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Training Library - Hydration

Below are five documents on the subject of hydration for long distance running. Document #3 is the USATF official position paper on this subject.

  1. A USATF press release that provides an overview of our new understanding of hydration along with what has changed and why.
  2. A more technical description of the major changes in our understanding of hydration. It provides an overview of the history of efforts to deal with hydration, heat illness and related medical challenges over time, and it describes major failures in our former understanding of these conditions.
  3. Detailed guidelines on dealing with hydration based on our new understanding.
  4. A one-page instruction sheet that presents the USATF Self-Testing Program for Optimal Hydration.
  5. Some additional hydration advice to prepare for race day. These are not USATF official guidelines, but rather they are suggestions from the medical director of a few large marathons.


  1. Press release: USATF announces major change in hydration guidelines
  2. IMMDA Advisory Statement on Guidelines for Fluid Replacement During Marathon Running (PDF)
    Tim Noakes, MBChB, MD, FACSM
    March 2002
  3. Proper Hydration for Distance Running - Identifying Individual Fluid Needs (PDF)
    Douglas J. Casa, PhD, ATC, FACSM
    April 2003
  4. USATF Self-Testing Program for Optimal Hydration (PDF)
  5. Fluids on Race Day (PDF)
    Lewis G. Maharam, MD, FACSM
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