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Athlete Quotes - Women's 200m Final

Allyson Felix, Olympic Qualifier, Winner

"I'm so excited. I executed my race. I'm very happy. I still have things to work on, but this truly is amazing."

"I like to be ahead coming off the curve. My base has been over 400. What I was lacking was the first 50, the first 80. It was a lack of racing, lack of attention."

"I still have a lot of things to work on before Beijing. Now my focus is taking care of that."

Will you run relays?: "I know nothing. I have no expectations. The 200 is my main goal. If relays come up, it's a blessing but the 200 is where my focus is."

"I felt like I had a pretty decent race. There are a lot of things that need to be worked on. I relied on my strength down the line. I need to be a lot better to be competitive in Beijing. Everyone is going to be prepared. It's the top competition. It's just fine tuning from here on out."

Muna Lee, Olympic Qualifier, Second Place

"I felt better this time (than in 2004), when I was scared and running on the inside. This time I got to experience what it's like to run right next to her (Allyson Felix) and I could hold on. I think this is the one of the better 150 meters I've run in a long time. The last couple meters I sort of broke form, so I know what I need to work on at home. My goal is to medal in Beijing and bring home the hardware, as they say. I had a lot of things going against me with all the rounds, but I made it through. I'm going to go back to the weight room. All this sort of tore me down a little."

Marshevet Hooker, Olympic Qualifier, Third Place

"All I remember is pushing my chest forward because I knew that was going to get me in the race. I felt good and ran it hard. I didn't feel the pain until after we got over and started doing the awards, but I'm happy to feel every little sting I feel."

"I knew I had to run it all the way through and I caught the ground, but I am happy. I'm not sure what happened, but I am truly thankful and give all my glory to God. I'm happy."

Reaction before seeing results: "I was just waiting for it because I knew it was going to be close. Everyone brought it and I knew it was going to be tough. All I could do was wait."

After she saw she qualified: "I felt relief, I felt joy, I felt blessed and then I felt the sting."

Lauryn Williams, Fourth Place

"I don't think I executed the curve as well as I usually do and I think that's what cost me. I'm not disappointed and think that Marshevet and I are even now. I would much rather be in the 100 then the 200 anyways. I'm excited for the 100."

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