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Athlete Quotes - Men's 200m Prelims

Bernard Williams Winner Mens 200M (Heat 1)
On his race:
I felt good out there. I felt young again. The next round I just need to push out a lot harder and stay relaxed.
On if hes tired from running in the 100 and the 200:
Im always tired at 31, so its all the same.
Charles Clark Winner Mens 200M (Heat 2)
On his race:
It was nice and smooth and relaxed. I dont want to use too much energy and just try and make it through the rounds.
On running against post-collegiate athletes:
No, no intimidation at all. I just have to focus on me and just do what I do.
Chris Lawson Winner Mens 200M (Heat 4)
On his prelim race:
I got all pushed off for the first 40 real well. I just tried to maintain that. Saw the guys on the inside start to go. Coach is always telling me to wait until you get your sweet spot. I hit it and came out on top.
Shawn Crawford Winner Mens 200M (Heat 5)
On his prelim race:
I feel tired. It was good conditions, but Im just tired.
On the next round:
Right now, I dont feel ready for it, because Im tired, but Ill catch my breath and Ill be cool.
Xavier Carter Winner Mens 200M (Heat 6)
On his prelim race:
Its the first round so I basically wanted to get out and be comfortable, but not too comfortable. Not run too fast because I  have too more rounds. I strided on through and came in with a reasonable time and came in first in my heat so I feel good.
On what he is looking to improve on in the next rounds:
Nothing really, just looking to maintain and do the same things but at a faster pace. Tomorrow Ill get out a little harder and then relax and see where I am and figure out what I need to do at the end of the race.


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