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Men Long Jump
 Top 8 Advance to Finals
       World: W 8.34m  9/8/1972    Randy Williams, USA
    American: A 8.34m  9/8/1972    Randy Williams, USC
        Meet: M 8.17m  6/30/1990   James Stallworth, Calif. HS
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Wind
  1 Marquise Goodwin             unattached               7.96m   2.1  26-01.50
     FOUL      7.96m(2.1) PASS      PASS      PASS      PASS
  2 Will Claye                   Oklahoma                 7.80m   3.3  25-07.25
     7.68m(1.1) FOUL      7.80m(3.3) 7.66m(2.0) PASS      PASS
  3 Alex Madkins                 Oklahoma                 7.68m   1.6  25-02.50
     7.40m(1.1) FOUL      FOUL      FOUL      7.13m(3.1) 7.68m(1.6)
  4 Albert Johnson               Manhattan College        7.63m   1.5  25-00.50
     7.63m(1.5) FOUL      6.89m(3.6) FOUL      FOUL      FOUL
  5 Lance Lee                    Mississippi              7.56m   3.6  24-09.75
     FOUL      FOUL      7.10m(0.4) 7.56m(3.6) 7.45m(1.9) 7.53m(2.0)
  6 Chris Phipps                 Nebraska                 7.51m   NWI  24-07.75
     6.29m(1.9) 7.30m(2.2) 7.37m(1.9) 7.13m(2.0) 7.39m(3.9) 7.51m(2.5)
  7 Damar Forbes                 Sprint Athletics         7.48m   1.5  24-06.50
     7.48m(1.5) 7.20m(2.2) 7.32m(1.9) 7.06m(3.7) FOUL      FOUL
  8 Anthony Johnson              Iowa State               7.32m   2.7  24-00.25
     7.32m(2.7) 7.00m(2.0) 6.97m(3.6) 6.80m(2.1) 6.62m(2.0) FOUL
  9 Christian Crain              Washington State         7.06m   2.4  23-02.00
     6.97m(0.2) 6.99m(2.6) 7.06m(2.4)
 10 Chase Wheeler                unattached               6.75m   2.0  22-01.75
     6.75m(2.0) FOUL      FOUL
 -- Paris Gooch                  unattached                FOUL
     FOUL      FOUL      FOUL
 -- Zachary Smith                Flying Ajs                FOUL
     FOUL      FOUL      FOUL
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