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Athlete Representatives Newsletter

November 2006 Issue:

New Staff Members

USATF would like to introduce two new members to its staff that will likely be working closely with Athlete Representatives:

We are excited to announce Brian Brase as the newly acquired Director of Events and Broadcasting. Brian welcomes those of you who wish to make contact with him. He can be reached directly via e-mail at and via telephone at 317-713-4658.

Additionally, J.R. Hensley has been hired in the Elite Athlete Division to manage the Agent Program. He can be contacted directly via e-mail at and via telephone at 317-713-4684.

Changes to the Authorized Athlete Representative Open Enrollment Period

NOTICE: The open enrollment period for New authorized athlete representatives (AARs) has changed and is now September 1 to November 28, 2006 (Also see Educational Requirements below).

Renewal enrollment for existing agents has not changed and is open from September 1 to December 31, 2006.

The 2006 USATF application is available online and will be e-mailed to current AARs.

New Agent Educational Requirements!!!

Educational Seminars for Authorized Athlete Representatives are in place for Both New and Existing Athlete Representatives (in accordance with USATF Regulation 16-G).

There will be a Mandatory seminar for New Agents (registered in 2005 or 2006) at the 2006 USATF Annual. Details of the educational requirements follow:

1. Athlete representatives who registered in 2005 or 2006 are required to attend the 2006 USATF Annual Meeting, where they must attend a four-hour educational seminar. After the seminar, there will be a two-hour open book examination on the materials covered during the seminar (must score at least 80% to retain authorized athlete representative status).

2. Athlete representatives who registered in 2004 or prior and who have maintained active registration status each year may attend the educational seminar covering updates to rules and current issues in the sport, but attendance is not required.

Annual Meeting Information

Agents will NOT be required to register for the Annual Meeting, but may do so if so desired (click here for registration details). Please understand that if you choose not to register, you will ONLY be able to attend the Agents Meetings / Seminars and will NOT have access to any other meetings or receive any of the benefits or credentials provided to registrants of the Annual Meeting (including gift bags). Agents will be required to book their own travel and hotel accommodations.

Anti-Doping News

Changes to the WADA Prohibited List - Effective January 1, 2007

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has published the 2007 Prohibited List. Below is a summary of updates from the 2006 List to the 2007 List. For a full copy of the 2007 Prohibited List, visit WADA's website. The 2007 Prohibited List will go into effect January 1, 2007.

The Classes of Prohibited Substances have not changed from the 2006 List.

However , in order to make the language clearer, the explanatory paragraphs for the following four classes of substances in the 2007 List have been reworded:

  • Anabolic Agents
  • Diuretics
  • Chemical and physical manipulation
  • Stimulants

Other Updates to the 2007 List:

Beta-2 agonists
Salbutamol used by inhalation, even with an Abbreviated Therapeutic Use Exemption (ATUE), is not a specified substance** at urinary levels greater than 1000 ng/ml.

Glucocorticosteroids used by iontophoresis/phonophoresis are permitted and do not require an Abbreviated TUE. Other topical treatments such as skin, eye, ear, nose, and inside the mouth are also permitted.

Glucocorticosteroids are only permitted in competition. Other routes of administration (intraarticular, periarticular, peritendinous, epidural, intradermal injections and inhalation) require an Abbreviated TUE for use in competition. Systematic use of corticosteroids by oral, intravenous, intramuscular, or rectal use requires an approved standard TUE before use in competition.

Imidazole derivatives used as topical preparations are permitted.

**Specified substances are those substances that are particularly susceptible to unintentional anti-doping rule violations due their general availability in medicinal products and because they are less likely to be successfully abused as doping agents.

Altitude Tents Not Added to 2007 Prohibited List

After a thorough scientific and ethical review by WADA's scientific committees, WADA's Executive Committee approved the recommendation to NOT add artificially-induced hypoxic conditions (i.e. altitude tens, hypoxic chambers) to the 2007 Prohibited List.

Committee members suggested that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Medical Commission look into the matter for a medical consideration of the method's impact on athlete health.

For the latest Anti-Doping news, including a recap of the Anti-Doping Symposium, check out the Zero Tolerance Newsletter.

2006 USOC Elite Athlete Health Insurance (EAHI)

2006 EAHI slots were offered to those athletes, in rank order, who placed among the top two finishers at the 2005 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships, the USA Men's 50 km Race Walk or the USA Men's and Women's Marathon Championships, and then to those athletes who are ranked among the top 20 in the world (as defined by the IAAF World Ranking List as of October 1 of the year preceding coverage, which was 2005), in rank order. Please note: an athlete must currently be training/competing at an elite level to be eligible for an EAHI slot based on the above.

Once athletes who qualify for an EAHI slot based on the above criteria have been offered EAHI, the remaining slots, if any, were offered through an appeals process (see below).

For those athletes who have participated in the EAHI program in the previous year but who no longer qualified for the coverage under the above-mentioned criteria, they were allowed to appeal to remain in the program. Those athletes had to fill out an appeals form which they had to submit USATF by November 9, 2005. Then those forms were forwarded to the Athlete Support Committee. The USATF Athlete Support Committee made all decisions regarding participation in the EAHI program at USATF Annual Meeting. All athletes who submitted an appeal were informed of the committee decision immediately after the Annual Meeting.

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