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M70 Long Jump
         USA: R 5.05m
    Name                     Age Team                    Finals               Age-Grading Points
  1 Horn, Darrell            M72 Unattached               4.18m   13-08.75   7.33m 81.96%   8
      FOUL  4.03m  4.18m  4.06m
  2 Bartholomew, Charles     M72 Over The Hill TC         3.93m   12-10.75   6.89m 77.06%   6
      3.93m  3.82m  3.90m  3.48m  3.89m  3.74m
  3 Bergen, Bert             M74 SC Striders              3.86m   12-08.00   7.02m 78.46%   4
      3.63m  3.72m  3.79m  FOUL  3.86m  3.85m
  4 Coats, Grover            M73 Over The Hill TC         3.78m   12-05.00   6.75m 75.45%   3
      3.69m  3.70m  3.78m  3.45m  3.57m  3.73m
  5 Isett, Don               M72 Texas Express TFC        3.75m   12-03.75   6.57m 73.53%   2
      3.69m  3.47m  3.75m  3.75m  3.72m  3.61m
  6 Schurr, Avital           M70 Unattached               3.71m   12-02.25   6.28m 70.13%   1
      3.64m  3.61m  3.65m  FOUL  FOUL  3.71m
  7 Meyer, Alex              M70 Unattached               3.67m   12-00.50   6.21m 69.38%
      3.45m  FOUL  3.64m  3.67m  FOUL  FOUL
  8 Shooter, Kenneth         M71 Miami Valley TC          3.46m   11-04.25   5.96m 66.67%
      3.24m  3.44m  FOUL  3.46m  3.33m  3.27m
  9 Martinec, Milan          M71 Unattached               2.92m    9-07.00   5.03m 56.26%
      2.55m  2.68m  2.66m  2.92m  2.65m  FOUL
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