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Athlete Quotes - Women's Heptathlon

Day 2

Hyleas Fountain, Heptathlon (Olympic Qualifier, 1st Place)

"This has been a dream come true. I am just overwhelmed by it."

"This was the meet of my life. I'd never have guessed to have the highest score in the world. It's amazing."

"This is all about being healthy, finally. That's half the battle, along with hard work."

"I had to calm myself down after each event because I get really excited. I just sat down and tried to rethink each event. I took each one for what it's worth."

"It has already sunk in that I'm going to Beijing. I have been dreaming about this for so long. After 2004 and finishing in 4th place, it was hard to be so close but not close enough."

"This year, I really worked on my mental stability and staying calm."

"I don't really have any point totals in my head. I just take it one day at a time and event by event. I'm happy with what I did."

"I have always dreamed of going to the Olympics, getting a medal on the stands. With my performances this weekend, I really feel like I could win the gold medal. But, I'm not putting anyone on the back burner. It's wide open at this point."

Jacquelyn Johnson, (Olympic Qualifier, 2nd Place)

"It means a lot to qualify for the Olympics. I am honored and it is a dream come true."

"It's nice to know that I made the Olympic team. Whether it is first, second or third, I am just honored to know that I made the Olympic team."

"Since I was young, my coach always put me in different events and I was good at it, so I just stuck with the heptathlon."

"Seeing Hyleas up there hype, I couldn't help myself not to get hype. She kind of pulled me through and made me get good marks."

"I love Olive Garden Chicken Parmesan and that is always my favorite meal before competition. I had it before day one and day two."

Diana Pickler, (Olympic Qualifier, 3rd Place)

"I was pretty overwhelmed after javelin because it has not been my forte to race the 800 to beat someone out. I knew I was capable of it. My coach knew I was capable of it. He was really calm. He was like, I know you can do it'. It took me a little bit to convince myself but I just stuck on her like glue and knew I could as the race went on."

"I had to hold, but I just kept my eyes on her back and would not let her get away."

"She put it on at 300 to go. I knew I couldn't let her break away for a second or she would be gone. I just attempted to go with her every time she moved."

"I work on each event in the first three days of the week and then, whatever I need more work on, I will hit them again later in the week. I run three days a week every other day and upper body lift three days a week and lower body two days a week and rest on the weekend if I don't have a meet. That is pretty much my schedule."

"I was extremely overwhelmed right after the javelin. Having to race the 800 to get your place, for any heptathlete, is extremely nerve racking. I haven't been known in the past to race to beat out a person in the 800. I haven't and I have known that I have the capability for a really long time to do it. This is the time to do it. If I didn't do it here, then I don't know where else I would do it. I got really calm right before the race and I think that helped me run relaxed and stay focused."

Day 1

Hyleas Fountain (1st place after first four events: 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put and 200m)

On the high jump: "It went pretty good, it wasn't anything that was my best."

On the shot put (one of three personal bests on the day): "Man, that's something I've been working on all year, just going to meets and really focusing. I probably practiced that more than anything else."

On returning from injury: "It hasn't been going well all year. This is my first hep, I've just been focusing on individual events. I was kind of expecting to have a good one. I've been holding off for this."

On setting an American record in the heptathlon 100m high hurdles: "Definitely, it's like a high. I didn't think I would get the American record, so that was some momentum going into the other events. It means the world to me. I'm really excited to hold that title."

On the crowd at Hayward Field: "I thought that everybody was cheering for me, so that helped me a lot."

Diana Pickler, 2nd after 4 events

"For tomorrow, I just need to focus on the long jump and stay strong. I don't have any concerns, and am ready for all of the things tomorrow."

"I think [the heptathlon] will be my niche; I'm just working on it every day."

On being the sole Olympic competitor during the high jump: "It was a really good feeling, I just soaked in the moment for sure."

"It was fun starting, I mean it's really neat that we're starting off the Olympic Trials."

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