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Men Javelin Throw
 Top 8 Advance to Finals
       World: W 83.87m  6/7/2001    Andreas Thorkildsen, NOR
    American: A 72.80m  6/7/2007    Chris Hill, McNeese State
        Meet: M 70.22m  6/28/1996   Troy Burkholder, Penn. HS
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals
  1 Christopher Hill             McNeese Stat            69.12m     226-09
      66.88m  FOUL  69.12m  65.46m  PASS  PASS
  2 Kevin Fasing                 Colorado                65.99m     216-06
      63.72m  59.80m  61.31m  59.28m  59.11m  65.99m
  3 Justin Shirk                 unattached              65.56m     215-01
      64.43m  FOUL  58.23m  61.11m  59.83m  65.56m
  4 Iain Trimble                 unattached              64.33m     211-01
      62.65m  61.05m  60.25m  59.51m  64.33m  39.03m
  5 Benjamin Davies              Kinder Sport            61.54m     201-11
      56.00m  FOUL  58.54m  57.34m  61.54m  58.69m
  6 Brian Zimmerman              unattached              61.11m     200-06
      51.97m  FOUL  56.67m  55.62m  FOUL  61.11m
  7 Chase Dalton                 unattached              59.85m     196-04
      56.06m  56.13m  59.85m  56.24m  FOUL  58.11m
  8 Eric Skedel                  unattached              59.33m     194-08
      59.33m  58.18m  FOUL  FOUL  54.02m  56.02m
  9 Christopher Morgan           unattached              55.06m     180-08
      55.06m  53.96m  50.76m
 10 Matthew Megerdichian         Saint Franci            54.62m     179-02
      54.62m  FOUL  FOUL
 11 Aaron Weaver                 Lock Haven U            54.01m     177-02
      49.31m  54.01m  FOUL
 12 Matthew Kosecki              Track Housto            53.75m     176-04
      53.06m  50.50m  53.75m
 13 Dylan Dombrowski             LeMans Track Club       52.28m     171-06
      FOUL  48.90m  52.28m
 14 Brandin Williams             unattached              51.40m     168-08
      51.40m  49.18m  51.22m
 15 Aaron Konigsberg             unattached              37.81m     124-00
      FOUL  37.81m  FOUL
 -- Jason Flanagan               unattached                 DNS
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