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Athlete Quotes - Men's Decathlon

Day 2

Bryan Clay, Olympic Qualifier, Winner

"Like I was saying yesterday, we started out very well in the 100. It was a decathlon PR for me and then it just went to the crapper after that. Long jump and shot put were actually terrible. I started out in the high jump almost as bad as I did in the long and the shot, but we pulled it together. I have a team of coaches here that are in my face and they just don't let it go. If I didn't have my support system here, I think this would have been a very bad decathlon for me."

"I was able to get into somewhat of a rhythm yesterday. We went home. My coaches and I had dinner. We chatted about what happened and realized we had a bad day and we are still not that far off."

"We plugged in some numbers and my coach Kevin Reed said this is what you could still do. It actually was an American record. We were like okay that is the goal. We came out and we were actually ahead of pace in the hurdles and then we fell back in the discus, came back and missed a tiny bit in the vault and missed a tiny bit in the javelin and then missed a tiny bit in the 1500."

"I think there is tons of room for improvement. I think this just goes to show everybody mentally I am a very tough competitor."

"Yesterday I started well, but then I had a bad long jump. I wasn't mentally disciplined enough and it carried over and I had a bad shot put. I didn't have any rhythm."

"I made a decision with myself to come out today and make it happen. Despite any winds or problems, I decided on times I was going to make."

"My coach is more like a friend most of the time than the coach, and we have been together for so long. He is a huge part of my success, along with the rest of my family and friends who are here. I have been able to succeed because of that support system."

"I'm happy with my training. I'm happy with my mindset and I want to bring that to Beijing. I just have to get after it every event, stay focused, and do my job. It's about getting the events to line up and staying consistent."

Trey Hardee, Olympic Qualifier, Second Place

"The past few days have been a dream for me. It's the Olympic Trials and Hayward Field. I have never experienced what I have in the past two days. I PR'ed in a couple events and had a really good meet. The decathlon is unique. You get to know people over the course of two days. You encourage one another. You're competing against each other, but you still consider them friends."

Tom Pappas, Olympic Qualifier, Third Place

"My biggest goal was just to finish. I didn't know what Trey [Hardee] was going to do. If he was going to go out really fast, I wasn't going to go with him. I was going to run my race. It just happened that we were kind of running the same race. We were kind of running the same pace. I just tried to stick with him and then about 250 to go, he kind of started to pull away. I thought with maybe 100 to go I had a chance but I was starting to fade pretty fast. I had a feeling I was going to be a couple seconds short. Disappointed at the time, but now I am just thankful that I made the team."

"I am really excited. I had the World Championships under my belt and this is really the only thing left in my career that I feel like is missing, is a good Olympic games. Sydney didn't turn out all that well. I was fifth. 2004 was kind of a disaster really. This is kind of the one thing left on my resume. If I could walk away with a medal it would kind of mean everything."

"I think it really helped. Mentally I didn't run that well in the hurdles. I started not doubting myself, but I just wondering how my legs were going to be. Warming up they felt great so I thought I could jump pretty high today. I think that helped going into the last two events."

"Anything is possible. It's going to be hard [to sweep] because there are a lot of good guys out there. But, Trey is hard to beat, Bryan is the guy to beat, and I feel like I still have a PR in me. If we put it all together, anything is possible."

Ashton Eaton, Fifth Place

"It feels great, I did what I wanted to do and stay consistent. Overall, it was a good experience and the Hayward crowd was amazing."

"It was just another learning experience and there is always something that I need to work on. The more I work, the more I will get better."

"I just went out and wanted to have fun today. It's a lot of fun. The guys are focused, but they make jokes and chill out on the field."

"They asked all the athletes to take the victory lap and I think that shows a lot of respect. It's cool."

Day 1

Bryan Clay, Decathlon (1st Place)

"With the way training has been going I really am doing horrible. My training has been absolutely amazing. I didn't put it all together today like I should have. Normally, I am pretty good about doing that."

"Today I had a good first event, but had a brain lapse through the second event. I opened up with the 400 and that was the fastest opener of the year, but the long jump was very bad for me. It's one of those things I expected to come out and do certain things. I wasn't mentally prepared to fight for everything, but it started to come around towards the end of the meet. Hopefully tomorrow it will go better."

Tom Pappas, Decathlon (3rd Place)

"Actually I don't know what my point total is but overall I am happy with it. I thought I would do a lot better in high jump. I thought I would run faster in the 400, but I didn't think I would jump that far in the long jump or throw that far in the shot. Overall with the five events, I am pleased where I am at."

"Normally it takes me awhile to get going. Normally I throw an average throw and kind of build on that. I think I threw so well on my first throw that I had nothing to lose. It is easy to do things well when you have no pressure and you can just go after it. I just kind of hit that second throw just right."

Ashton Eaton, Decathlon (5th Place)

"It felt good out there. The crowd really brought me in there on the homestretch of the 400."

"It's really helping getting the education from the older fellows."

"This is a more mature meet, the intensity is up, especially with the crowd. The learning curve is incredible. Just observing the veterans and the older athletes helps a lot."

"The throws always decide how far you end up. Basically, I need to survive and get through them."

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