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Athlete Quotes - Women's Triple Jump Final

Shani Marks, Olympic Qualifier, 1st Place

"Well it all hasn't quite sunk in yet. You know this has been the goal for five years so to actually finally get there I am overwhelmed and just really thankful and really, really excited."

"I didn't go into 2004 really expecting to make the team, more for the experience so to really build on that and realize I want to come back next time and be in the game so that's exciting."

"A little bit of fine tuning. I never like to set my goals in terms of distance because I think that puts your focus in the wrong spot so I just try to tweak technical things and know that if you work hard and keep working at it that those things will just come. So we won't put a limit out there on distance."

Shakeema Welsch, 2nd Place

"Today was awesome. The weather was great and I loved the fans. I focused on execution today and got second place. Now I'm looking forward to the next big thing. Hopefully one of us three will be able to make history and become the first American woman to advance to the triple jump finals at the Olympics."

"It was really exciting just to get a big jump out. Of course it was wind aided so that was the pity part about it, but I felt extremely good. The crowd was really supportive. My goal right now is just to move forward and make this Beijing team."

"[The smoke] was not a distraction at all. I think the discus was more distracting than anything. No, the smoke didn't bother me at all."

"I was originally predicted to win according to USA track and field form charts. I came in and got second place so yes, I was definitely predicted to get top three and I did do that. I did succeed at that."

Erica McLain, Olympic Qualifier, 3rd Place

"I didn't have the best performance, but thank God for having the A Standard before coming in here."

"I had a rough day yesterday, but its fine. I couldn't be happier making the team, that's what I came in here to do and the mission was accomplished."

"The bear that I have is always with me at every meet. I have had him since high school and he carries all of the pins from the places I have competed in. The turtle is a new addition, reminding me not to be a turtle. And it has helped, my speed has improved. Finally, my coach convinced me that I need to run fast if I intend to jump far."

"Today I was a little flat. I had some shoulder problems yesterday, and my energy level was a little down, along with my speed."

"I'm going to go back to the drawing board. Today I wasn't at my best, but I know I have it in me."

"It has been a whirlwind last month with the NCAA Championships and graduation. But, it is a very busy and exciting time."

"I leave for Europe sometime in the next week. I intend to compete in some meets at the international level to tune up for the Olympic Games."

"My goal for the Olympics is to make it to the finals, which would be a huge accomplishment. I want to try to stay calm and focused and try not to get flustered and overwhelmed by such an amazing meet."

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