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Athlete Quotes - Women's 5000m Final

Kara Goucher, Olympic Qualifier, First Place

"I'm hoping to double, but if I had to choose, I'd choose the 10K."

"It's been really fun. The crowd was awesome. It's been fun to run with these guys (Rhines and Flanagan). They are two of the most amazing runners. It's very exciting for me to have my first win (in a major race). This whole meet has been bigger than Osaka. It's been amazing."

"Four years ago was probably ground zero for me. I ate a lot, gained a lot of weight. It was a low time, but obviously something was still there. There were times when I asked myself, 'am I crazy?' It never totally went away. I kept trying and kept coming back. When I moved here (to Oregon), it was a fresh start."

"I was more nervous for this race than the 10K. I just knew it was going to hurt. The crowd makes you feel so good here. I don't want to race anywhere else after this."

Jennifer Rhines, Olympic Qualifier, Second Place

"It felt smooth the whole race, even when we were going back and fourth in pace. I felt really good about my speed coming in so I was going to kind of wait."

"I'm thrilled to make my third Olympic team and I feel we are going to have a great 5K and 10K team in Beijing."

"We all ran really strong tonight. Kara was the one though that had the most left."

"I am really excited to get to run in Beijing. I've always like the shorter distances, but I've been getting better and better since I've come back down."

Shalane Flanagan, Olympic Qualifier, Third Place

"My coach kind of had said with three laps to go let's just lay it out there. That last 100 I fell apart a little bit. I gave it a go and I'm on another team. I am pretty pleased. I am a little bummed out. I think my heart is really in the 5K and I think I let some emotions get to me. I think I have been really in control emotion-wise this whole time. I think I let my emotions overtake me a little bit. I really laid my heart out there on the track tonight. I just didn't have enough in that last 50 to 100 meters tonight."

"If my coach and my country think I should do both, I will do both. I am up for the task. I don't want to go if I don't think I am really prepared. If my coach thinks that I am prepared to do it, I think that I have proved to myself that I can do. However, I have said before that I wanted to win both and then I would definitely go but losing to a bronze medalist tonight and then Jen Rhines who is tough as nails I can't hang my head to much."

"I am leaning towards [giving up the 5K], but I can't speak on record quite yet because I have to speak to my coach. My coach is very knowledgeable. He has coached world champions. He knows what I am capable of. He will make a smart decision. We will make a smart decision together."

"Kara [Goucher] could even maybe pull out, but I think she wants to do both for sure. I think this system proves usually who is in the best shape to do the job. The three of us I think are in great shape. Mentally and physically pretty tough. We have earned our spots. I don't want to give it up to easily, but, if my coach doesn't think I am prepared, Lauren is a great candidate to take over."

Lauren Fleshman

"I did the best I could today. I was just so dead. The crowd was awesome. It felt like a real lift. But there's only so far you can lift someone who is in lactate acid debt. I just had a good time, though."

"I tried to prepare myself for a break-away. Mentally, I was okay. My body just wouldn't respond, so I started running defensively. I just didn't have it. It happens."

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