Status of Entries

As of 12/12/10 11:00 p.m. PT (list refreshes hourly)
All received entries are shown on this page and are subject to change.

Questions about your entry? Contact Pam Fales (e-mail or 973-334-8900)

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Open Men's 10 Mile
Brendan ConwayClifton RoadRunners Club
Bryan CorradoClifton RoadRunners Club
David Franzunattached
Carl Gensibunattached
Jason Jonesunattached
Rufino MendezClifton RoadRunners Club
Percy PerezClifton RoadRunners Club
John PloegSneaker Factory RR
Michael RolekSneaker Factory RR
David SilvaClifton RoadRunners Club
Mark SnyderNorth Jersey Masters
Martin Sureshunattached
Ramon VasquezClifton RoadRunners Club

Masters 40-44 Men's 10 Mile
Fernando BrancoMorris County Striders
Ken CenicolaRose City Runners Club
Eric DavisRaritan Valley Road Runners
Joe DonahueShore Athletic Club
John EnglerDo Run Running Club
David GierekClifton RoadRunners Club
Scott Isgettunattached
Edward KellyFleet Feet/Essex
Tony KharitonovSneaker Factory RR
John KriensFleet Feet/Essex
Thomas LamannaSneaker Factory RR
Karl LeitzSneaker Factory RR
Jaime MantariClifton RoadRunners Club
Esly PanduroClifton RoadRunners Club
Vincent TennarielloRaritan Valley Road Runners
Rudi TrivignoNorth Jersey Masters
Hugo Vadillounattached
Nick Van LangenRaritan Valley Road Runners
Thomas YakowenkoRaritan Valley Road Runners

Masters 45-49 Men's 10 Mile
Rick AndersenClifton RoadRunners Club
Schuyler Antaneunattached
George BishopMorris County Striders
Sergio CanoClifton RoadRunners Club
Brian DavenportMorris County Striders
Rocco Della SerraSneaker Factory RR
John FosterNorth Jersey Masters
Ezra HarrisDo Run Running Club
Antonio MassaMorris County Striders
Randall MillerFleet Feet/Essex
Edward NeighbourMorris County Striders
Stephen SandsFleet Feet/Essex
Ben TeixeiraClifton RoadRunners Club
Glenn TrimboliFleet Feet/Essex

Masters 50-54 Men's 10 Mile
Beau AtwaterDo Run Running Club
Thomas BobseinThe Original Geezers
Anthony BoyadjisSneaker Factory RR
James ButtonRose City Runners Club
Charles CastiglioniMorris County Striders
Chris ConwayClifton RoadRunners Club
Paul CostagliolaRose City Runners Club
Desmond DunckerFleet Feet/Essex
Peter EngelhardtClifton RoadRunners Club
Frederick Fischlunattached
Steven FisherMorris County Striders
Michael GentileRose City Runners Club
Harry HamiltonAmazing Feet Running Club
Robert HollisNorth Jersey Masters
David HuseRaritan Valley Road Runners
John KaneRaritan Valley Road Runners
John KlobusThe Original Geezers
Bob Koppenolunattached
Christopher KunkelNorth Jersey Masters
Gary LaskowskiThe Original Geezers
Peter LeeMorris County Striders
Scott LinnellShore Athletic Club
Jorge Loschunattached
Rafael MartinezCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Dennis McGaleRaritan Valley Road Runners
Robert McgillMorris County Striders
John MossaSneaker Factory RR
Chuck PaulRose City Runners Club
Steven Prattunattached
John TaylorRaritan Valley Road Runners
Peter TonnoAmazing Feet Running Club
Gerald Velliunattached
Michael WaltersThe Original Geezers
Mark WashburneDo Run Running Club
Thomas ZarraShore Athletic Club

Masters 55-59 Men's 10 Mile
Thomas AllenClifton RoadRunners Club
Barton ArgalasCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Steven AustinMorris County Striders
Kevin BurnsNorth Jersey Masters
Norman ChesterNorth Jersey Masters
Eliot CollinsShore Athletic Club
Peter ConnorsJersey Shore Running Club
Robert FitzgeraldRaritan Valley Road Runners
Richard FreundlichCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Lou GrunfelderRose City Runners Club
Robert HaithcockShore Athletic Club
Dave HochShore Athletic Club
Robert JorissenRaritan Valley Road Runners
Franz Mittererunattached
Arthur NolandShore Athletic Club
Thomas Pellechiounattached
Stephen RutkowskiNorth Jersey Masters
Jack SkydelDo Run Running Club

Masters 60-64 Men's 10 Mile
Robert BoydCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Nuno BritoClifton RoadRunners Club
Michael CarrRaritan Valley Road Runners
Karl FenskeDo Run Running Club
Ekrem Gezginunattached
Bruce GladstoneCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Mitch MonchinskiMorris County Striders
Eugene NapolitanoAmazing Feet Running Club
Carl RichkoClifton RoadRunners Club
Eugene VaterClifton RoadRunners Club

Masters 65-69 Men's 10 Mile
Ralph Abramowitzunattached
William AshClifton RoadRunners Club
Tom FaruoloMorris County Striders
Martin Jodarunattached
Doug MacGIBBONRose City Runners Club
Jack MathisCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
John NowatkowskiRaritan Valley Road Runners
Przemyslaw NowickiShore Athletic Club
Tom PenaClifton RoadRunners Club
Feliciano PereiraClifton RoadRunners Club
Hilary Peterlinunattached

Masters 70-74 Men's 10 Mile
Joseph CudiaShore Athletic Club
Richard HillShore Athletic Club
Matt LalumiaClifton RoadRunners Club
Joseph MannaertsDo Run Running Club
Joseph SaleyClifton RoadRunners Club
William SchaeferCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Al SwanClifton RoadRunners Club

Masters 75-79 Men's 10 Mile
Joseph La BrunoCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
William RichardsonShore Athletic Club

Masters 80-84 Men's 10 Mile
no entries

Masters 85-89 Men's 10 Mile
no entries

Masters 90-94 Men's 10 Mile
no entries

Masters 95-99 Men's 10 Mile
no entries

Masters 100-104 Men's 10 Mile
no entries

Open Women's 10 Mile
Jazmin AbrahamClifton RoadRunners Club
Ardena Bloughunattached
Dactilia BoothShore Athletic Club
Jessica CiniShore Athletic Club
Camille CrearyClifton RoadRunners Club
Rose HallFleet Feet/Essex
Ellen KimFleet Feet/Essex
Karen KreollMorris County Striders
Kavitha ManleyRaritan Valley Road Runners
Karen MantariClifton RoadRunners Club
Anne McCarthyRaritan Valley Road Runners
Emma OldmixonRose City Runners Club
Danielle PurcielloClifton RoadRunners Club
Nova RomanRaritan Valley Road Runners
Kathleen SaggioClifton RoadRunners Club
Diana SantiagoClifton RoadRunners Club
Christina SaylerClifton RoadRunners Club
Rita ShueyClifton RoadRunners Club
Aya TakeichiSneaker Factory RR
Andrea Wardunattached
Rebecca WiechmanClifton RoadRunners Club
Tara ZimlikiRaritan Valley Road Runners

Masters 40-44 Women's 10 Mile
Carole ChenMorris County Striders
Cherylann DorseyRose City Runners Club
Kathleen HaleRose City Runners Club
Robbin JordanFleet Feet/Essex
Valerie LalorDo Run Running Club
Heather LukemanRose City Runners Club
Wendy RiegerRaritan Valley Road Runners
Helene ScarnegiFleet Feet/Essex
Jennifer SimpsonThe Running Company
Joanna StevensRaritan Valley Road Runners
Rosa TeixeiraClifton RoadRunners Club

Masters 45-49 Women's 10 Mile
Kimberly BorinRose City Runners Club
Mary Christianunattached
Lisa DavenportMorris County Striders
Aileen FlanaganRose City Runners Club
Deborah HallThe Running Company
Joan IncantalupoRose City Runners Club
Elizabeth JennisonAmazing Feet Running Club
Yoshiko Jounattached
SueAnn Ng MartinezCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Aileen O'RourkeFleet Feet/Essex
Kathleen RockerRaritan Valley Road Runners
Hanju WangDo Run Running Club

Masters 50-54 Women's 10 Mile
Juliette Blevinsunattached
Debbie Brathwaiteunattached
Diane CismowskiClifton RoadRunners Club
Pamela FalesMorris County Striders
Eva FisherMorris County Striders
Antoinette Marmoraunattached
DeDe PaulRose City Runners Club
Annemarie UebbingClifton RoadRunners Club
Judith WardRaritan Valley Road Runners
Vivian WilsonRose City Runners Club

Masters 55-59 Women's 10 Mile
Blanca AlvarezClifton RoadRunners Club
Nora CarySneaker Factory RR
Eileen CrummyCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Nancy FreundlichCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Valerie KennyFleet Feet/Essex
Alice Lauxunattached
Margaret Mc HaleCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Susan PalermoFleet Feet/Essex
Jane ParksSneaker Factory RR
Linda StefanskiClifton RoadRunners Club
Vera StekCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Gail WarshawCentral Jersey Road Runners Club

Masters 60-64 Women's 10 Mile
Bonnie BrunishRaritan Valley Road Runners
Kathy Calabrettaunattached
Joann Coffeeunattached
Linda FerraraCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Cande OlsenRose City Runners Club
Orfelina PenaClifton RoadRunners Club
Peggy RichkoClifton RoadRunners Club
Beverly SalernoFleet Feet/Essex
Roseanne SvihraCentral Jersey Road Runners Club

Masters 65-69 Women's 10 Mile
Antje HenningsCentral Jersey Road Runners Club
Patricia O'HanlonCentral Jersey Road Runners Club

Masters 70-74 Women's 10 Mile
Imme DysonRaritan Valley Road Runners

Masters 75-79 Women's 10 Mile
Shirley PettijohnMorris County Striders

Masters 80-84 Women's 10 Mile
no entries

Masters 85-89 Women's 10 Mile
no entries

Masters 90-94 Women's 10 Mile
no entries

Masters 95-99 Women's 10 Mile
no entries

Masters 100-104 Women's 10 Mile
no entries