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Athlete Quotes - Men's 400m Hurdles Final

Bershawn Jackson, Olympic Qualifier, 1st Place

"I got out very hard. The wind played a big factor in the race today. I just wanted to relax as much as possible and not fight the wind and concern as much energy as possible. The main thing was to come home strong and have a kick because I knew it was going to be a tight race."

"I really came on. I felt pretty sluggish today but when the race came, the adrenaline put me throw the race. I had a hurdle-free day."

"Going into the race, I felt real sluggish. It was pretty windy on the backstretch, I just wanted to stay in control and have a shot."

On the prospect of the US team sweeping in Beijing: "Amazing awaits, that's the whole theme of the Olympics. We're definitely going to sweep, but who comes in first, that's anybody's guess."

"My main thing was to make the team. I was very nervous. If I didn't make the team, I think I would have given up track and field, I was feeling so much pressure."

Kerron Clement, Olympic Qualifier, 2nd Place

"I cross the line and I knew I was an Olympian. I'm just really happy to make the team and represent the United State to the best of my ability."

"I stuttered my steps and that messed me up going into the last hurdle. I just finished and I thank God for that."

"I just had faith that I would make the team, and I'm so proud to be representing the United States."

"I just wanted to get out really hard and get going. I just kept saying to myself, 'just make the team; just make the team.'"

Angelo Taylor, Olympic Qualifier, 3rd Place

On running two events: "I thought I'd have more time than I did...I thought I'd have 45 minutes between races and I only had 23 minutes. I just couldn't recover completely."

"I told myself I just wanted to be in the mix up in the front at hurdle 10; at that point I saw that I was in fifth place, so I just gave it all I had, and at the finish I saw that I was third."

"I made the team and I'm happy."

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