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Qualifying Standards


  "A" "B"
100m 10.18 10.25
200m 20.60 20.70
400m 45.25 45.70
800m 1:45.40 1:46.30
1500m 3:35.00 3:38.00
5000m 13:20.00 13:27.00
10,000m 27:47.0 28:00.00
Marathon 2:17:00
3000m Steeplechase 8:23.10 8:32.00
110m Hurdles 13.52 13.60
400m Hurdles 49.40 49.80
High Jump 2.31m 2.28m
Pole Vault 5.72m 5.60m
Long Jump 8.20m 8.10m
Triple Jump 17.20m 16.85m
Shot Put 20.50m 20.00m
Discus Throw 65.00m 63.00m
Hammer Throw 78.00m 74.00m
Javelin Throw 82.00m 79.50m
Decathlon 8200pts 8000pts
20 km Race Walk 1:22:30 1:24:00
50 km Race Walk 3:58:00 4:09:00
4x100m Relay 39.20
4x400m Relay 3:04.00


  "A" "B"
100m 11.29 11:38
200m 23:00 23.30
400m 51.50 52.30
800m 1:59.80 2:01.30
1500m 4:05.90 4:08.90
5000m 15:14.00 15:25.00
10,000m 31:45.00 32:00.00
Marathon 2:43:00
3000m Steeplechase 9:43.00 9:50.00
100m Hurdles 12.96 13.15
400m Hurdles 55.40 56.55
High Jump 1.95m 1.92m
Pole Vault 4.50m 4.40m
Long Jump 6.75m 6.65m
Triple Jump 14.30m 14.10m
Shot Put 18.30m 17.30m
Discus Throw 62.00m 59.50m
Hammer Throw 71.50m 69.00m
Javelin Throw 61.00m 59.00m
Heptathlon 6150pts 5950pts
20 km Race Walk 1:33:30 1:38:00
4x100m Relay 44:00
4x400m Relay 3:32.00


Qualifying Guidelines

  1. Performances must be achieved during the qualification period of October 1, 2010 (January 1, 2010 for the 10,000m, Marathons, Race Walking, Combined Events and Relays) to August 15, 2011 (midnight Monaco time). 
  2. Performances must be achieved during competitions organized or authorized by the IAAF, its Area Associations or its National Member Federations. Thus, results achieved at university or school competitions must be certified by the National Federation of the country in which the competition was organized (for walking events, relays and marathon, see hereunder). 
  3. Performances must be achieved during official competitions organized in conformity with IAAF Rules. 
  4. Performances achieved in mixed events between male and female participants, held completely in the Stadium, may be accepted under specific circumstances and conditions (see IAAF Rule 147)
  5. Wind-assisted performances will not be accepted
  6. Hand-timed performances in 100m, 200m, 400m, 100m/110m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles and 4x100m Relay will not be accepted. 
  7. Indoor performances for all field events and for races of 400m and longer, will be accepted. 
  8. For the running events of 400m and over, performances achieved on oversized tracks will not be accepted.
  9. Reigning World Champions may be entered regardless of whether he/she has achieved the corresponding entry standard provided they meet USATF’s requirements.
  10. Lower ages limit:
    • Junior athletes (any athlete aged 18 or 19 years on December 31, 2011) may compete in any event except the Marathon Races and the Men's 50 km Race Walk.
    • Youth athletes (any athlete aged 16 or 17 years on December 31, 2011) may compete in any event except Men’s Throws, Decathlon, 10,000m, Marathon and Race Walking.
    • Athletes younger than 16 years on December 31, 2011 CANNOT be entered in any event.
  11. Walking Events 
    • Entry Standard for the Walking Events may only be achieved at selected competitions. 
    • The list of selected competitions is available by selecting the appropriate year: 2010 and 2011 (available around January 15) (PDF).
  12. Marathons: 
    • Entry Standard for the Marathon Events may only be achieved at selected Marathon Races. 
    • The list of selected races is available by selecting the appropriate year: 2010 (PDF) and 2011 (available around January 15) (PDF). 
    • In addition, the top 10 finishers at the IAAF Gold Label Marathons (in 2010 and in 2011) held within the qualification period will also be considered as having achieved the “A” Standard (the list of the Gold Label Marathons is published on the IAAF Website).
  13.  Relays: 
    Results of relay races shall count towards the achievement of the Entry Standards for
    Daegu 2011 on condition that they are part of a competition staged in compliance with IAAF Rules and that at least three international teams compete in the race.


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