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Friday, March 24, 2006   (day 1 results)
9:00 a.m. M60-99 Indoor Pentathlon final
9:15 W30-99 Indoor Pentathlon final
10:15 M50-59 Indoor Pentathlon final
11:00 M40-49 Indoor Pentathlon final
12:30 p.m. M30-39 Indoor Pentathlon final
3:00 W50-99 Weight Throw final
3:15 W30-99 Pole Vault final
  M60-99 Pole Vault final
4:00 W30-49 Weight Throw final
W30-99 3000m final
4:30 M75-99 Weight Throw final
4:45 M70-99 3000m final
5:10 M30-69 3000m final
5:15 M70-74 Weight Throw final
6:15 M60-69 Weight Throw final
Saturday, March 25, 2006   (day 2 results)
9:00 a.m. W30-99 60m 1st round
M30-99 60m 1st round
W70-99 Shot Put final
M50-59 Shot Put final
M30-39 Long Jump final
9:30 M50-59 Pole Vault final
10:00 W60-69 Shot Put final
W30-99 60m final
M30-99 60m final
M40-49 Long Jump final
11:00 M40-49 Shot Put final
W50-59 Shot Put final
11:45 W30-99 Mile final
12:00 p.m. M50-59 Long Jump final
M30-49 High Jump final
M70-99 High Jump final
12:15 M30-99 Mile final
12:30 W30-49 Shot Put final
1:00 M30-39 Shot Put final
1:30 M70-99 Long Jump final
M60-69 High Jump final
1:45 M60-64 Shot Put final
2:00 W30-99 400m final
M30-99 400m final
M30-49 Pole Vault final
M50-59 High Jump final
2:15 M80-99 Shot Put final
2:30 M50-59 Weight Throw final
3:00 M60-69 Long Jump final
3:15 M70-79 Shot Put final
4:30 W30-99 4x800m Relay final
M30-99 4x800m Relay final
M30-49 Weight Throw final
M65-69 Shot Put final
W30-99 Long Jump final
5:00 W30-99 60m Hurdles 1st round & final
M30-99 60m Hurdles 1st round & final
Sunday March 26, 2006   (day 3 results)
9:30 a.m. W30-99 200m 1st round
M30-99 200m 1st round
10:00 W60-99 Superweight Throw final
W30-59 Superweight Throw final
M70-99 Superweight Throw final
W30-99 High Jump final
M30-39 Triple Jump final
M60-99 Triple Jump final
10:15 W30-99 800m final
10:30 M30-99 800m final
11:00 M40-49 Triple Jump final
M60-69 Superweight Throw final
M50-59 Superweight Throw final
M30-49 Superweight Throw final
11:45 W30-99 200m final
M30-39 200m final
12:00 p.m. M50-59 Triple Jump final
W30-99 Triple Jump final
12:45 W30-99 3000m Race Walk final
1:30 M30-99 3000m Race Walk final
to follow W30-99 4x400m Relay final
M30-99 4x400m Relay final



  • Competition order: women followed by men; oldest to youngest
  • Age divisions may be combined to fill sections
  • Hurdles order will be different and will be posted at declaration
  • If the number of entrants in an age division does not exceed the number of available lanes, preliminary rounds of the 60m, 60m hurdles, and 200m will be eliminated
  • Finals will be run at the scheduled time
  • Events will not be delayed for any reason
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