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Women Hammer Throw
 Top 8 Advance to Finals
       World: W 73.24m  6/24/2005   Zhang Wenxiu, CHN
    American: A 61.44m  5/30/1998   Maureen Griffin, Idaho HS
        Meet: M 59.40m  6/23/2000   Carrie Soong, UCLA
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Casey Kraychir               VS Athletics            57.22m     187-09
      50.02m  45.11m  52.50m  55.05m  55.12m  57.22m
  2 Elizabeth Rohl               unattached              56.05m     183-11
      FOUL  50.80m  51.59m  55.13m  56.05m  51.44m
  3 Lauren Chambers              Throw 1 Deep            54.89m     180-01
      FOUL  52.63m  54.89m  52.56m  FOUL  53.53m
  4 Victoria Flowers             Connecticut             54.88m     180-01
      54.88m  FOUL  50.27m  53.56m  54.19m  FOUL
  5 Patrice Gates                Throw 1 Deep            54.55m     179-00
      48.69m  FOUL  49.71m  52.45m  53.48m  54.55m
  6 J'Quyra Moncur-Blue          Throw 1 Deep            51.86m     170-02
      49.73m  FOUL  47.66m  48.83m  51.86m  50.71m
  7 Amanda Bingson               U N L V                 51.82m     170-00
      50.79m  51.82m  49.36m  FOUL  48.34m  FOUL
  8 Jacquelyne Leffler           Kansas State            51.14m     167-09
      49.33m  FOUL  49.53m  51.14m  47.98m  48.87m
  9 Samantha Gable               Miami/Ohio              49.04m     160-11
      47.72m  46.26m  49.04m
 10 Emily Niehaus                Centre College Ky       48.75m     159-11
      FOUL  45.13m  48.75m
 11 Maddy Midles                 Camas Hammer            48.22m     158-02
      47.68m  48.22m  48.16m
 12 Meaghan McGovern             Richmond                48.08m     157-09
      47.83m  47.84m  48.08m
 13 La Quoya Kelly               Tennessee               47.87m     157-01
      47.87m  FOUL  46.60m
 14 Katie Kraychir               VS Athletics            47.80m     156-10
      FOUL  44.75m  47.80m
 15 Laishema Hampton             Iowa State              47.57m     156-01
      47.57m  FOUL  FOUL
 16 Jane Swenson                 unattached              47.52m     155-11
      44.19m  45.77m  47.52m
 17 Shant'e White                Buffalo                 46.43m     152-04
      44.86m  46.43m  FOUL
 18 Sharayah Kenady              Concordia/Portland      46.40m     152-03
      43.38m  42.91m  46.40m
 19 Natalie Baird                William & Mary          46.39m     152-02
      46.39m  FOUL  41.84m
 20 Kaitlyn Griffith             Youngstown State        45.89m     150-07
      45.89m  FOUL  FOUL
 21 Symmone Fisher               Monmouth                44.05m     144-06
      FOUL  FOUL  44.05m
 22 Cassandra Woodall            Brigham Young           43.82m     143-09
      FOUL  FOUL  43.82m
 23 Kristin Cameron              unattached              40.31m     132-03
      40.31m  FOUL  FOUL
 -- Danielle Frere               Iowa State                FOUL
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