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Athlete Quotes - Women's 10,000m Final

Shalane Flanagan, 1st place; Olympic Qualifier

"This is something that all the athletes have been thinking about the past four years and it is a big relief. I am extremely excited."

"I wanted to come in and prove to myself that I could run fast, while also running championship style tactical races."

"I still really love the 5K and am still really excited to run the 5K on Monday night and hopefully on July 4. There is probably nothing more American then trying out for the Olympic team on July 4."

"I'm excited to be the favorite, but I don't think I was the clear favorite because Kara has a medal and I don't. It's going to be very exciting in Beijing because I might be fighting off teammates to win a medal. It is very exciting and a good position to be in."

Kara Goucher, 2nd Place, Olympic Qualifier

"I feel amazing. I am so excited that U.S. women's running is at the height that it is."

"I would have loved to have won, but Shalane (Flanagan) is serious competition."

"I was so proud of Amy (Begley). She is really the story of the night. She ran amazing. We have been together every step for the past year and she is the perfect example of hard work paying off."

"I think I have just as good of a chance in the 5K."

"The fans were so amazing tonight. It was great to really be accepted here, I feel like an Oregonian."

"I have wanted to be an Olympian for so long. This is a childhood dream."

"Since 2004, there was always a little hope in me. I knew there was that fast girl in there somewhere. That's what kept me going."

Amy Begley, 3rd Place, Olympic Qualifier

"This is probably the best day ever. Kara [Goucher] and I have been running against each other since we were itty bitty. I wouldn't want to go to Beijing with anyone else."

"My coach told me to sit in second or third for the first 5K. I was getting a little nervous. He held the reins in a long time and finally let us out."

"Kara has really prepared me well. She has taught me how to finish."

"It still hasn't quit hit me. I still thought I might miss it by one or two seconds and that would have been a really lonely night for me."

"They dropped me with three or four laps and there was that moment where I doubted myself. With 600 to go I just told myself I can do this. I just dug it out and gave it all I had."

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