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Competition Information

Athlete Check-in

All athletes must report to the staging area 30 minutes before the start of their races; only competing athletes are allowed in this area. Please observe all areas that are roped off and please obey all course monitor directions. Individuals and teams will have designated starting positions.

Bib Numbers, Hip Numbers and Chip Timing

Each athlete will be assigned a bib number, two hip numbers, and a data tag at packet pick-up. Athletes in all races will be required to wear all of these identifiers to ensure the races are properly scored.

Athletes must wear the bib numbers, hip numbers and data tag assigned to them. If any of these are lost or forgotten, replacements can be supplied at packet pick-up or at the clerk's tent on the day of the race for a fee.

The bib number must be worn on the front of the athlete's outer layer of race clothing and cannot be folded or altered in any way. Each number will have a pull tab at the bottom. Do not remove the pull tab on the bottom of the bib or put safety pins through the tab. The hip numbers should also be worn on the athlete’s outer layer of clothing.

The data tag should be affixed to one of the athlete’s shoes.

Athletes must return the data tag to the event organizers in the finish line area immediately following their race. Unreturned data tags will incur a charge of $25. A commemorative event medallion will be given to each athlete who returns their data tag.


Each competitor on a qualifying team must have a jersey or singlet that is basically identical in color and style to those worn by his/her teammates. The team jersey must be clearly visible throughout the race. This means the team jersey should be worn as the outside layer of clothing if other garments are worn during the race. Athletes who are unattached or who compete for a team not in team competition may wear any apparel as long as it is safe, not offensive, and has the athlete's bib number attached to the outside layer.


Protests relating to matters that developed during the conduct of the competition must be made to the Protest Referee at once and not later than 30 minutes after a result has been announced. This time period will be strictly enforced. There will be a $100 cash submission fee required to file a protest. This fee will be refunded only if the protest is upheld. Only violations of the 2009 USATF Rules of Competition may be protested. Judgment calls made by meet officials cannot be protested. Protests that do not meet the above criteria will not be accepted. Please note USATF Rule 119. 4 when considering the use of video /photo footage for protests.



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