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Athlete Quotes - Men's Javelin Throw Final

Bobby Smith, First Place

"This has been a great year. Last year I didn't even qualify. I knew I had the winning throw in me. I just wish I had a tailwind to get the "A" standard. Overall, I had a great year and it's been one hell of a journey. It's just unreal. Today I had the series of my life. Even though I'm not going, I'm still young. It's great being a winner. I wasn't sure how far I was going to throw today, because we had some bad headwinds out there."

Mike Hazle, Olympic Qualifier, Second Place

What do you think about Beijing?: "I don't know. Never been there. If I'm 100% healthy, anything can happen."

"The conditions were pretty tough. Anytime you have that much wind, whether it's a tail or head wind, it's going to knock it down. It was not ideal at all. I was about 10 meters under what I wanted."

On Breaux Greer not being there: "I don't pay much attention. It's like playing basketball with Michael Jordan. You know eventually you are going to get your butt kicked, so you just can't pay attention to it."

"It would have taken a world record to get the "A" standard today. It just came down to fighting with the guys for a top spot. Obviously I was frustrated with the distance."

Brian Chaput, Third Place

"I came out and gave it my best effort. It kind of has been a roller coaster season with injuries and all. I gave it my best and you can never be too upset if you gave it your all."

"I was coming out looking for the A standard and obviously the winds weren't supporting today. It is what it is."

"The same thing happened in 2004. I was second in 2004 without the A standard."

"I am just going to go home and enjoy the season for what it was. Kind of access the situation and decide whether I want to move forward or not and do this. See what happens. It is a little bittersweet to come in the top three twice in the last two trials and not make the team. I am a pretty motivated guy. There is a good chance that is going to motivate me to continue. In any event, we have two great competitors who are representing the U.S. in Beijing in Mike [Hazle] and Leigh [Smith]. I'm proud of those guys and I wish them the best."

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