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Qualifying Standards

Qualifying window:  January 1, 2007 - June 15, 2008

"A" "B" Field
100m 10.07 10.28 32
200m 20.30 20.75 30
400m 45.00 45.95 28
800m 1:46.50 1:48.50 30
1,500m 3:39.00 3:43.00 30
5,000m 13:33.00 13:50.00 24
10,000m 28:15.00 29:00.00 24
110m Hurdles 13.40 14.00 32
400m Hurdles 49.00 51.00 28
3,000m Steeplechase 8:32.00 8:45.00 24
20 km Race Walk 1:36:00 -- 16
High Jump 2.28 m 2.20 m 24
Pole Vault 5.70 m 5.50 m 24
Long Jump 8.05 m 7.80 m 24
Triple Jump 16.66 m 15.80 m 24
Shot Put 20.00 m 18.60 m 24
Discus Throw 63.75 m 58.80 m 24
Hammer Throw 72.00 m 64.00 m 24
Javelin Throw 77.00 m 70.00 m 24
Decathlon 7900 pts. 7600 pts. 18
"A" "B" Field
100m 11.13 11.35 32
200m 22.80 23.25 30
400m 51.45 52.60 28
800m 2:01.50 2:06.50 30
1,500m 4:10.00 4:19.50 30
5,000m 15:28.00 16:00.00 24
10,000m 32:45.00 34:00.00 24
100m Hurdles 12.85 13.25 32
400m Hurdles 56.00 57.80 28
3,000m Steeplechase 10:00.00 10:20.00 24
20 km Race Walk 1:48:00 1:50:00 16
High Jump 1.86 m 1.83 m 24
Pole Vault 4.47 m 4.20 m 24
Long Jump 6.53 m 6.43 m 24
Triple Jump 13.50 m 13.10 m 24
Shot Put 17.50 m 17.00 m 24
Discus Throw 59.00 m 56.00 m 24
Hammer Throw 66.80 m 63.00 m 24
Javelin Throw 54.50 m 50.50 m 24
Heptathlon 5750 pts. 5500 pts. 18

"A" and "B" Standards
"A" - athletes who attain the "A" standard will automatically be included in the event, provided they enter and declare. *
"B" - athletes who attain the "B" standard will be included in the event only if additional competitors are needed to make the event competitive (i.e., not enough athletes have attained the "A" standard). *

* - subject to the Qualifying Guidelines, entry process, and declaration process. If the "B" standard is used, only the number of athletes needed to make the event competitive will be included. These athletes must declare, and they may be invited for inclusion only after the close of declarations.

The field sizes listed are the desired minimum of participants, and the Games Committee will try to fill the field to the minimum provided there are enough athletes entered and qualified without the quality of competition being affected. The Men's and Women's Track & Field Chairs may alter the field size as necessary.

Qualifying Guidelines

  1. All qualifying performances for running events must be made in competition on a standard outdoor track or during the 2008 indoor season on an indoor track in the same event; qualifying performances for walking events must be made on a USATF-certified road course, standard outdoor track, or an international road course certified by the appropriate authority.
  2. Qualifying marks must be made and verifiable in one of the following:
    1. USATF- or IAAF-sanctioned events that prescribe to or exceed USATF competition rules,
    2. events at collegiate meets that prescribe to or exceed USATF competition rules,
    3. high school meets, except duals and triangulars, or
    4. meets or events that meet a minimum for competitiveness set by the Chair of the Sport Committee and determined to be valid by the USATF staff member responsible for verification.
  3. Fully automatic timing (F.A.T.) is the only method of timing acceptable for qualifying marks for events equal to or shorter than 400 meters. A manual time may only be used for qualifying for events of 800 meters and longer only if no F.A.T. time is available. No timing allowance for qualifying will be made for hand times.
  4. Wind-assisted performances will not be accepted. Wind readings of +2.0 or higher will not be accepted for all relevant events except the combined events, which are allowed up to a +4.0 wind reading. There is no adjustment for altitude.
  5. Qualifying marks must be attained in events being contested at the Olympic Trials, except in specific cases involving the Special Qualifying Regulations listed below. An appeal to use a mile qualifying mark for the 1500m will be accepted only if a) no 1500m qualifying mark exists, b) the mile mark was made during the 2008 season, and c) the mile mark is equivalent to the 1500m "A" standard (3:54.40 for men and 4:28.20 for women).
  6. All qualifying marks must be attained between January 1, 2007 and June 15, 2008.
  7. All qualifying performances are subject to verification.
  8. The mark used for qualifying and the mark used for first round seeding might not be the same. Each qualified entrant in each event must submit a best 2008 season (June 15, 2007 - June 15, 2008) mark if one exists, whether it meets the qualifying standard or not. Seeding for the first round of competition is based on all 2008 season performances ranked before any 2007 season performances, even if they do not meet the qualifying standard (see Rule 75). A 2007 season mark may get an individual into the competition, but will not be used for seeding purposes when a 2008 season mark exists.

Special Qualifying Regulations

Automatic Qualification [USATF Rules 10.3(b)i and 10.3(b)ii]

A Track & Field athlete is eligible for automatic qualification into the Olympic Trials in the same event if that athlete has:

  • Earned an individual medal in an Olympic Games or in an IAAF World Indoor or Outdoor Championships during the year 2008, or during the four previous calendar years (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)
  • Won an individual 2007 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championship event
  • For automatic qualification purposes only, the indoor 60m, 60m hurdles, mile, and 3000m distances are interchangeable with the outdoor 100m, 100m/110m hurdles, 1500m and 5000m, respectively

A Race Walk athlete is eligible for automatic qualification into the Olympic Trials if that athlete has during 2008, or during the four previous calendar years (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007) accomplished one of the following:

  • Earned an individual medal in an Olympic Games or in an IAAF World Indoor or Outdoor Championships
  • Won an individual event at a USA Indoor or Outdoor Track & Field Championships
  • Won a USA 50 km Race Walk Championship
  • Won a USA Olympic Trials event

Athletes may only enter the event in which they have won a medal except for the 50 km Race Walk Champion.

All athletes who are allowed entry into the Olympic Trials by the special qualifying regulations must submit an entry and follow the same declaration procedures as all other Olympic Trials qualifiers.

Athletes entering as "automatic qualifiers" should list any qualifying performance details on their official entry form. Athletes whose entry into the Olympic Trials is based solely on the "automatic qualification" provision are not eligible to receive funding based on the automatic qualification alone.

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