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Athlete Quotes


 Shalane Flanagan (Nike)--My training has been going well, so knowing if training is going well I have a lot of confidence coming into races. Jerry (Schumacher)  gave me a little rest this week so my legs are feeling spunky again and I'm just getting a bit sharper as I come along throughout the year. I'm looking forward to running in Poland and having a great outdoor season. Today was just a really fun race.  

(On cross country versus marathons) It felt nice and short today, normally this would still feel pretty long to me coming from running a lot of 5Ks traditionally. I felt with one lap to go that gee, it's only a mile you can't do it, it's not that long. It's nice having that over-distance training, coming to the shorter stuff mentally, it's just like, get after it, get it done. Knowing that I have that strength when I've been doing 17 miles worth of long hard runs, just running an 8K seems like nothing.   I love this course. I called Jerry last night…and told him I love this course. I think the setting is beautiful, great ability to have the fans right on top of you. I just thought it was picturesque. You couldn't ask for a better cross country day.  

(On running the race alone) I planned to run conservative for the first lap, within myself, and then run a hard 6K and whoever was with me was with me. I was just going to run my own race. I just visualized that last lap being in a lot of pain in Poland and having to dig deep and run against the best in the world. I'm always trying to mentally prepare myself for the next step so I just practice some of that mental toughness that you have to exhibit in Poland.


 Dathan Ritzenhein (Portland, Oregon)--I felt real good and comfortable.  I tried to push it a bit on that one hill and make it significant.  I wanted to get through this race as comfortably as possible.   Hopefully I can continue to build upon what I've been doing.  This is an off year, and I'd love to win a medal, but it's all about working towards the end goal, and that's being ready for 2012.  Starting on Tuesday, I am going up to altitude and really get ready.  I've had a bit of a sesmoid problem.   I'd like to take a shot at the American 10000 record if I can get into the right race.  If I can continue to build upon my fitness, I would like to go for it.  I'd also like to go for a fall marathon, and improve upon my last marathon.


 Shelby Greany (Providence, Rhode Island)--Just the first lap and a half I wanted to stay comfortable, stay relaxed, not feel like I was working too hard. With the wind, I wanted to be strategic about having someone in front of me breaking it for me. I kind of got stuck out in the front a little sooner than I would have liked with the wind, but on the last lap I took advantage of the only part where the wind was at your back and I just figured I'd go then and try to hold on the best I could.  

(On the race being between some of the top college freshmen) It's definitely kind of reassuring. When you step up to the NCAA line, you don't know any of those girls next to you, you don't know anyone, and so I got kind of lost in that race. So coming here today it was nice to see familiar faces and know that I've raced her (Emily Sisson) plenty of times. I know that if I'm with her with a half a mile to go I'm where I should be. So it's definitely more reassuring to see familiar faces.  

(On traveling to Spokane) Our original flight was canceled and it took our coach four or five hours on the phone to even get us a way to get here. We had like two or three flights and total travel time was like 12 hours. We're just sitting in the airports like, let's go for another walk because we've been here for hours. At least we got here and that's all that mattered. Coach got us here, so thank you, Steve.  


Trevor Dunbar (Kodiak, Alaska)--(On taking it out early) If I was feeling good it was and things just felt real easy, probably because I was tucked in and just feeling good and wanted to run my own race. Probably took off a little too hard just because it was windy, but i was able to hold it together. I'm used to running long distances so I've got good consistent mileage under me so I was able to hold on and not die.  

(On having a big lead when guys behind started to creep up) There were a bunch of spectators around the course telling me the distance behind me and that was real helpful. I was never too worried because I knew I had the lead a little bit, still feeling like a had a gear left.  

(Course conditions) It was a beautiful day, with the sunshine. Footing was good. When I think of Spokane at this time of year I was thinking real cold so I was happy to get to the race and know that the weather was good.


Colleen DeReuck (Boulder, Colorado)--Knowing what my fitness was, I just wanted to go out hard.  I think I started out a little bit hard for my fitness.  It was great out there, and it was perfect running weather--the sun is shining, the grass is green!


Tracy Lokken--I didn't quite know what was going on the first two laps, so I tried to be smooth, yet stay aggressive, so I got myself into a good rhythm, and just tried to get through the first two laps as comfortable as possible. The guys started putting a bit of a surge, but I just kept maintaining, then they started dropping back.   I've been invited to the 15k national championships in Jacksonville next month, then I'm training for the Boston Marathon.


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