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As of 1/3/07 1:00 p.m. PT (list refreshes hourly)
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Open Men's 10 km
Carl Aamodtunattached
Joshua AbelTortoise & Hare Running Club
Kevin AkersAsics/Boulder Running Company
Brent Alexanderunattached
Samuel Alexanderunattached
Michael Andersonunattached
Johann AppellCal Coast Track Club
Gabriel Ariasunattached
Dan ArsenaultCal Coast Track Club
Gregory Augspurgerunattached
Zeke Austinunattached
Eric AvilaSan Diego Track Club
Bernardo BahenaSan Diego Track Club
Payton Batlinerunattached
Sal Bautistaunattached
Nathan Beatyunattached
Jonathan Beckunattached
TOM BENNETTunattached
Jason BialkaBoston Athletic Association
Ray Biersbachunattached
Jesse Bloomunattached
John Blouinunattached
Jeffrey BoeleAsics/Boulder Running Company
Eric Boyceunattached
Tim BradleyBig River Running Company
Edward Breenunattached
Kalpanatit Broderickunattached
Kenneth Brownunattached
Timothy BudicTeam Good River
Michael BunkerZAP Fitness
David Burnhamunattached
Thomas Burnsunattached
Sean Burrisunattached
Sean Butlerunattached
Jose Canounattached
Chris CapeauSan Diego Track Club
Jeffrey CaronNew Balance Boston
Paulo Carvalhounattached
Raymundo Castillounattached
Chris Charlesunattached
Jesus Chavezunattached
Wayne ChenFluffy Bunny Track Club
Rob Chenowethunattached
Kemboi Chesimetunattached
Brian ClohertyBellmore Striders
Aaron Coeunattached
Sylvester CoonsPacific Striders
Greg Costellounattached
Mikhail Davidyanunattached
Jason Delaneyunattached
Eugene DennisWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Andy DowninWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Matthew DowninWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Matthew Dreierunattached
Joe DriscollZAP Fitness
Joseph EbyTeam Good River
David EdwardsSan Diego Track Club
Devin ElizondoFluffy Bunny Track Club
Juan EstrellaBellmore Striders
Daniel Feldmanunattached
Josh FerencBoston Athletic Association
Matthew FolkTeam Good River
Anthony Franciscounattached
Crosby Freemanunattached
Andrew Fullerunattached
Phillip Gableunattached
Benjamin Gallunattached
Damian GarciaFluffy Bunny Track Club
Michael Gerberunattached
Roger Golecunattached
Daniel GoniaSan Diego Track Club
Brian GottliebThousand Oaks Running Company
Ben GregoryWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Ryan Groverunattached
Matthew HarrisFluffy Bunny Track Club
Dane Hartunattached
Matt HelbigBig River Running Company
Martin Hernandezunattached
Matthew HolappaTortoise & Hare Running Club
John Huttonunattached
Joe Jacobsunattached
Coby Jamie Jacobusunattached
Aaron Jamesunattached
Courtney Jaworskiunattached
G Stephen Jayarajunattached
Ryan Johnsunattached
Daniel Kanyaruhuruunattached
Joseph Kellyunattached
Parker Kellyunattached
Dallas Kinchunattached
Kyle KingZAP Fitness
Max Kingunattached
Sean KoranTeam Good River
Leo KormanikTeam Good River
Michael KrestynThousand Oaks Running Company
Ian La FormSan Diego Track Club
Ramon LaboyBoston Athletic Association
Timothy Langenunattached
Eric Leschunattached
Kim Lilotunattached
Kevin LindseyThousand Oaks Running Company
Bobby LockhartWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Jose Lorenzanaunattached
Brent Lubratichunattached
Justin LutzNew Balance Boston
Adam MacDowellBig River Running Company
Mike MaceikoNew Balance Boston
William Macreeryunattached
Stephen Magnessunattached
Christopher Malynowskiunattached
Mark Mandiunattached
Ian Marcusunattached
Jonathan MarcusWest Valley Track Club, Inc.
Joshua MartsolfAsics/Boulder Running Company
Sean MarzolfWest Valley Track Club, Inc.
Dylan Masonunattached
Rusty McCreaunattached
Greg McMillanRun Flagstaff
Ryan MeissenWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Mario Mendozaunattached
Beau MeredithAsics/Boulder Running Company
Lucas Meyerunattached
Jacob MichaelsWest Valley Track Club, Inc.
Mark MillerBoston Athletic Association
Edward Moranunattached / Nike
Thomas MorganZAP Fitness
Patrick MoultonBoston Athletic Association
Jones Nauseefunattached
Seth NeumullerThousand Oaks Running Company
Sean NolanBoston Athletic Association
Matthew Noonanunattached
Andrew Nortonunattached
Brendan O'KeefeZAP Fitness
John O'MalleyAsics/Boulder Running Company
Ahmed Osmanunattached
Junyong Pakunattached
Matt Patoutunattached
Daniel Pescadorunattached
Michael Pieckunattached
Mike Piggunattached
Oswaldo Pinaunattached
Stephen Potteyunattached
Jason Powersunattached
Kevin PurcellFluffy Bunny Track Club
Joey Purpuraunattached
Jason ReamTeam Good River
Patrick Robinsonunattached
Justin RussellTortoise & Hare Running Club
Tyson SaccoFluffy Bunny Track Club
Benjamin SchmeckpeperBoston Athletic Association
Ian Schroederunattached
Nick Schuetzeunattached
John Serviceunattached
Michael SeymourTeam Good River
Vincent SherryRun Flagstaff
Dan Shoreunattached
John Sippleunattached
Jerimie Slickunattached
Michael Smithunattached
Scott Stoverunattached
Dan SuttonWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Jeffrey Thomasunattached
Andrew ThompsonThousand Oaks Running Company
Matt ThullWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Chad Trammellunattached
Tom Walshunattached
Ryan WarrenburgZAP Fitness
Andrew Wartenburgunattached
Rafer Weaverunattached
Brian WeissAsics/Boulder Running Company
Graham WellmanTeam Good River
Phil WhartonRun Flagstaff
Dustin WhitehairTeam Good River
Ryan Whiteheadunattached
Mathew WhitisTeam Good River
Frank WilliamsonSan Diego Track Club
Todd Witzlebenunattached
Brent WrightWest Valley Track Club, Inc.
Ted Zdericunattached

Open Women's 6 km
Berklee Akutagawaunattached
Anjanette ArabianTeam Good River
Brianna Atkinsunattached
Dolores Bergmannunattached
Ashley Birgerunattached
Brandee BoiceNew Balance Boston
Christine Bolfunattached
Kelly BreckenridgeSan Diego Track Club
Bethany BrewsterWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Nicole Bucalaunattached
Meg Busseunattached
Christi-marie Butlerunattached
Christy CarraraNew Balance Boston
Laurynne Chetelatunattached
Teresa ClarkWest Valley Track Club, Inc.
Shannon CodyWest Valley Track Club, Inc.
Janet Collarunattached
Jacqueline Cooke Haggartyunattached
Andrea Costellaunattached
Melinda Courage-CarlbergRunAblaze
Jennifer CrainWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Caroline CrettiZAP Fitness
Brianna Dahmunattached
Cambria D'Amicounattached
Sue DavisCal Coast Track Club
Jen Deslaurierunattached
Rebecca DonaghueNew Balance Boston
Jennifer DonovanBoston Athletic Association
Erin DromgooleNew Balance Boston
Claire DuncanPhiladelphia Runner Track Club /PUMA
Amy Eastwoodunattached
Becky EbyTeam Good River
Brett ElyBoston Athletic Association
Elizabeth Engelunattached
Kasie EnmanBoston Athletic Association
Brooke FergusonWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Catherine Ferrellunattached
Emily Fieldunattached
Kelly FlathersCal Coast Track Club
Robyn FriedmanRunAblaze
Christina Garciaunattached
Elizabeth Gottliebunattached
Allison GraceZAP Fitness
Sara Gravesunattached
Gwen Greinerunattached
Liza Grudzinskiunattached
Tara GruskieiwczTeam Good River
Lauren Gustafsonunattached
Carter Hamillunattached
Kathryn Harbunattached
Emily Hauerunattached
Jennifer HegartyNew Balance Boston
Alison Hodgsonunattached
Tracy Hoganunattached
Allison Howardunattached
Kelsey Jonesunattached
Sarah Kasabian-Larsonunattached
Elizabeth Kellyunattached
Allison Kerrunattached
Hillary Kigarunattached
Shannon KlickPhiladelphia Runner Track Club /PUMA
Sonia Kraftsonunattached
Beth Lakierunattached
Nancy LamuthTeam Good River
Jennifer Leeunattached
Michelle Leinfelderunattached
Emily LevanBoston Athletic Association
Jill Lohmannunattached
Vanessa Lordiunattached
Beth Luebberingunattached
Agnes (Silver) Lumsdaineunattached
Megan Lundunattached
Chris Lundyunattached
Eri Macdonaldunattached
DEborah Maierunattached
Tiffanie Marleyunattached
Lisa MarshallRunAblaze
Laura MaxRunAblaze
Jane MaxwellCal Coast Track Club
Kelly McEnerneyunattached
Liz McMillanunattached
Laura Meadorsunattached
Rebecca MichaelTeam Good River
Jessica MintyNew Balance Boston
Mary Misiaszekunattached
Jenna MitchlerWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Erin MoellerRunAblaze
Yvonne MokNew Balance Boston
Angie Moreyunattached
Paula Morrisonunattached
Jackie MulrooneyWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Jessica Neuunattached
Alexandra Newmanunattached
Amanda Occhiunattached
Casey OwensRunAblaze
Stephanie PezzulloZAP Fitness
Shannon Presleyunattached
Mary ProulxBoston Athletic Association
Serena Ramseyunattached
Emily Raymondunattached
Lori Riedyunattached
Melissa RittenhouseTeam Good River
Catherine Robbieunattached
Amy Robillardunattached
Michelle Rorkeunattached
Brandi Shawunattached
Petra Simmonsunattached
Julie SpolidoroBoston Athletic Association
Julia Stampsunattached
Teresa StanleyWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Trisha Stavinohaunattached
Jennifer Tobinunattached
Jennifer Tolerunattached
Katie TwarogBoston Athletic Association
Lindsey Ulrichunattached
Kate Vermuelenunattached
Melanie Vossunattached
Jenny WeberRunAblaze
Jessica Winterunattached
Elizabeth WoodworthWisconsin Runner Racing Team
Nike Hershey Garden of Life Chobani UCS Gatorade NCSA Phoenix KT St. Vincent Normatec