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Men Weight Throw
 Top 8 advance to final; Re-order after 5th round
       World: W 25.86m  3/4/1995    Lance Deal, USA
    American: A 25.86m  3/4/1995    Lance Deal, NYAC
        Meet: M 25.86m  3/4/1995    Lance Deal, NYAC
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 A.G. Kruger                  Nike                    24.99m   82-00.00
      24.42m  24.99m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  2 Cory Martin                  Nike                    24.38m   80-00.00
      23.49m  23.54m  24.38m  23.87m  FOUL  24.05m
  3 Jake Freeman                 NYAC                    23.98m   78-08.25
      23.08m  23.98m  FOUL  23.63m  FOUL  23.50m
  4 Michael Mai                  U.S. Army               23.67m   77-08.00
      22.65m  FOUL  23.67m  FOUL  22.86m  FOUL
  5 Garland Porter               unattached              23.37m   76-08.25
      22.84m  23.37m  23.24m  FOUL  22.72m  23.06m
  6 Chris Rohr                   unattached              23.02m   75-06.25
      FOUL  20.60m  22.30m  22.54m  23.02m  FOUL
  7 Robert Klenk                 unattached              22.63m   74-03.00
      20.59m  22.63m  FOUL  21.43m  21.81m  22.38m
  8 Drew Loftin                  unattached              22.07m   72-05.00
      FOUL  21.11m  21.55m  22.07m  21.99m  FOUL
  9 Jacob Shanklin               RIADHA                  21.09m   69-02.50
      FOUL  21.09m  FOUL
 10 Benjamin Bishop              Sn Il U Edwardsv        21.07m   69-01.50
      20.21m  21.07m  20.55m
 11 Jesse Doty                   Syr. Chargers           20.67m   67-09.75
      19.35m  20.67m  FOUL
 12 Stephen Bartholomew          unattached              19.49m   63-11.50
      19.49m  FOUL  19.34m
 13 Davis Fraker                 Throw 1 Deep            19.38m   63-07.00
      17.76m  19.38m  19.35m
 14 Sam Lambert                  unattached              18.93m   62-01.25
      18.93m  FOUL  FOUL
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