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List of Approved Implements


Shot Put 6 kg
Bhalla Vinex Super, Turned iron, dia: 120mm Red I-04-0312
Nordic Brass, dia: 106mm Gold I-03-0295
Polanik Turned steel, dia: 115mm Red I-02-0262
Polanik Stainless steel, dia: 110mm Metal I-02-0263

Discus 1.75 kg
Bhalla Vinex High Spin, Steel rim, plastic side Red I-04-0313
Nelco Super Spin Black, stainless steel rim, plastic sides Black I-02-0279
Nordic Super spin, brass rim, black fiberglass sides Black/gold I-07-0392
Polanik Carbon, brass rim, carbon sides Red I-02-0269

Hammer 6 kg
Anand ATE, Competition, steel dia: 105mm Blue I-07-0387
Nelco Olympic, steel, dia: 105mm Blue I-02-0261
Nishi Steel, dia:105mm Green I-06-0360
Polanik Turned steel, dia: 105mm Yellow I-02-0265

Javelin 800 g
Nemeth Classic 90m, aluminium, violet cord Violet/yellow/green I-99-0100
Nordic Master 70, steel, black cord Blue I-99-0013
Nordic Master 60, steel, black cord Blue I-99-0034
Nordic Champion Carbon, carbon, lilac cord White, lilac spiral I-99-0189
Polanik Class I 60m, white/blue cord Light yellow/yellow I-00-0210


Shot Put 4 kg
Bhalla Vinex Super, turned iron, dia: 103mm White I-04-0311
Gill Stainless steel, dia: 109mm Silver I-99-0059
Polanik Turned steel, dia: 100mm Red matt I-99-0150
UCS Turned steel, dia: 96mm Yellow I-99-0113

Discus 1 kg
Gill Pacer Carbon FX, steel rim, carbon fibre sides Black/silver I-08-0421
Nishi Super HM, steel rim, FRP sides Purple/black/white I-02-0256
Nelco Super Spin Olympia, steel rim, plastic sides Yellow or blue I-01-0246
UCS Orange Flyer Medium Moment, steel rim, fibreglass Orange I-99-0120

Hammer 4 kg
Anand ATE, stainless steel, dia: 95mm Silver I-05-0340
Nishi Turned steel, dia: 96mm Blue I-99-0080
UCS Steel, dia: 95mm Silver I-99-0126
Polanik Turned steel, dia: 95mm Yellow I-99-0156

Javelin 600 g
Nemeth Club 75m, aluminium, violet cord Violet/yellow/blue I-99-0103
Nemeth Javelin 600g, Standard 60m, aluminium, violet cord Violet I-99-0108
Nordic Diana 60, steel, red cord, 60m Pink I-99-0015
Nordic Xena Carbon, carbon, blue cord White, blue spiral I-07-0393
Polanik Class I 50m, white/blue cord Light green, blue I-00-0207


Personal Implements will also be allowed, providing that:

  • they are readily identifiable and are IAAF certified
  • they are not already on the official list
  • they have been checked for compliance with IAAF Rules
  • they are made available to all the other athletes until the end of the Final of the respective event
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