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Athlete Quotes - Men's Discus Throw Final

Ian Waltz, Olympic Qualifier, Winner

"I went out there in warm-up and basically took it really easy, trying to groove in some technique. I maybe had some 61 foot throws. The competition started and I felt pretty good. After that, I knew my leg was going to be fine. I was able to crank it up a little bit like I normally do."

"I think my timing was still a little bit off because I haven't thrown hard the last week and a half. I thought I threw well and it feels good to be going to Beijing. It was a great day overall having my friends and family here."

"I wasn't prepared as well as I could've been, but sometimes rest is a little better during this stage of the year."

"It's amazing going into your final throw knowing you're the Olympic Trials champion. It's pretty cool."

Michael Robertson, Olympic Qualifier, Second Place

"Now that it's finally here, I can safely say -- yes, I'm going."

"Once the competition started going, I had confidence in my ability. We have a lot of work to get done. We'll try to raise the level before Beijing."

"I'm relieved. After a year of this being my primary concern, my primary goal ... I've centered my life around this. I finally made it. It's a relief more than anything. The rest will start sinking in over the next few days."

On moving/training at Stanford: "It's gives you confidence, being in that atmosphere. Everything, the academics, carry over into track. You learn to fight your way through hardship, upsets, misfortune. It makes it that much easier."

Casey Malone, Olympic Qualifier, Third Place

"My first throw ended up being my farthest throw, although I equaled it, which is pretty rare to throw the exact same mark twice. It felt good. It felt rhythmic. It felt patient and balanced, but it didn't feel perfect. I was hoping to get a little bit better throw than that being that Doug Reynolds was so close behind me. I know Doug is capable of throwing far throws as well. I didn't feel safe by any means. I was hoping to get a better throw. It didn't quit happen, but I am definitely pleased with a throw that makes the team."

"The second time it is incredible. You learn how difficult it is to make the team after the first time and so the last four years I have gone through these four years knowing that it is especially difficult. The number of the athletes in the discus with the A standard I think has almost doubled since the last Olympic Trials. It has been a very difficult field to try to overcome. It makes it all that much more special being the second time and being against a very competitive field."

"I packed up my things really quick in Athens and I thought I got to get out of here and then they weren't letting us leave right away. I put my stuff back down and sat there in one of the most privileged seats in the middle of the Olympic stadium for the final and I loved that atmosphere. I loved drinking all that in. I didn't know that I would be back in four years. There are so many things that can happen. I still feel young as a discus thrower. Discus throwers can be very competitive into their 30's and I am only 31."

John Godina

(Express your thoughts right now): "I don't know. I've never had these feelings before. It's weird. This one kind of shocked me. I thought I was pretty well ready. I never really got the chance to prep for the discus."

"I didn't throw until March, after a five year layoff. That's an OK start. I hate to start talking about next year. Physically, I'm fine. The last four weeks it was coming together. It's like beating my head against the wall. I've actually thrown further than everyone in this meet. I doesn't matter today."

Jarred Rome

"I had three throws that slipped off my hand and went straight-up into the air. I've never in my career had that happen to me, not even in high school or college. I don't know why it was slipping off my hand. I led the qualifying and am in the best shape of my life, but I'm not on the Olympic team."

"I've never had a disappointment like this. I mean there was never a moment this year that I thought I wasn't going to make this team. I've been training for this since 2004 and have had the second longest throw this year. I don't even know what to say right now."

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