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Athlete Quotes - Women’s High Jump

Chaunte Howard – Winner Women’s High Jump
On winning today:
“I prayed. I told God I have had a rocky year, it has been so hard, and that I really needed him today. This year has been rough for everybody. We don’t have any indoor facilities and we had snow through April in Atlanta. As things warm up, I can have more confidence to move forward.”
On Hayward Field:
“People told me the crowd is great here and that I show up at the big meets, so I tried to keep that in the back of my mind.”
On the jump order:
“I was in the position I like to be, jumping last or near the end. Clearing on the first jump helps a lot.
On her form today:
“When my hands are open, you know I am relaxed and can jump. When my fists are clenched, I can’t jump as well and I am more tight. Your legs mimic your arms. My coach just reminds me to keep my hands open, and then my knees can come up and I can jump the way I practice.”

Amy Acuff - second in the women's high jump

I felt like I was really ready to go today and do some good jumping today. It was a little bit of a challenge for everyone with a 4.0 meter-per-second tailwind. There was a lot of move the marks back, trying to gage how strong the gust was.

(Returning to the World Championships) It never really gets old. You always get nervous. You always have to rise to the occasion. I don't take it for granted.


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