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Friday, March 23, 2007  -  Results
9:00 a.m. M60-99 Indoor Pentathlon final
9:15 W30-99 Indoor Pentathlon final
10:15 M50-59 Indoor Pentathlon final
11:00 M40-49 Indoor Pentathlon final
12:30 p.m. M30-39 Indoor Pentathlon final
3:00 W50-99 Weight Throw final
3:15 W30-99 Pole Vault final
  M60-99 Pole Vault final
4:00 W30-49 Weight Throw final
W30-99 3000m final
4:30 M75-99 Weight Throw final
4:45 M70-99 3000m final
5:10 M30-69 3000m final
5:15 M70-74 Weight Throw final
6:15 M60-69 Weight Throw final
Saturday, March 24, 2007  -  Results
9:00 a.m. W30-99 60m 1st round
M30-99 60m 1st round
W70-99 Shot Put final
M50-59 Shot Put final
M30-39 Long Jump final
9:30 M50-59 Pole Vault final
10:00 W60-69 Shot Put final
W30-99 60m final
M30-99 60m final
M40-49 Long Jump final
11:00 M40-49 Shot Put final
W50-59 Shot Put final
11:45 W30-99 Mile final
12:00 p.m. M50-59 Long Jump final
M30-49 High Jump final
M70-99 High Jump final
12:15 M30-99 Mile final
12:30 W30-49 Shot Put final
1:00 M30-39 Shot Put final
1:30 M70-99 Long Jump final
M60-69 High Jump final
1:45 M60-64 Shot Put final
2:00 W30-99 400m final
M30-99 400m final
M30-49 Pole Vault final
M50-59 High Jump final
2:15 M80-99 Shot Put final
2:30 M50-59 Weight Throw final
3:00 M60-69 Long Jump final
3:15 M70-79 Shot Put final
4:30 W30-99 4x800m Relay final
M30-99 4x800m Relay final
M30-49 Weight Throw final
M65-69 Shot Put final
W30-99 Long Jump final
5:00 W30-99 60m Hurdles 1st round & final
M30-99 60m Hurdles 1st round & final
Sunday March 25, 2007  -  Results
9:30 a.m. W30-99 200m 1st round
M30-99 200m 1st round
10:00 W60-99 Superweight Throw final
W30-59 Superweight Throw final
M70-99 Superweight Throw final
W30-99 High Jump final
M30-39 Triple Jump final
M60-99 Triple Jump final
10:15 W30-99 800m final
10:30 M30-99 800m final
11:00 M40-49 Triple Jump final
M60-69 Superweight Throw final
M50-59 Superweight Throw final
M30-49 Superweight Throw final
11:45 W30-99 200m final
M30-39 200m final
12:00 p.m. M50-59 Triple Jump final
W30-99 Triple Jump final
12:45 W30-99 3000m Race Walk final
1:30 M30-99 3000m Race Walk final
following RW W30-99 4x400m Relay final
M30-99 4x400m Relay final



  1. Competition order: women followed by men; oldest to youngest.
  2. Age groups may be combined to fill sections.
  3. Hurdles order will be different and will be posted at declaration.
  4. If the number of entrants in an age group does not exceed the number of available lanes, preliminary rounds of the 60 meters, 60 meter hurdles, and 200 meters will be eliminated.
  5. Finals will be run at the scheduled time.
  6. Events will not be delayed for any reason.
  7. High Jump & Pole Vault starting heights will be determined by facility equipment and meet officials; minimum High Jump height will be 2 feet, 9 inches; minimum Pole Vault height will be approx. 5 feet.
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