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Athlete Quotes - Men's Long Jump Final

Trevell Quinley, Olympic Qualifier, 1st Place

"I just had to shake the cobwebs off during the first couple of jumps and I was able to relax a little bit after the second jump, but then I had two fouls and then made the fifth jump and put some pressure on the guys. Really, I have never been so scared though after that fifth jump because you have the former Olympic champion and you can never count him out."

"I am so blessed to be able to do what I did and I love not being expected to make the team, but I did and I won."

"These guys have been jumping well since May, where I have just started to jump well. That's the blessing of being injured because it helped me do things correctly."

"The Olympic Trials are the hardest team to make and we had to peak today. I just got down and thanked God for him getting me this far afterwards."

"Being predicted to take fourth, it definitely lit a fire under me. I was relieved, and it took some of the pressure off, although I put it on myself. Whether I was ranked first or eighth I knew I would make the team."

"I think that the number one reason the Olympic Trials are held at Hayward is the power and tradition of the crowd."

"It's going to take 28 feet to get a gold medal. All of us are capable."

Brian Johnson, Olympics Qualifier, 2nd Place

"I felt pretty good today. I felt okay. A little jittery at first but it is kind of the biggest meet of your life so you just try to keep your composure. Once I started to feel it, I started getting where I needed to be. So overall I felt good. I am on the team. I wanted to win, but I let it slip away from me, but I guess the biggest thing is I am on the team and I live to go to Beijing."

"My main thing is staying healthy. The distances will get further and further if I stay healthy."

Miguel Pate, Olympics Qualifier, 3rd Place

"The main thing was to get on the team and that is what happened. The jumping? I wanted to jump a little further but at the same time the goal was to get on the team and that is what happened. You have to take that. You have to be happy with that. That is what it is all about."

"Go home, take a couple days off, get on a plane and go to Europe. Go to Europe. Track is my job. People only see track every four years, but this is our job year in and year out. If it's not Olympic Trials, it is World Champions Trials or World Cup Trials. This is what we do. Get on the plain to Europe and go try to win another medal or world championship. This just happens to be an Olympic year. It is the same routine."

"Doing what it took you to get there. A lot of times people go there and they try to press. They try to do things that they can't control. Press is what we call it and it doesn't happen for them. Just keep doing what I am doing and it will come through for me."

"We are out there for a long time and it gets kind of draining. The crowd really brings out the emotions and plays a big part in the trials."

"Anything can happen on any given day. And today, I made the team."

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