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Athlete Quotes - Women's 3000m Steeplechase Final

Anna Willard, Olympic Qualifier, First Place

"With 600 to go, I just felt so fantastic, incredible. My foot kept going to the side. I wanted to go. The fifth lap, mentally, is the hardest lap. The second to last water jump, I went early."

"I knew I was in 9:28 or better shape. I knew I was ready. When I heard 9:28 (over the PA), I thought, 'this feels pretty good.' I honestly didn't know how much of a gap I had. At this point, time is completely peripheral. It's 'make the team.'"

On how it feels to be competing on the first Olympic Steeplechase team: "Amazing, fantastic. To be on the Olympic Team at all ... I can't even comprehend. Looking at how things were four years ago ... I sucked four years ago."

"Tonight it had nothing to do with time. I just wanted to be on the team."

On being on the first steeplechase team: "It's pretty cool to be a part of history. The Olympics is pretty cool alone. This is a pretty neat addition."

Lindsey Anderson, Olympic Qualifier, Second Place

"It is unbelievable. You couldn't ask for a better crowd for this kind of an atmosphere. It was awesome and it is so exciting to come down knowing that I was going to make the Olympic team on that last straight away. There are no words to describe that feeling."

"Get to the finish line and let's go. I don't remember thinking anything. Just really excited."

"I wanted it to go out fast like it did. That is what we were planning on and I knew if I could stay right with Jenny [Barringer] and Anna [Willard] that I would be there at the end and be able to finish strong and make the team."

"It still felt like people were right on me. I was still running like they were. Even though I wasn't sure how far behind me they were or anything. I wasn't going to look or let down at all and give up that spot."

"I went with [Anna Willard]. I was gunning for her, trying to get as close as I could, if not get her. It was good."

"I wanted to go 9:35 or under. To run 9:30 was unbelievable. I am so excited to PR by nine seconds and make the Olympic team. It is just a dream come true."

"I loved being part of the Big Sky Conference. I love being part of Weber State and now a part of Nike. I just couldn't be happier."

"I am not going to be able to sleep tonight. I am going to be up just running in my sleep and not be able to calm down. I am just so excited."

Jennifer Barringer, Olympic Qualifier, Third Place

"I'm not going to sleep tonight, because I'm worried I'll wake up and it won't have really happened. With about 800 meters left I got really nervous and overwhelmed, because the crowd was so into it. It almost made it harder. I kept trying to tell myself it's just another race, it's not the Olympic Trials, but it is the Olympic Trials and it means so much."

"I'm really proud of my effort. I thought it was courageous to go out front at the start. I knew an American record would get broken tonight and I'm glad I helped get it there with the pace."

Nicole Bush, Fourth Place

On what this means heading into her senior season at Michigan State: "It's confidence and experience. It all comes down to experience."

On pre-race talk with Anna Willard, event winner: "She is so nice, easy to talk to, personable. We joked about the 'boringness' the waiting. In the end, you don't say good luck. It doesn't come down to luck. You say 'have fun.'"

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