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Athlete Quotes - Women's Hammer Throw Final

Jessica Cosby, Olympic Qualifier, Winner

"This is what my coach and I have been training for. I felt like if I came here and just kind of focused on myself, anything would be possible. The field was loaded with talent with so many girls having the A standard. My approach was totally just focus on yourself and believe in the workouts we have done this year. Everything came together just the way he said. That is pretty much all I can say about that."

"I was just fired up and ready to go today. Getting the A standard in the qualifying kind of took that whole pressure off trying to get it in the final and then finish in the top three. That did take a tremendous load off today, but today I did know that what I did in qualifying did not matter and I was going to have to raise my game to a whole other level today."

Amber Campbell, Olympic Qualifier, Second Place

"I was anxious but it was because of a whole different reason. I knew that with so many girls in there being so talented and ready for huge throws, I knew it was going to be anybodies game and I needed to be on top of mine. It was a big relief to start off nice and just keep building from there. There is definitely no chasing and stuff like that going on this year, so I am definitely blessed to be able to enjoy it now. There is no stress of having to try to track down meets and compete on my own. I am really fortunate to be able to go to Beijing with no worries."

"It was an awesome experience. We had a great crowd over there. Everybody was really supportive and getting after every throw. Everyone was really energetic for it. Twenty thousand people cheering and going crazy for you was absolutely amazing."

Sarah Veress, Third Place

"I figured I might as well try. It is a huge testament to these girls that they were able to finish so high and get the A standard. I knew the rules going in and if I could finish in the top three and get the A standard I would be able to go. I got half of it so I am happy."

"It is not really that mixed. I have wanted to make the Olympic team ever since I can remember. I did my best throw ever today and it's close enough. Maybe I will get another chance in four years."

Loree Smith, Olympic Qualifier, Fourth Place

"The last throw was probably the longest throw of my life. Sarah [Varess] was gaining a lot of momentum and she just hit the big throw on the fifth one. I knew I had the A going in, but if she would have got it on the last one I knew I would not be up here. There was a lot going through my mind."

"Coming right out of college at the top of my success and then suddenly finding myself without funding and a job, it was crappy. I bounced around for awhile and my coach is out here and I know the success he has had in the past at the Olympics. If you can survive his methods, he is a great, great coach. I think that played a huge part in today, as well as having the homefield. I wasn't nervous about throwing here. I throw here every day. I love that circle. I love this place now that I am on the team. I think it was a good move for me."

"What crappy job haven't I had? It wasn't that bad. Graduating from college, I was a teller at a bank so I had to train at like five in the morning so I could go to work after. I moved to Eugene to pursue delivering pizzas and personal training and I'm happy."

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