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FAQs for Live Webcast for 2010 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships

My password does not work
All passwords are a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. We suggest you use "copy+paste" to enter your code.

When I click the link to view streaming video nothing happens
The streaming video player used by USATF opens in a new browser window. To open this viewer window to watch the streaming video, you will need to ensure that your web browser (or other software) is not blocking pop up windows. Also, you will need to have javascript enabled in your web browser.

The video looks bad
Video Quality is usually dictated by the amount of bandwidth and CPU resources available. This can vary from machine to machine. If you're on a wireless connection you should attempt to plug-in directly (a wired connection). We also recommend closing any other open applications to free up extra resources on the machine.

I am unable to see the video
Ensure that you have the latest updates and security patches for your webbrowser and the software that you use to view streaming video files (e.g Windows Media Player, Apple Quicktime, Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash). Also, make sure that you do not have any software installed or configured that would block streaming video or internet video players.

I am locked out (my login is "in use")
Username and passwords may only be used by a single user. When you enter a login, you register it to your browser. To use the login elsewhere, please close your browser and wait up to three minutes before using your login again.

Nothing happens when I enter my login information
Please ensure that you have cookies and JavaScript enabled in your web browser.

My login information is no longer active
Login information is suspended when abuse is detected, or when a refund is issued.

I never received a password
When you purchase a ticket, a password is mailed from "" to the email address provided during the transaction. This mail may have been incorrectly filed to your "SPAM" or "Bulk Mail" folder. Please add "" to your whitelist.

I lost or wrongly recorded my password
Please call 317-713-4678. Please have the email address and the Transaction ID of your purchase ready.

I still need help! Please contact support

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