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Competition Rules

Submission Information- Competition Rules
The following sections of Article 21 dictate the deadline for submissions, as well as the approval necessary for submitting a proposal. Proposals must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting, making this year's deadline August 25.

Article 21-E

Submitters: Amendments may be submitted only by a member of USATF.

Approval of submissions: All proposed amendments must first be recommended for approval at the time of submission by someone other than the submitter who shall be either a USATF National Officer, the chair of any sport, development, or operating committee, any member of the Law & Legislation Committee (for Bylaws and operating Regulations) or Rules Committee (for Rules of Competition), the president of any Association, or any officer or the executive director of a national member organization authorized by Article 5-C. Such approval must be in writing, dated, and placed on the proposal when submitted. These listed approval parties may submit proposed amendments directly without such an approval.

Format: Submissions should include the entire rule or paragraph under consideration. Deleted language should be indicated by a ((double parentheses)) and added language by an underline. In addition, the submitter should include a rationale to support the amendment.

Submissions must be made by August 25 via e-mail to the Rules Chair, John Blackburn, with a copy to the committee Secretary, Bob Podkaminer.

Proposed Amendments

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