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Men Long Jump
 Top 8 Advance to Finals
       World: W 8.34m  9/8/1972    Randy Williams, USA
    American: A 8.34m  9/8/1972    Randy Williams, USC
        Meet: M 8.17m  6/30/1990   James Stallworth, Calif. HS
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Wind
  1 Jason Allen                  Maryland                 7.44m   2.7  24-05.00
     7.44m(2.7) 6.69m(0.5) 7.08m(0.7) FOUL(NWI) PASS(NWI) PASS(NWI)
  2 Ashton Eaton                 Oregon                   7.32m   0.6  24-00.25
     7.32m(0.6) 6.74m(0.6) FOUL(NWI) PASS(NWI) PASS(NWI) PASS(NWI)
  3 Marlon Woods                 Norfolk Real Deal        7.28m   1.3  23-10.75
     FOUL(NWI) 7.20m(1.7) FOUL(NWI) 6.68m(0.8) 7.25m(2.2) 7.28m(1.3)
  4 Terry Prentice               So. Cal. Cheetahs        7.27m   3.4  23-10.25
     6.91m(1.5) 7.17m(1.4) 7.23m(1.6) 7.11m(1.3) 7.13m(1.9) 7.27m(3.4)
  5 Richard Knotts               unattached               7.23m   2.4  23-08.75
     FOUL(NWI) 7.07m(1.0) 7.06m(1.3) 7.23m(2.4) 7.19m(2.2) FOUL(NWI)
  6 Traquincey Wilson            unattached               7.12m   0.9  23-04.50
     FOUL(NWI) 6.64m(-0.7) 7.12m(0.9) 6.84m(0.6) 6.99m(1.2) 6.81m(2.2)
  7 James Douglas                Adams State              6.87m   1.3  22-06.50
     6.87m(1.3) 6.56m(1.5) 6.73m(1.5) FOUL(NWI) FOUL(NWI) 6.68m(1.9)
  8 Benjamin Otto                Hill-Murray School       6.84m   0.8  22-05.25
     6.84m(0.8) FOUL(NWI) 6.72m(1.8) 6.67m(2.0) FOUL(NWI) 6.80m(2.2)
  9 Valete Graham                unattached               6.64m   1.8  21-09.50
     6.35m(2.3) 6.42m(1.1) 6.64m(1.8)
 -- Brendan Ames                 Colorado Fly               DNS
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