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Discus Throw Girls
 World Youth: w 46.33m  6/30/2009   Alex Collatz, Unattached
    Name                    Year Team                    Seed     Finals
  1 Turner, Chamaya              unattached            46.25m     49.41mw    162-01
      45.35m  FOUL  47.20m  48.36m  49.41m  48.75m
  2 Vaughan, Shelbi              unattached            53.28m     48.73mw    159-10
      43.51m  44.49m  FOUL  FOUL  47.73m  48.73m
  3 Ewen, Magdalyn               unattached            50.49m     46.96mw    154-01
      45.69m  41.74m  44.54m  44.88m  46.96m  FOUL
  4 Novy, Tera                   unattached            44.58m     44.93m     147-05
      40.36m  44.93m  FOUL  43.24m  44.23m  FOUL
  5 Allman, Valarie              unattached            44.32m     44.64m     146-05
      42.50m  44.64m  42.25m  39.43m  FOUL  42.58m
  6 Tsema, Dasha                 unattached            42.29m     44.48m     145-11
      FOUL  43.18m  FOUL  40.43m  FOUL  44.48m
  7 Owers, Torie                 Throw1deep Club       47.12m     42.80m     140-05
      FOUL  42.38m  42.80m  40.75m  FOUL  FOUL
  8 Mann, Brittany               unattached            45.60m     40.19m     131-10
      FOUL  29.04m  40.19m  40.13m  FOUL  FOUL
  9 Wallerstedt, Michelle        unattached            46.68m     40.15m     131-09
      FOUL  37.89m  40.15m
 10 Story, Avana                 Throw1deep Club       42.47m     38.99m     127-11
      38.99m  38.49m  FOUL
 11 Sudzius, Amber               Steel Throwers Club   40.23m     36.86m     120-11
      33.94m  FOUL  36.86m
 12 Sladick, Hana                unattached            38.86m     35.52m     116-06
      33.76m  35.52m  32.65m
 13 Keller, Morgan               unattached            39.64m     32.45m     106-05
      32.45m  FOUL  28.68m
 -- Griep, Molly                 Madison Throws Club   39.19m        DNS
 -- Gilliam, Jeia                The Wings Tr          46.17m        DNS
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