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Athlete Quotes - Women's 100m Hurdles Final

Lolo Jones, Olympic Qualifier, Winner

"It went good and a lot better then I thought because after I had a PR in the semifinals, it was hard to come back down. My legs felt a little tired and I wondered if I would have enough energy in the tank to get faster."

"This just shows not to give up because four years ago I didn't event make the final and now I'm the U.S.A. Outdoor Champion. Really, I never won anything growing up and I finally had victory at just the right time."

"I got out really good and then normally it's easy to have a mental lapse, but this time I was like, I'm going for it and not stopping like a train."

"I was very nervous when I got out here today because normally when I have a tail wind I start hitting hurdles, but my coach had to calm me down. He just told me that I couldn't control the wind and not to let this determine what was going to happen in this race."

Damu Cherry, Second

"I felt great. I kept seeing myself crossing that line and getting on that team. I saw myself with this flag. I just kept seeing it over and over again. I just kept thinking no matter what I am getting on this team."

"All I can say is God is good and never quit. I have been through a lot of ups and downs. I never gave up. I never, never gave up. I just always kept fighting. Even off this last hurdle, hurdle 10, it was a fight to the tape. I knew I had to really lean. I looked up on the big screen and I was like yeah."

"Right now, tonight, I am going to celebrate and relax, but then I am going to home. I just need to start training. It is really just coming up next month. I just have to make sure I got back and stay focused. Go through another four rounds."

"I am going to keep staying on the same path I am on. [Lolo Jones] did awesome. You can't take that away from her. She ran really, really well, but I know I can run just as fast too. We have a great team. We are all just going to go there and see what happens in Beijing. We have a really, really good team so I am really pumped by it."

Dawn Harper, Olympic Qualifier, Third Place

"This is amazing. Dreams really do come true. People sort of counted me out, but I still put a lot of pressure on myself, because I knew what I was capable of. My coach, Bobby Kersey, kept telling me, 'You can make the team. You can make the team.' He believed in me. On February 27, I had exploratory surgery on my right knee. It's my trail leg and they found a loose chip and removed it. I was out for a solid month. I have come back and the most important thing was staying healthy. That's what it's all about."

Joanna Hayes

"I don't know, I think I'm just trying to hard. My body is just tired. I have been beat up the last couple of weeks and it is not really responding to what I want it to do."

"My tendonitis flared up after the first race and I'm not really used to it. I had a really good warm-up and I thought I was ready and good, but I never really felt that I had good body position. I just think my bodies tired, but I gave it my best."

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