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As of 7/9/07 1:08 p.m. PT (list refreshes hourly)
All received entries are shown on this page and are subject to change.

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Midget Boys' 100mQual. MarkEntry
Deterriuos BellBen Newson Track ClubNTaccepted
Keon NealyCharlotte Flights Track and Field Club12.22accepted
Thomas JonesDurham Striders Track Club12.27accepted
Darian Trout-BrownMidwest Elite Youth Sprint Club12.27accepted
Theo TeahRunning Panthers Track Club12.38accepted
Morgan SimonQuiet Fire12.65accepted
Victor WhartonKnoxville Track Club12.68accepted
Exter GilmoreDurham Striders Track Club12.69accepted
Jamaal WilliamsCA Rising Stars Track Club12.80accepted
Victor BoldenCA Rising Stars Track Club12.90accepted
Lee RutledgeSudden Impact Track Club12.90accepted
Malik EdwardsChicago Striders12.93info needed
Julian HyltonIllinois Stealth Bombers12.97accepted
Marquis ThomasMcKinney Track Attack12.98accepted
Joshua LockhartSudden Impact Track Club13.00accepted
Jalen Williamsunattached13.00accepted
Jonathan PerryAlbuquerque Track Club13.10accepted
Justin WillisRockwall Mustangs Track Club13.10accepted
Deshawn Thompsonunattached13.11accepted
Jamal CraytonMcKinney Track Attack13.13accepted
Kaleb DecoraScotts Bluff Lizards13.15accepted
Zach Reitzugunattached13.15accepted
Marquez NorthCharlotte Flights Track and Field Club13.16accepted
Marcus BennettBoys & Girls Club13.20accepted
Brandon JamesLos Angeles Jets13.21accepted
Miquan JohnsonLos Angeles Jets13.21accepted
Bennett BenardoniAurora Flyers Track Club13.31accepted
Kyle Isomunattached13.33accepted
Phillip MooreTitans Track Club, Inc.13.55accepted
Jacob LawrenceNew Horizon T.C.13.60accepted
David WilliamsSouthern California Running Cougars13.91accepted
Gerard WadeNorth Shore Breeze14.11accepted
Quinten NashIllinois Elite Youth Track Club14.24accepted
Marquis Buchanan-WattsAngelic Flyers Track Club14.65accepted
Dorail PorterSilver Spring Spartans Track Club14.65accepted
Rasaun Kirklingunattached14.68info needed
Arthur TriplettNorth Shore Breeze15.57accepted
Dominique GeeAngelic Flyers Track Club15.61accepted

Midget Boys' 200mQual. MarkEntry
Deterriuos BellBen Newson Track ClubNTaccepted
Keon NealyCharlotte Flights Track and Field Club25.34accepted
Thomas JonesDurham Striders Track Club25.76accepted
Trentavis FridayGastonia Jaguars Track Club Inc.25.84accepted
Morgan SimonQuiet Fire25.89accepted
Theo TeahRunning Panthers Track Club25.94accepted
Deltron HopkinsMiami Northwest Express T.C.25.95accepted
Miquan JohnsonLos Angeles Jets26.01accepted
Jamaal WilliamsCA Rising Stars Track Club26.02accepted
Darian Trout-BrownMidwest Elite Youth Sprint Club26.39accepted
Victor WhartonKnoxville Track Club26.56accepted
Bryce SheardCornhusker Flyers26.58accepted
Victor BoldenCA Rising Stars Track Club26.66accepted
Jacob LawrenceNew Horizon T.C.26.80accepted
Jonathan PerryAlbuquerque Track Club27.00accepted
Jonathon ShannonMcKinney Track Attack27.00accepted
Julian HyltonIllinois Stealth Bombers27.14accepted
Deshawn Thompsonunattached27.18accepted
Marcus BennettBoys & Girls Club27.20accepted
Lee RutledgeSudden Impact Track Club27.20accepted
Zach Reitzugunattached27.24accepted
LeShun DanielsHuskie Track Club27.28accepted
Exter GilmoreDurham Striders Track Club27.28accepted
Brandon JamesLos Angeles Jets27.29accepted
Durell ColemanFirebirds Athletic Club27.34info needed
Dorail PorterSilver Spring Spartans Track Club27.43accepted
Bennett BenardoniAurora Flyers Track Club27.50accepted
Miles SimeltonAurora Flyers Track Club27.50accepted
Devontay StarksDurham Striders Track Club27.50accepted
Selwyn KellyCongress Track Club27.52accepted
Noah DrewDurham Striders Track Club27.56info needed
Joshua LockhartSudden Impact Track Club27.90accepted
Phillip MooreTitans Track Club, Inc.28.15accepted
Jalen Williamsunattached29.03accepted
Thomas VashaadCountry Club Hills Gazelles29.10accepted
David WilliamsSouthern California Running Cougars29.12accepted
Quinten NashIllinois Elite Youth Track Club29.74accepted
Kyle Isomunattached29.84accepted
Gerard WadeNorth Shore Breeze29.89accepted
Marquis Buchanan-WattsAngelic Flyers Track Club31.33accepted
Dominique GeeAngelic Flyers Track Club32.07accepted
Arthur TriplettNorth Shore Breeze35.00accepted

Midget Boys' 400mQual. MarkEntry
Deterriuos BellBen Newson Track ClubNTaccepted
Paul Green-5Metro-Dade Track Club55.01accepted
Artie BurnsMiami Northwest Express T.C.56.00accepted
Torrance GibsonMetro-Dade Track Club56.80accepted
Alvin ClarkLos Angeles Jets57.45accepted
James GrantMiami Northwest Express T.C.58.00accepted
Darren AndrewsCA Rising Stars Track Club58.01accepted
Trentavis FridayGastonia Jaguars Track Club Inc.58.49accepted
James RobinsonCA Rising Stars Track Club59.01info needed
James WinchesterNorthwest Track Club, Inc.59.45accepted
Morgan SimonQuiet Fire59.98accepted
Trenton IrwinCA Rising Stars Track Club1:00.00accepted
Deltron HopkinsMiami Northwest Express T.C.1:00.03accepted
Daniel LawsonLos Angeles Jets1:00.80accepted
Donovan AllenLos Angeles Jets1:01.49accepted
Ryan MarcanoAurora Flyers Track Club1:01.62accepted
Kenneth SelmonGazelle Track Club1:01.66accepted
Bryce SheardCornhusker Flyers1:01.68accepted
Noah DrewDurham Striders Track Club1:01.69info needed
Marquez NorthCharlotte Flights Track and Field Club1:01.80accepted
Victor WhartonKnoxville Track Club1:01.84accepted
Thomas JonesDurham Striders Track Club1:01.94accepted
Joshua BanderasLincoln Youth Track Club1:02.35accepted
Durell ColemanFirebirds Athletic Club1:02.40info needed
Joshua DickersonRiverside County Swift Performance1:02.50accepted
Deshawn Thompsonunattached1:02.68accepted
Julian HyltonIllinois Stealth Bombers1:03.00accepted
Jonathan PerryAlbuquerque Track Club1:03.30accepted
Keon NealyCharlotte Flights Track and Field Club1:03.60accepted
Gabriel JosephCascade Striders1:04.45accepted
Jayson CalhounNorthwest Track Club, Inc.1:04.50accepted
Jalen WatkinsAurora Flyers Track Club1:04.54accepted
Shatavius ScottBaldwin County Jets1:04.67accepted
Amare BurksNorthwest Track Club, Inc.1:04.75accepted
Kevin JoppyFirebirds Athletic Club1:05.01accepted
Michael McAllisterAurora Flyers Track Club1:05.63accepted
John Isaiah CrosbyEastside Steppers1:06.00accepted
Zane Jeffressunattached1:06.00accepted
Ennis JohnsonRunning Panthers Track Club1:06.00accepted
Dorail PorterSilver Spring Spartans Track Club1:15.00accepted
Isaac AnimashaunIllinois Elite Youth Track Club1:18.86accepted
Adrian TaylorAngelic Flyers Track Club1:19.53accepted

Midget Boys' 800mQual. MarkEntry
Ryan LesanseeAlbuquerque Track ClubNTinfo needed
Paul Green-5Metro-Dade Track Club2:11.00accepted
Deltron HopkinsMiami Northwest Express T.C.2:17.00accepted
Anterio BatemanLos Angeles Jets2:18.96accepted
Torrance GibsonMetro-Dade Track Club2:19.00accepted
Zack BornsteinValley United Striders2:19.45accepted
James WinchesterNorthwest Track Club, Inc.2:20.66accepted
James RobinsonCA Rising Stars Track Club2:20.68info needed
Justin WestbrookArizona Flames Track Club2:22.83accepted
Billy LooneyRiverside County Swift Performance2:25.70accepted
Thaddeus MitchellRunning Panthers Track Club2:26.00accepted
Daniel LawsonLos Angeles Jets2:27.86accepted
Gabriel JosephCascade Striders2:27.92accepted
Donovan AllenLos Angeles Jets2:28.13accepted
Kenneth SelmonGazelle Track Club2:29.37accepted
Efrain VargasIrvine Cougars2:31.00accepted
Coleman Cogswellunattached2:31.47accepted
Jalen WatkinsAurora Flyers Track Club2:31.89accepted
Wick CunninghamKnoxville Track Club2:31.94accepted
Daniel VargasIrvine Cougars2:32.00accepted
Ryan MarcanoAurora Flyers Track Club2:32.44accepted
Michael McAllisterAurora Flyers Track Club2:32.68accepted
Brandon FaasAurora Flyers Track Club2:32.85accepted
Trevor EllsonJenks America Track Club2:33.00accepted
Ennis JohnsonRunning Panthers Track Club2:33.00accepted
Javon PittmanSudden Impact Track Club2:33.00accepted
Justin Spiveyunattached2:33.00accepted
Aaron WhiteRiverside County Swift Performance2:33.00accepted
Harrison MohrUniversity of Chicago Track Club2:45.31accepted
Isaac AnimashaunIllinois Elite Youth Track Club3:37.18accepted
Adrian TaylorAngelic Flyers Track Club4:25.19accepted
Trentavis FridayGastonia Jaguars Track Club Inc.2:22:18.00accepted
Zane Jeffressunattached2:29:00.00accepted

Midget Boys' 1500mQual. MarkEntry
Ryan LesanseeAlbuquerque Track ClubNTinfo needed
Travis DonlinOmaha Racers5.02accepted
Alterik SextonBoys & Girls Club4:50.80accepted
Zack BornsteinValley United Striders4:51.55accepted
Justin WestbrookArizona Flames Track Club4:55.38accepted
Anamacio CardenasSouthern Cal. Road Runners4:56.70accepted
Jordan Knappunattached4:56.80accepted
Jacob GrantEqualizers Track Club4:58.44accepted
Graham GodfreyJenks America Track Club5:01.00accepted
Daniel VargasIrvine Cougars5:01.00accepted
K'evon AndersonLos Angeles Jets5:01.89accepted
Desmond MeyerAurora Flyers Track Club5:01.92accepted
Trevor EllsonJenks America Track Club5:02.00accepted
Stephen SlaterJenks America Track Club5:02.01accepted
Christopher StaubJenks America Track Club5:02.12accepted
Tomas O'HaraEqualizers Track Club5:02.16accepted
Demond BrunacheJuventus Track Club5:02.65accepted
Christian RobertsEqualizers Track Club5:02.90accepted
Trevor ScarlettAurora Flyers Track Club5:02.93accepted
Raymond AdamsEqualizers Track Club5:02.95accepted
Efrain VargasIrvine Cougars5:03.00accepted
Andy WerdermanSouth Orange County Wildcats5:03.00accepted
Thaddeus MitchellRunning Panthers Track Club5:05.00accepted
Wick CunninghamKnoxville Track Club5:10.80accepted
Zane Jeffressunattached5:20.00accepted
Harrison MohrUniversity of Chicago Track Club5:23.47accepted
Nicholas GodsellIllini Heat Track Club5:25.10accepted
McShane WyattMcKinney Track Attack5:45.99accepted

Midget Boys' 3000mQual. MarkEntry
Ryan LesanseeAlbuquerque Track ClubNTinfo needed
Travis DonlinOmaha Racers10.44accepted
Jacob GrantEqualizers Track Club10:23.18accepted
Anamacio CardenasSouthern Cal. Road Runners10:24.20accepted
K'evon AndersonLos Angeles Jets10:33.29accepted
Tomas O'HaraEqualizers Track Club10:40.67accepted
Christopher StaubJenks America Track Club10:41.21accepted
Jordan Knappunattached10:42.08accepted
Efrain VargasIrvine Cougars10:43.00accepted
Stephen SlaterJenks America Track Club10:43.20accepted
Demond BrunacheJuventus Track Club10:43.37accepted
Daniel VargasIrvine Cougars10:44.00accepted
Justin WestbrookArizona Flames Track Club10:45.38accepted
Christian RobertsEqualizers Track Club10:46.33accepted
Aric CrowellSouthern Cal. Road Runners10:46.72accepted
Andy WerdermanSouth Orange County Wildcats10:48.00accepted
Alterik SextonBoys & Girls Club11:00.58accepted
Desmond MeyerAurora Flyers Track Club11:12.83accepted
Graham GodfreyJenks America Track Club11:13.00accepted
Raymond AdamsEqualizers Track Club11:13.03accepted
Trevor ScarlettAurora Flyers Track Club11:13.79accepted
Coleman Cogswellunattached11:14.30accepted
Nicholas GodsellIllini Heat Track Club11:23.00accepted
Javon PittmanSudden Impact Track Club12:00.00accepted

Midget Boys' 80m Hurdles (30 in.)Qual. MarkEntry
Artie BurnsMiami Northwest Express T.C.12.20accepted
James GrantMiami Northwest Express T.C.13.12accepted
Joshua BanderasLincoln Youth Track Club13.13accepted
Darren AndrewsCA Rising Stars Track Club13.22accepted
Marquez NorthCharlotte Flights Track and Field Club13.31accepted
Shawn LipscombDurham Striders Track Club13.54accepted
Trenton IrwinCA Rising Stars Track Club13.60accepted
Grant FinneyMcKinney Track Attack13.87accepted
Quentin ShropshireLos Angeles Jets13.89accepted
Marquis ThomasMcKinney Track Attack14.01accepted
Andy WerdermanSouth Orange County Wildcats14.12accepted
August KilesCity Track14.22info needed
Thomas VashaadCountry Club Hills Gazelles14.28accepted
Jacob KingsleyKearney Track Club14.42accepted
Adrienne JacksonRiverside County Swift Performance14.45accepted
Jalen ThayerSouthern California Running Wild14.49accepted
Max JettePSA Youth Running Club14.50accepted
Shatavius ScottBaldwin County Jets14.64accepted
James McbrideNorth Shore Breeze15.78accepted
Joshua LockhartSudden Impact Track Club16.80accepted
Javyon BoatmanAngelic Flyers Track Club17.80accepted

Midget Boys' 1500m Race WalkQual. MarkEntry
Emilio ManchaElgin Sharks Track Club8:37.71accepted
Rashad WarrenRockwall Mustangs Track Club9:56.00accepted
John BourdeauNew Jersey Striders9:28:00.00accepted

Midget Boys' 4x100m RelayQual. MarkEntry
CA Rising Stars Track Club - A49.78info needed
McKinney Track Attack - A51.45accepted
Durham Striders Track Club - A52.82info needed
Firebirds Athletic Club - A54.82info needed
Angelic Flyers Track Club - A59.96accepted

Midget Boys' 4x400m RelayQual. MarkEntry
Los Angeles Jets - A3:58.42accepted
Durham Striders Track Club - A4:12.06info needed
McKinney Track Attack - A4:15.12accepted
Riverside County Swift Performance - A4:22.30accepted
Long Beach Sprinters - A4:33.01accepted

Midget Boys' 4x800m RelayQual. MarkEntry
Los Angeles Jets - A9:44.02accepted
Riverside County Swift Performance - A10:32.40accepted
Aurora Flyers Track Club - A10:54.16accepted
Running Panthers Track Club - A11:00.00accepted
Jenks America Track Club - A11:08.00accepted

Midget Boys' Relay Roster OnlyQual. MarkEntry
Marquis ThomasMcKinney Track Attack50.98accepted

Midget Boys' High JumpQual. MarkEntry
Max ChurchLincoln Jets Track Club5-0accepted
Max JettePSA Youth Running Club4-11accepted
Colin ReillyIndiana Track Club4-8accepted
Chris BozziniNapa Track Club4-7accepted
Zack BornsteinValley United Striders4-6accepted
Javyon BoatmanAngelic Flyers Track Club4-4accepted
Emmett McCoyunattached4-3accepted
Brendan CardeyNapa Track Club4-2accepted
James McbrideNorth Shore Breeze3.09accepted
Miles SimeltonAurora Flyers Track Club1.57accepted
Vincent CalhounLong Beach Sprinters1.52accepted
Jalen ThayerSouthern California Running Wild1.50accepted
Isaiah MooreDurham Striders Track Club1.42accepted
Brandon FaasAurora Flyers Track Club1.41accepted
James GrantMiami Northwest Express T.C.1.40accepted
Trenton IrwinCA Rising Stars Track Club1.40accepted
Adrienne JacksonRiverside County Swift Performance1.37accepted
August KilesCity Track1.37info needed
Myles DavisLong Beach Sprinters1.35accepted

Midget Boys' Long JumpQual. MarkEntry
Zach Reitzugunattached16-1accepted
Bryce SheardCornhusker Flyers15-6accepted
Shawn LipscombDurham Striders Track Club15-5accepted
Kaleb DecoraScotts Bluff Lizards15-3.5accepted
Jacob KingsleyKearney Track Club15-1.5accepted
Justin SheltonColumbia Track Club15-0accepted
Jalen Williamsunattached14-11.25accepted
Devontay StarksDurham Striders Track Club14-9accepted
Jordan CulpepperCountry Club Hills Gazelles13-9accepted
Javon PittmanSudden Impact Track Club13-9accepted
Chris BozziniNapa Track Club13-1accepted
Artie BurnsMiami Northwest Express T.C.16.60accepted
Gerard WadeNorth Shore Breeze14.03accepted
James McbrideNorth Shore Breeze11.07accepted
Arthur TriplettNorth Shore Breeze10.09accepted
Miles SimeltonAurora Flyers Track Club5.03accepted
Vincent CalhounLong Beach Sprinters5.00accepted
Jalen ThayerSouthern California Running Wild4.96accepted
Bennett BenardoniAurora Flyers Track Club4.50accepted
Isaiah MooreDurham Striders Track Club4.50accepted
Justin WillisRockwall Mustangs Track Club4.44accepted
Donavon JohnsonLong Beach Sprinters4.42accepted
Sam WilnerIllini Heat Track Club4.39accepted
David WilliamsSouthern California Running Cougars4.36accepted
Myles DavisLong Beach Sprinters4.31accepted
Shatavius ScottBaldwin County Jets4.09accepted

Midget Boys' Shot Put (6 lb.)Qual. MarkEntry
Clayton Walderzakunattached35-9accepted
Loren Linhartunattached35-6accepted
Tyler Crohnunattached31-7accepted
Dexter McGheeNorthwest Track Club, Inc.12.87accepted
Paden Gatlinunattached11.85accepted
Steven LovingWoodlawn Track Pack11.62accepted
Amir Ali PattersonValley United Striders10.97accepted
Dawanne SmootNew World Track Club, Inc.10.35accepted
Julian WalkerB.C.U. Express Youth Track Club10.25info needed
James BrooksLong Beach Sprinters10.22accepted
Selwyn KellyCongress Track Club9.86accepted
LeShun DanielsHuskie Track Club9.84accepted
Paul Turnerunattached9.75accepted
Ellery Lassiterunattached9.24info needed
Nathaniel SlaneyRiverside County Swift Performance8.53accepted
Kordell MitchellIllini Heat Track Club6.90accepted

Midget Boys' Discus Throw (1 kg)Qual. MarkEntry
Loren Linhartunattached91-1accepted
Tyler Crohnunattached85-4accepted
Clayton Walderzakunattached83-4accepted
Jeremy Rauppunattached74-11accepted
Nathaniel SlaneyRiverside County Swift Performance71-2accepted
Jackson Rushinunattached68-0accepted
Yow Michaelunattached64-0accepted
Paden Gatlinunattached31.38accepted
Ellery Lassiterunattached25.33info needed
Steven LovingWoodlawn Track Pack24.78accepted
Dean WelchSouth Orange County Wildcats23.11accepted
Amir Ali PattersonValley United Striders23.00accepted
Dawanne SmootNew World Track Club, Inc.21.98accepted
Kordell MitchellIllini Heat Track Club13.66accepted

Midget Boys' Mini-Javelin Throw (300 g)Qual. MarkEntry
Billy LooneyRiverside County Swift Performance121-0accepted
Darrin LeMastersCapital City Striders, Inc.120-11accepted
Max JettePSA Youth Running Club117-3accepted
Brendan CardeyNapa Track Club110-8accepted
Nathaniel SlaneyRiverside County Swift Performance106-5accepted
Clayton Walderzakunattached103-3accepted
Thomas KrappSouth Park Track Club101-5accepted
Nathan HeintzmanCapital City Striders, Inc.99-10accepted
Jeremy Rauppunattached98-3accepted
Grant HigginsRiverside County Swift Performance93-6accepted
Marcus JacksonRiverside County Swift Performance92-4accepted
Chris BozziniNapa Track Club91-6accepted
Marquis ThomasMcKinney Track Attack88-10accepted
Hunter HopkinsRockwall Mustangs Track Club44.15accepted
Morgan TanasijevichWalton Youth Track Club37.38accepted
Dean WelchSouth Orange County Wildcats35.96accepted
Erik Maherunattached35.08accepted
Justin Spiveyunattached34.00accepted
Levon WashLong Beach Sprinters33.72accepted
Matthew MillsPhoenix Bobcats32.60accepted
Preston Elwellunattached31.29accepted
Colin ReillyIndiana Track Club27.80accepted
Calvin JonesFirebirds Athletic Club26.57accepted
Amir Ali PattersonValley United Striders26.53accepted
Deandre BaldwinCorona Golden Elite26.51accepted
Donovan TylerFirebirds Athletic Club26.51info needed
Rashad WarrenRockwall Mustangs Track Club25.00accepted
James BrooksLong Beach Sprinters24.97accepted
Kordell MitchellIllini Heat Track Club12.39accepted

Midget Boys' PentathlonQual. MarkEntry
Victor BoldenCA Rising Stars Track Club2465accepted
James RobinsonCA Rising Stars Track Club2352info needed
Trenton IrwinCA Rising Stars Track Club2320accepted
Zack BornsteinValley United Striders2152accepted
Andy WerdermanSouth Orange County Wildcats2090accepted
Max JettePSA Youth Running Club2051accepted
Jalen ThayerSouthern California Running Wild2038accepted
Justin WestbrookArizona Flames Track Club2030accepted
Adrienne JacksonRiverside County Swift Performance1923accepted
James GrantMiami Northwest Express T.C.1800accepted
August KilesCity Track1755info needed
John (Jack) LintFlying J's Track Club1698info needed
Amare BurksNorthwest Track Club, Inc.1673accepted

Midget Girls' 100mQual. MarkEntry
Aaliyah BrownIllinois Elite Youth Track Club12.49accepted
Jazmine RobertsonCA Rising Stars Track Club12.69accepted
Ayele TownsendStar "Of" The East12.70accepted
Ayana VoorheesSudden Impact Track Club12.70accepted
Fallon ReedGazelle Track Club12.72accepted
Chanel SmithSudden Impact Track Club12.80accepted
Nia CoffeyTeam Minnesota12.90accepted
Jocelyn Millerunattached12.90accepted
Dior HallColorado Flyers Track Club12.95accepted
Christine JacksonSouthern California Running Cougars12.98accepted
Amina SaundersMiami Northwest Express T.C.12.98accepted
Sincere ButlerWaukegan Invaders12.99info needed
Jalilissa MarcusAtoms Track Club12.99accepted
Nikolina WoodrffQuiet Fire12.99accepted
Kylie PalacioUmoja TC13.01accepted
Tyanna MarshallMiami Northwest Express T.C.13.02accepted
Elise AndersonTeam Minnesota13.10accepted
Tylana WhitfieldBGCO Jaguars13.10accepted
Moshai AdamsWaukegan Invaders13.12info needed
Anise DavisMiami Northwest Express T.C.13.20accepted
Chimere EzumahB.C.U. Express Youth Track Club13.20accepted
Toney LockMilwaukee Mustangs Track Club13.26accepted
Brianna JohnsonUnified-N-Flight Youth Track & Field13.29info needed
Reagan FrosiniRockwall Mustangs Track Club13.30accepted
Kylie GokieLincoln Youth Track Club13.36accepted
Brittany GreySudden Impact Track Club13.40accepted
Destinie SykesGastonia Jaguars Track Club Inc.13.42accepted
Sydney HollandDurham Striders Track Club13.45accepted
Isabelle ConnellUmoja TC13.49accepted
Bianca DavisSilver Spring Spartans Track Club13.49accepted
Paris CurryWaukegan Invaders13.50info needed
Jania Walker-AndersonStar "Of" The East13.50accepted
Kayleigh ZobelPhoenix Bobcats13.50accepted
Leanna WillerCornhusker Flyers13.52accepted
Sabrina MooreCharlotte Flights Track and Field Club13.53accepted
Eboni SutherlandCorona Golden Elite13.54accepted
Taylor WilliamsEastside Steppers13.59accepted
Brooke AndrewsCA Rising Stars Track Club13.60info needed
Charity ShawDurham Striders Track Club13.60accepted
Kristi CampbellCheetahs13.63accepted
Alia ChildressIllinois Elite Youth Track Club13.64accepted
Christin SalleyIllinois Stealth Bombers13.66accepted
Nyah WilsonSouthern California Running Cougars13.67accepted
Ahlexhys HawkinsValley United Striders13.77info needed
Melanie RansomIllinois Stealth Bombers13.97accepted
Saude FergusonSouthern California Running Cougars14.02accepted
Jassmine WilkersonNorth Shore Breeze14.05accepted
Dana Turnerunattached14.20accepted
Brianna Garrisonunattached14.60info needed
Da'nae ScottNorth Shore Breeze14.70accepted
Alexis FisherRockwall Mustangs Track Club14.90accepted
Mikaehla ConnorSilver Spring Spartans Track Club15.63accepted

Midget Girls' 200mQual. MarkEntry
Keyosha Lovette-9Metro-Dade Track ClubNTaccepted
Aaliyah BrownIllinois Elite Youth Track Club25.71accepted
Fallon ReedGazelle Track Club26.03accepted
Chanel SmithSudden Impact Track Club26.20accepted
Ayele TownsendStar "Of" The East26.30accepted
Dior HallColorado Flyers Track Club26.32accepted
Jazmine RobertsonCA Rising Stars Track Club26.60accepted
Jocelyn Millerunattached26.70accepted
Taisyn CrutchfieldCA Rising Stars Track Club27.00accepted
Anise DavisMiami Northwest Express T.C.27.00accepted
Dayo AdetuGlenarden Track Club27.01accepted
Sincere ButlerWaukegan Invaders27.10info needed
Versie Gunder-2Metro-Dade Track Club27.20accepted
Amina SaundersMiami Northwest Express T.C.27.20accepted
Ayana VoorheesSudden Impact Track Club27.20accepted
Tiersa HarringtonSilver Spring Spartans Track Club27.27accepted
Chimere EzumahB.C.U. Express Youth Track Club27.28accepted
Ahlexhys HawkinsValley United Striders27.50info needed
Nikolina WoodrffQuiet Fire27.50accepted
Alexandra MonteroAlpha Omega Elite Track Team27.54accepted
Brianna JohnsonUnified-N-Flight Youth Track & Field27.58info needed
Tylana WhitfieldBGCO Jaguars27.60accepted
Kylie PalacioUmoja TC27.66accepted
Eboni SutherlandCorona Golden Elite27.70accepted
Toney LockMilwaukee Mustangs Track Club27.71accepted
Randi BohlerCheetahs27.73accepted
Brooke AndrewsCA Rising Stars Track Club27.74info needed
Diarra DriverCheetahs27.74accepted
Jordyn BrownDurham Striders Track Club27.89accepted
DeAsia GarrettCountry Club Hills Gazelles27.94accepted
Alia ChildressIllinois Elite Youth Track Club28.16accepted
Kendall StokesArizona Flames Track Club28.33accepted
Jada UmpierreStocton Be Fast Track & Field28.40accepted
Jania Walker-AndersonStar "Of" The East28.40accepted
Alexis UmoyeValley United Striders28.50info needed
Cierra GarrettCountry Club Hills Gazelles28.55accepted
Bianca DavisSilver Spring Spartans Track Club28.58accepted
Melanie RansomIllinois Stealth Bombers28.66accepted
Imani FulwilderSouthern California Running Cougars28.91accepted
Kathryn HallZoom Track Club29.03accepted
Reagan FrosiniRockwall Mustangs Track Club29.20accepted
Sariaya PhillipsUniversity of Chicago Track Club29.47accepted
Patrice JonesIllinois Elite Youth Track Club29.50accepted
Courtney SalleyIllinois Stealth Bombers29.60accepted
Shannon FordSilver Spring Spartans Track Club29.68accepted
Jassmine WilkersonNorth Shore Breeze30.10accepted
Saude FergusonSouthern California Running Cougars30.50accepted
Brianna Garrisonunattached30.70info needed
Da'nae ScottNorth Shore Breeze32.30accepted
Mikaehla ConnorSilver Spring Spartans Track Club33.54accepted

Midget Girls' 400mQual. MarkEntry
Branesha RuckerContinental T-Belle Track Club1.03accepted
Janice LaneB.C.U. Express Youth Track Club1.12accepted
Shannon FordSilver Spring Spartans Track Club54.90accepted
Jocelyn Millerunattached56.00accepted
Caroline Horne-2Metro-Dade Track Club58.90accepted
Chimere EzumahB.C.U. Express Youth Track Club59.70accepted
Anise DavisMiami Northwest Express T.C.1:00.00accepted
Amina SaundersMiami Northwest Express T.C.1:00.00accepted
Jhanee Sterrettunattached1:00.20accepted
Nia DupicheSudden Impact Track Club1:01.00accepted
Rajanee MichaelTeam Minnesota1:01.00accepted
Destinie SykesGastonia Jaguars Track Club Inc.1:01.02accepted
LeDaysha SmithGazelle Track Club1:01.03accepted
Aaliyah BrownIllinois Elite Youth Track Club1:01.23accepted
Nia CoffeyTeam Minnesota1:02.00accepted
Ahlexhys HawkinsValley United Striders1:02.07info needed
Cherish SmithWaukegan Invaders1:02.21info needed
DeAsia GarrettCountry Club Hills Gazelles1:02.27accepted
Tiersa HarringtonSilver Spring Spartans Track Club1:02.31accepted
Elise AndersonTeam Minnesota1:02.50accepted
Cherice Wilson-5Metro-Dade Track Club1:03.00accepted
Alexis UmoyeValley United Striders1:03.03info needed
Lashonda LucMiami Northwest Express T.C.1:03.10accepted
Isabelle ConnellUmoja TC1:03.14accepted
Madeleine RandallCornhusker Flyers1:03.26accepted
Natisha DixonGazelle Track Club1:03.32accepted
Cierra GarrettCountry Club Hills Gazelles1:03.32accepted
Kiana BlackshearAtoms Track Club1:03.50accepted
Breaisha MortonTransy East TC1:03.87info needed
Dayo AdetuGlenarden Track Club1:03.92accepted
Bria DayDurham Striders Track Club1:04.00accepted
Shamier LittleCountry Club Hills Gazelles1:04.00accepted
Jaidin RossBGCO Jaguars1:04.00accepted
Charity ShawDurham Striders Track Club1:04.00accepted
Dashja AndrewsEastside Steppers1:04.38accepted
Imani FulwilderSouthern California Running Cougars1:04.44accepted
Timoya McKayBoys & Girls Club1:04.70accepted
Hadley Swansonunattached1:04.70accepted
Imani HaynesIllinois Elite Youth Track Club1:04.71accepted
Alexandra MonteroAlpha Omega Elite Track Team1:04.78accepted
Alexius WaldonBoys & Girls Club1:04.80accepted
Tiajah McCallInland Empire Sprinters1:04.90accepted
Brittany MitchellInland Empire Sprinters1:04.90accepted
Daesha TurnboBGCO Jaguars1:04.90accepted
Kelsey McKeeJenks America Track Club1:04.96accepted
Nadia DonovanBGCO Jaguars1:05.00accepted
Bria GoberBoys & Girls Club1:05.00accepted
Brittany GreySudden Impact Track Club1:05.00accepted
Hollie HarrisCA Rising Stars Track Club1:05.00accepted
Yamit NachmiasTeam Minnesota1:05.00accepted
Shakirah RayMt Airy Track Club1:05.00accepted
Alexis CampbellCheetahs1:05.10accepted
Daria RobinsonDurham Striders Track Club1:05.10accepted
De'Ja HentzCongress Track Club1:05.12accepted
Talise RomainAurora Flyers Track Club1:05.12accepted
Aaliyah GoshenCA Rising Stars Track Club1:05.13accepted
Tyrae' KnightCongress Track Club1:05.13accepted
Ceddashia LewisBoys & Girls Club1:05.60accepted
Kali KendallAtoms Track Club1:05.90info needed
Siena TurnerGazelle Track Club1:06.15accepted
Sariaya PhillipsUniversity of Chicago Track Club1:06.35accepted
Patrice JonesIllinois Elite Youth Track Club1:06.46accepted
Jada UmpierreStocton Be Fast Track & Field1:06.57accepted
Kendall StokesArizona Flames Track Club1:06.79accepted
Madeline SavilleCedar RapidsTrack Club1:07.30accepted
Mikayla BurnettDistance Demons1:07.95accepted
Christin SalleyIllinois Stealth Bombers1:08.23accepted
Bre'Onna McDanielGazelle Track Club1:08.46accepted
Sophia GattonUniversity of Chicago Track Club1:11.68accepted
Madinah Muhammadunattached1:12.00info needed
Cortney CrossIllinois Stealth Bombers1:15.05accepted
Mikaehla ConnorSilver Spring Spartans Track Club54:08.00accepted
Bianca DavisSilver Spring Spartans Track Club54:08.00accepted

Midget Girls' 800mQual. MarkEntry
Kevia DelormeMt Airy Track Club2.26accepted
Michelrica HughesContinental T-Belle Track Club2.38accepted
Judith ThompsonContinental T-Belle Track Club2.40accepted
Janice LaneB.C.U. Express Youth Track Club22.30accepted
Isabelle ConnellUmoja TC2:23.94accepted
Brandie MunfordCA Rising Stars Track Club2:25.36accepted
Kali KendallAtoms Track Club2:26.10info needed
Jhanee Sterrettunattached2:26.31accepted
Michelle CarterAlpha Omega Elite Track Team2:26.45accepted
Kelsey McKeeJenks America Track Club2:26.52accepted
Tyler HardgeCA Rising Stars Track Club2:27.00accepted
Sierra HughesCentral Iowa Excaliburs T.C.2:27.60accepted
Kiana BlackshearAtoms Track Club2:29.30accepted
Breaisha MortonTransy East TC2:31.00info needed
Kylie PalacioUmoja TC2:31.95accepted
Crystal LawrenceTransy East TC2:32.00accepted
Shakirah RayMt Airy Track Club2:33.00accepted
LeDaysha SmithGazelle Track Club2:33.40accepted
Adrienne Johnsonunattached2:34.17accepted
Nia DupicheSudden Impact Track Club2:35.00accepted
Brooke HardgeCA Rising Stars Track Club2:35.00accepted
Samantha PowersWaukegan Invaders2:35.16info needed
Natisha DixonGazelle Track Club2:35.20accepted
Jodi Wrzosekunattached2:35.48accepted
Madeleine RandallCornhusker Flyers2:35.97accepted
Shannon WalshEmerald Valley Track Club2:36.00accepted
Talise RomainAurora Flyers Track Club2:36.03accepted
Michaela RandallCornhusker Flyers2:36.22accepted
Alexandra RouseGazelle Track Club2:36.31accepted
Madeline SavilleCedar RapidsTrack Club2:36.90accepted
Brittany MitchellInland Empire Sprinters2:37.30accepted
Rebecca HollandEqualizers Track Club2:37.61accepted
Mikayla BurnettDistance Demons2:38.00accepted
Nadia DonovanBGCO Jaguars2:38.00accepted
Jackie KatzmanAlbuquerque Track Club2:38.00accepted
Taeneesha RileyEastside Steppers2:38.00accepted
Sarah StrongArizona Flames Track Club2:38.17accepted
Annika SissonCornhusker Flyers2:39.00accepted
Tierrah EastEastside Steppers2:39.10accepted
Molly NelsonRockwall Mustangs Track Club2:39.15accepted
Tiajah McCallInland Empire Sprinters2:39.50accepted
Natalie HimmelElgin Sharks Track Club2:40.00accepted
Claire MillerNapa Track Club2:40.00accepted
Mackenzie MillsNapa Track Club2:40.00accepted
Yamit NachmiasTeam Minnesota2:40.00accepted
Amanda RezaRiverside County Swift Performance2:40.00accepted
Sariaya PhillipsUniversity of Chicago Track Club2:40.81accepted
Cassidy KamermanArizona Flames Track Club2:41.15accepted
Siena TurnerGazelle Track Club2:42.74accepted
Bre'Onna McDanielGazelle Track Club2:44.38accepted
Sophia GattonUniversity of Chicago Track Club2:48.05accepted
Catherine Devittunattached2:37:00.00accepted

Midget Girls' 1500mQual. MarkEntry
Jacqueline AdamsEqualizers Track Club4:54.01accepted
Janice LaneB.C.U. Express Youth Track Club4:58.20accepted
Katherine AdamsElgin Sharks Track Club4:59.45accepted
Alexandra RouseGazelle Track Club5:00.01accepted
Amy-Eloise NealeSnohomish Track Club5:00.66accepted
Kevia DelormeMt Airy Track Club5:02.00accepted
Brooke WolfeElgin Sharks Track Club5:03.02accepted
Jessica Cushing-murrayEqualizers Track Club5:03.95accepted
Michelle CarterAlpha Omega Elite Track Team5:05.28accepted
Sierra HughesCentral Iowa Excaliburs T.C.5:05.80accepted
Hailey BranchNorthside Red Runners5:08.00accepted
Kali KendallAtoms Track Club5:10.60info needed
Jackie KatzmanAlbuquerque Track Club5:11.80accepted
Valeri CisnerosRockwall Mustangs Track Club5:13.00accepted
Kelsey McKeeJenks America Track Club5:13.13accepted
Natalia NuutinenEqualizers Track Club5:13.77accepted
Rebekah TophamCornhusker Flyers5:14.20accepted
Liann LlanosSouthern Cal. Road Runners5:14.40accepted
Alexis PeartreeMt Airy Track Club5:15.00accepted
Charmaine MooreMt Airy Track Club5:16.00accepted
Adrienne Johnsonunattached5:18.20accepted
Hunter BranchNorthside Red Runners5:19.00accepted
Crystal LawrenceTransy East TC5:22.00accepted
Molly NelsonRockwall Mustangs Track Club5:23.00accepted
Kiana BlackshearAtoms Track Club5:23.10accepted
Samantha PowersWaukegan Invaders5:23.16info needed

Midget Girls' 3000mQual. MarkEntry
Judith ThompsonContinental T-Belle Track Club11.41accepted
Brooke WolfeElgin Sharks Track Club10:29.38accepted
Jacqueline AdamsEqualizers Track Club10:30.04accepted
Amy-Eloise NealeSnohomish Track Club10:37.86accepted
Katherine AdamsElgin Sharks Track Club10:43.00accepted
Jessica Cushing-murrayEqualizers Track Club10:45.90accepted
Sierra HughesCentral Iowa Excaliburs T.C.10:48.50accepted
Rebekah TophamCornhusker Flyers10:55.00accepted
Jessica PuquirreElgin Sharks Track Club10:58.89accepted
Liann LlanosSouthern Cal. Road Runners11:03.99accepted
Hailey BranchNorthside Red Runners11:10.00accepted
Natalia NuutinenEqualizers Track Club11:14.46accepted
Alexis PeartreeMt Airy Track Club11:15.00accepted
Jackie KatzmanAlbuquerque Track Club11:19.58accepted
Rebecca HollandEqualizers Track Club11:20.17accepted
Hunter BranchNorthside Red Runners11:22.00accepted
Charmaine MooreMt Airy Track Club11:22.00accepted
Alexandra RouseGazelle Track Club11:30.05accepted
Jessica NelsonAlbuquerque Athletics Track Team, Inc.11:42.20accepted
Lauren PrayGazelle Track Club12:04.84accepted
Valeri CisnerosRockwall Mustangs Track Club12:34.16accepted

Midget Girls' 80m Hurdles (30 in.)Qual. MarkEntry
Jordie MunfordCA Rising Stars Track Club12.74accepted
Dior HallColorado Flyers Track Club12.77accepted
Alexis WashingtonCA Rising Stars Track Club13.42accepted
Sabrina MooreCharlotte Flights Track and Field Club13.57accepted
Kendall Gustafsonunattached13.63accepted
Destinie SykesGastonia Jaguars Track Club Inc.13.66accepted
Kayleigh ZobelPhoenix Bobcats13.70accepted
Ashlee MooreArizona Flames Track Club13.77accepted
Jalilissa MarcusAtoms Track Club13.80accepted
Tyanna MarshallMiami Northwest Express T.C.14.00accepted
Sierra SaulsberryTeam Minnesota14.01accepted
Courtney SalleyIllinois Stealth Bombers14.02accepted
Imani HaynesIllinois Elite Youth Track Club14.04accepted
Leanna WillerCornhusker Flyers14.07accepted
Briana DayDurham Striders Track Club14.11accepted
Tiajah McCallInland Empire Sprinters14.62accepted
Jaelyn RiceGazelle Track Club16.52accepted
Katie CunninghamKnoxville Track Club16.63accepted
Kenya CollinsRunning Panthers Track Club16.65accepted
Bre'Onna McDanielGazelle Track Club16.67accepted

Midget Girls' 1500m Race WalkQual. MarkEntry
Keara Lenardunattached8:35.50accepted
Ashley AugustusNapa Track Club8:58.40accepted
Katie MichtaWalk USA9:31.80accepted
Jocelyn SalinasElgin Sharks Track Club9:47.42accepted
Shannon O'Donnellunattached10:00.29accepted
Fiona DunleavyRockwall Mustangs Track Club10:22.20accepted

Midget Girls' 4x100m RelayQual. MarkEntry
Metro-Dade Track Club - ANTaccepted
CA Rising Stars Track Club - A51.03accepted
Sudden Impact Track Club - A52.00accepted
Team Minnesota - A52.30accepted
Durham Striders Track Club - A53.06accepted
CA Rising Stars Track Club - B53.20info needed
Waukegan Invaders - A53.22info needed
Southern California Running Cougars - A53.57accepted
Illinois Stealth Bombers - A54.20accepted
Cheetahs - A55.11accepted
BGCO Jaguars - A55.30accepted
Boys & Girls Club - A57.06accepted
Silver Spring Spartans Track Club - A54:08.00accepted

Midget Girls' 4x400m RelayQual. MarkEntry
Metro-Dade Track Club - ANTaccepted
Continental T-Belle Track Club - A4.30accepted
CA Rising Stars Track Club - A4:08.97accepted
Team Minnesota - A4:10.00accepted
Durham Striders Track Club - A4:12.00accepted
Valley United Striders - A4:24.90info needed
Gazelle Track Club - A4:25.11accepted
BGCO Jaguars - A4:32.60accepted
Country Club Hills Gazelles - A4:33.00accepted
Eastside Steppers - A4:36.00accepted
Boys & Girls Club - A4:39.00accepted
Arizona Flames Track Club - A4:39.11accepted

Midget Girls' 4x800m RelayQual. MarkEntry
Continental T-Belle Track Club - A11.35accepted
CA Rising Stars Track Club - A10:16.24accepted
Gazelle Track Club - A10:35.00accepted
Mt Airy Track Club - A10:37.00accepted
Eastside Steppers - A11:10.50accepted
Arizona Flames Track Club - A11:15.62accepted
Phoenix Bobcats - A11:26.79accepted
Napa Track Club - A11:27.00accepted
Cornhusker Flyers - A11:30.19accepted

Midget Girls' Relay Roster OnlyQual. MarkEntry
Madinah Muhammadunattached54.20info needed

Midget Girls' High JumpQual. MarkEntry
Jaelyn RiceGazelle Track Club4-7.25accepted
Natisha DixonGazelle Track Club4-5accepted
Mackenzie MillsNapa Track Club4-3accepted
Siena TurnerGazelle Track Club4-2accepted
Ashlee MooreArizona Flames Track Club1.56accepted
Madinah Muhammadunattached1.56info needed
Mawrencia McphersonYoung Explorers Club1.55accepted
Kendall Gustafsonunattached1.47accepted
Catherine Devittunattached1.45accepted
Alexis WashingtonCA Rising Stars Track Club1.43accepted
Bria DayDurham Striders Track Club1.37accepted
Delaney FitzPatrickThunderbird Track and Field Club1.37accepted
Asha BramwellArizona Flames Track Club1.35accepted
Jordyn BrownDurham Striders Track Club1.32accepted
Daria RobinsonDurham Striders Track Club1.32accepted
Chelsea AndersonNorthwest Track Club, Inc.1.30accepted
Briana DayDurham Striders Track Club1.30accepted
Sydney HallIndiana Track Club1.30accepted
Stephanie McGheeNorthwest Track Club, Inc.1.30accepted
Hadley Swansonunattached1.30accepted

Midget Girls' Long JumpQual. MarkEntry
Fallon ReedGazelle Track Club17-0.5accepted
Kenya CollinsRunning Panthers Track Club15-3accepted
Sabrina MooreCharlotte Flights Track and Field Club14-2accepted
Leanna WillerCornhusker Flyers14-0accepted
Hadley Swansonunattached13-11accepted
Mikayla BurnettDistance Demons13-7accepted
Patrice JonesIllinois Elite Youth Track Club13-2.25accepted
Ashlee MooreArizona Flames Track Club4.96accepted
Christine JacksonSouthern California Running Cougars4.80accepted
Kendall Gustafsonunattached4.75accepted
Aaliyah GoshenCA Rising Stars Track Club4.60accepted
Jalilissa MarcusAtoms Track Club4.58accepted
Sydney HollandDurham Striders Track Club4.45accepted
Catherine Devittunattached4.40accepted
Dana Turnerunattached4.34accepted
Mawrencia McphersonYoung Explorers Club4.25accepted
Alexis CampbellCheetahs4.21accepted
Hollie HarrisCA Rising Stars Track Club4.21accepted
Heavenly AlexanderContinental T-Belle Track Club4.18accepted
Katie DraperContinental T-Belle Track Club4.18accepted
Randi BohlerCheetahs4.13accepted
Alexa SheltonColumbia Track Club4.13accepted
Victoria BoldenCA Rising Stars Track Club4.12accepted
Brooke HardgeCA Rising Stars Track Club4.12accepted
Cheyenne McGlastonCongress Track Club4.12accepted
Alexandra MonteroAlpha Omega Elite Track Team4.12accepted
Diarra DriverCheetahs4.11accepted
Nyah WilsonSouthern California Running Cougars3.85accepted

Midget Girls' Shot Put (6 lb.)Qual. MarkEntry
Bre'Anna WarrenGreensboro Champions35-2accepted
Stephanie MilroyHuskie Track Club26-6accepted
Lloydricia CameronMiami Northwest Express T.C.11.89accepted
Destiny ParkerCA Rising Stars Track Club10.43accepted
Tia JonesNorthwest Track Club, Inc.9.87accepted
Raven MaySouthern California Running Cougars9.26accepted
Alexis FisherRockwall Mustangs Track Club8.17accepted
Kambre MajorEastside Steppers8.10accepted
Mariah ReeseDurham Striders Track Club7.91accepted
Molly McCulloughSouth Orange County Wildcats7.90accepted
Mawrencia McphersonYoung Explorers Club7.86accepted
Deyjiah JohnsonSpringfield Striders6.21accepted

Midget Girls' Discus Throw (1 kg)Qual. MarkEntry
Bre'Anna WarrenGreensboro Champions77-0accepted
Destiny ParkerCA Rising Stars Track Club21.45accepted
Lloydricia CameronMiami Northwest Express T.C.21.36accepted
Erin FaklerPhoenix Bobcats16.91accepted
Raven MaySouthern California Running Cougars16.71accepted
Molly McCulloughSouth Orange County Wildcats16.51accepted
Mariah ReeseDurham Striders Track Club7.96accepted
Deyjiah JohnsonSpringfield Striders5.85accepted
Stephanie MilroyHuskie Track ClubNMaccepted

Midget Girls' Mini-Javelin Throw (300 g)Qual. MarkEntry
Samantha WaldronCornhusker Flyers100-0accepted
Kylie GokieLincoln Youth Track Club97-2accepted
Amanda RezaRiverside County Swift Performance93-6accepted
Claire MillerNapa Track Club83-2accepted
Stephanie MilroyHuskie Track Club77-0accepted
Bre'Anna WarrenGreensboro Champions75-0accepted
Ashley AugustusNapa Track Club60-8accepted
Katie CunninghamKnoxville Track Club59-9accepted
Taylor HollabaughNapa Track Club51-11accepted
Stephanie McGheeNorthwest Track Club, Inc.49.76accepted
Raven MaySouthern California Running Cougars32.49accepted
Renee DysonPhoenix Bobcats28.79accepted
Delaney FitzPatrickThunderbird Track and Field Club27.17accepted
Destiny ParkerCA Rising Stars Track Club27.13accepted
Lizabeth DysonPhoenix Bobcats26.63accepted
Taylor DysonPhoenix Bobcats25.28accepted
Lloydricia CameronMiami Northwest Express T.C.24.00accepted
Malika DayNorthwest Track Club, Inc.21.39accepted
Jessica NelsonAlbuquerque Athletics Track Team, Inc.21.27accepted
Alexis FisherRockwall Mustangs Track Club20.00accepted
Tia JonesNorthwest Track Club, Inc.19.61accepted
Akayla CrawfordNorthwest Track Club, Inc.19.50accepted
Brittney GunnesonNew Haven Age Group Track Club17.10accepted
Erin FaklerPhoenix Bobcats16.11accepted

Midget Girls' PentathlonQual. MarkEntry
Jordie MunfordCA Rising Stars Track Club3051accepted
Jazmine RobertsonCA Rising Stars Track Club2954accepted
Kendall Gustafsonunattached2925accepted
Alexis WashingtonCA Rising Stars Track Club2819accepted
Ashlee MooreArizona Flames Track Club2737accepted
Catherine Devittunattached2491accepted
Mawrencia McphersonYoung Explorers Club1990accepted
Katie DraperContinental T-Belle Track Club1900accepted
Epiphany FitzpatrickTrack Houston Youth Track ClubNMaccepted
Delaney FitzPatrickThunderbird Track and Field ClubNMaccepted
Jassmine WilkersonNorth Shore BreezeNMaccepted
Nike Hershey Garden of Life Chobani UCS Gatorade NCSA Phoenix KT St. Vincent Normatec