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As of 2/5/12 11:00 p.m. PT (list refreshes hourly)
All received entries are shown on this page and are subject to change.

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Masters 40-44 Men's Half MarathonEntry
Mark AndrewsFleet Feet Sports - Yellow Jacket Racingaccepted
Ted Bowlesunattachedinfo needed
Malcolm CampbellAtlanta Track Clubaccepted
Craig ChassePotomac Valley Track Clubaccepted
Kevin Collinsunattachedaccepted
Gary Dennisunattachedaccepted
Jeffrey Harringtonunattachedaccepted
Ronnie Holassieunattachedinfo needed
James Huffunattachedaccepted
Carlos Martinsunattachedaccepted
Douglas Mortonunattachedaccepted
Keith Mulhollonunattachedaccepted
Mike Murphyunattachedaccepted
David WilliamsWisconsin Runner Racing Teamaccepted

Masters 45-49 Men's Half MarathonEntry
Mbarak Husseinunattachedinfo needed
Joel KinnunenU.S. Air Forceinfo needed
Tracy Lokkenunattachedinfo needed
James Shafferunattachedinfo needed

Masters 50-54 Men's Half MarathonEntry
Jon Babcockunattachedaccepted
Daniel BirdRunning Spot Earth Drummersaccepted
Dale Dickeyunattachedaccepted
Matt EbinerCompex Racingaccepted
Ruben Hendersonunattachedaccepted
Andrew JonesRunning Spot Earth Drummersaccepted
Brian Kesslerunattachedaccepted
Gary Leamanunattachedaccepted
Keith LongKansas City Smokeaccepted
Joe Patrickunattachedaccepted

Masters 55-59 Men's Half MarathonEntry
Jim Allmendingerunattachedinfo needed
Dave HochShore Athletic Clubaccepted
Richard Stabackunattachedaccepted
Kevin Tuckunattachedaccepted

Masters 60-64 Men's Half MarathonEntry
Robert Eversunattachedaccepted
Terry McCluskeyAnn Arbor Track Clubaccepted
Christopher Nemethunattachedaccepted
Larry PriceShore Athletic Clubaccepted
Danny Westunattachedaccepted

Masters 65-69 Men's Half MarathonEntry
Ross Boldingunattachedaccepted
Matthew Hallunattachedinfo needed
Przemyslaw NowickiShore Athletic Clubaccepted
JL SeymoreShore Athletic Clubaccepted

Masters 70-74 Men's Half MarathonEntry
Larry Eatonunattachedaccepted
John ElliottPotomac Valley Track Clubaccepted
John Ouweleenunattachedaccepted
Royce SayerKnoxville Track Clubaccepted

Masters 75-79 Men's Half MarathonEntry
Richard MurphyNorthport Running Clubaccepted

Masters 80-84 Men's Half MarathonEntry
no entries

Masters 85-89 Men's Half MarathonEntry
no entries

Masters 90-94 Men's Half MarathonEntry
no entries

Masters 95-99 Men's Half MarathonEntry
no entries

Masters 100-104 Men's Half MarathonEntry
no entries

Masters 40-44 Women's Half MarathonEntry
Sonja Friend-Uhlunattachedaccepted
Kathleen Jobesunattachedaccepted
Lucie Mays-Sulewskiunattachedaccepted
Jennifer McNuttunattachedinfo needed
Maryclare McQuadeunattachedinfo needed
Mary PardiDirigo R.C.accepted
Terri Rejimbalunattachedaccepted
Lori Stichunattachedinfo needed
Kristin Whiteunattachedaccepted

Masters 45-49 Women's Half MarathonEntry
Andrea Blocherunattachedinfo needed
Marilyn Caulfieldunattachedinfo needed
Molly Ragsdaleunattachedaccepted
Wendy Welchunattachedaccepted

Masters 50-54 Women's Half MarathonEntry
Annie Cazaunattachedinfo needed
Suzanne CordesImpala Racing Teamaccepted
Sharon Layunattachedaccepted
Joan Meadowsunattachedinfo needed
Robin Moranunattachedinfo needed
Suzanne O'MalleyGoGo Running Track Clubaccepted
Darlene SaevaGenesee Valley Harriersaccepted
Julee Waldropunattachedaccepted

Masters 55-59 Women's Half MarathonEntry
Patrice Hillunattachedaccepted
Linda JenningsGoing the Distanceaccepted
Suzanne RayTeam Red Lizardaccepted
Emma RicondaNorthport Running Clubinfo needed
Glenda WongTamalpa Runners, Inc.accepted

Masters 60-64 Women's Half MarathonEntry
Carolyn Bujakunattachedaccepted
Anne Dockeryunattachedinfo needed
Jeanette GroeszTeam Red Lizardaccepted
Kathryn MartinNorthport Running Clubaccepted
Edie StevensonBoulder Road Runnersaccepted
Emily StrongGate City Stridersinfo needed
Catherine WidesCarolina Godiva Track Clubaccepted

Masters 65-69 Women's Half MarathonEntry
Kathryn Koontzunattachedinfo needed

Masters 70-74 Women's Half MarathonEntry
Willy Moolenaarunattachedaccepted

Masters 75-79 Women's Half MarathonEntry
no entries

Masters 80-84 Women's Half MarathonEntry
no entries

Masters 85-89 Women's Half MarathonEntry
no entries

Masters 90-94 Women's Half MarathonEntry
no entries

Masters 95-99 Women's Half MarathonEntry
no entries

Masters 100-104 Women's Half MarathonEntry
no entries
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