO Craig A. Masback and USATF President Bill Roe developed the plan in concert with the USATF Board of Directors in October 2003 by combining existing programs and USATF priorities with ambitious new initiatives. "Zero Tolerance" focuses on three goals: increasing efforts to catch and punish cheaters; expanding educational efforts and focusing the message on the theme that cheating is wrong and cheaters will be caught; and taking a more visible role on these issues.

New WADA Changes

WADA Announces 2005 Prohibited List

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced that it had approved the Prohibited List of Substances and Methods for 2005 - which will go into effect January 1, 2005.

Some major changes from the current list in 2005 include the following:

  • The topical application of glucocorticosteriods will no longer require an abbreviated therapeutic use exemption (ATUE)
  • Beta-2 agonists, often used in the treatment of asthma, will now be prohibited both in and out of competition.
  • The substance Finasteride, a product used for prostate problems in men and also for hair loss, will be added to the Prohibited List as a masking agent.
  • Intravenous infusion for non-medical purposes will now be explicitly banned.

For more information on the 2005 Prohibited List of Substances and Methods visit the WADA website.

IAAF Missed Tests Proposal

IAAF proposes decrease in number of missed tests allowed

IAAF officials have recently discussed reducing the number of missed (out-of-competition) tests an international-level athlete can receive in an 18-month period from three to two before being sanctioned with a one-year ban. Although it is still in the discussion stage, USATF reminds athletes, especially those who are eligible for testing by the IAAF, to file their quarterly athlete location forms on time with USADA and ensure that they have an Authorization Waiver on file with USADA to share their whereabouts with the IAAF. USATF also reminds athletes to file change of plans with USADA when they are going to be away from their primary training location or primary residences for more than 24 hours. These measures will decrease the likelihood of having a missed test.

Athletes who have questions regarding missed tests with the IAAF or USADA can contact USATF's Melissa Beasley at 317-261-0478 x335 for more information.

Latest News

USADA launches Drug Reference Online Feature

Beginning October 11, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Drug Reference Online (DRO) became available for use on the USADA website - Available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, the DRO will serve as a supplement for athletes who have questions about medications on weekends or after USADA office hours.

The DRO provides easily accessible and accurate information on whether specific U.S. pharmaceutical products are permitted for us by athletes. Some over-the-counter medicinal products are included in the database.

The DRO provides the status of the pharmaceutical from the WADA 2004 Prohibited List and applies ONLY to the formulations used in the United States. A DRO search will classify a drug or a formulation (combination of medications) based on the strictest status of any one component.

Compliance Numbers for 2004

Congratulations Athletes - Compliance percentages for the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Out-of-Competition Drug-Testing pool continue to rise for the sport of track & field. Despite a 25% increase to the size of the pool, athletes continued to complete and submit their athlete location forms by the posted USADA deadlines.

USADA Compliance Numbers:

2004 - 1st quarter 89%
2004 - 2nd quarter 96%
2004 - 3rd quarter 96%
2004 - 4th quarter 84%
Overall 2004 92%

Changes to USADA Protocol for Olympic Movement Testing

USADA recently made significant changes to its publication USADA Protocol for Olympic Movement Testing - specifically to Annex E - regarding the American Arbitration Association Supplementary Procedures for Arbitration of Olympic Sport Doping Disputes.

USATF strongly recommends that all athletes and athlete support personnel review the newly published protocol by visiting the USADA website.

Upcoming U.S. Events

Dec. 1-5 USATF Annual Meeting, Portland, OR
Dec. 4 USATF National Club XC Championships, Portland, OR
Jan. 29 Reebok Boston Indoor Games, Boston, MA
Feb. 4 Verizon Millrose Games, New York, NY
Feb. 12 Tyson Invitational, Fayetteville, AR
Feb. 12-13 USA XC Championships, Vancouver, WA
Feb. 25-27 USA Indoor T&F Championships, Boston, MA

Important Numbers

  • USADA Drug Reference Line - 800-233-0393 (toll free)
  • USATF Whistleblower Hotline - 866-809-8104 (toll free)
  • USATF Anti-Doping Liaison (Melissa Beasley) - 317-261-0478 x335

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