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Proposed Rule Changes

2006 is a Rules year at the USATF Annual Meeting, meaning that general amendment proposals to the Competition Rules will be considered.

Proposed amendments to the Rules of Competition (PDF)
Approved amendments to the Rules of Competition (PDF)

The following sections of Article 26 dictate the deadline for submissions as well as the approval necessary for submitting a proposal. Proposals must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting, making this year's deadline August 29.

Article 26-D-5

Approval of submissions: All proposed amendments must first be recommended for approval at the time of submission by someone other than the submitter who shall be either a USATF National Officer, the chair of any sport, development, or operating committee, any member of the Law & Legislation Committee (for bylaws and operating Regulations) or Rules Committee (for Rules of Competition), the president of any Association, or any officer or the executive director of a national member organization authorized by Article 5-B. Such approval must be in writing, dated, and placed on the proposal when submitted. These listed approval parties may submit proposed amendments directly without such an approval.

Format: Submissions should include the entire rule or paragraph under consideration. Deleted language should be indicated by a ((double parentheses)) and added language by an underline. In addition, the submitter should include a rationale to support the amendment.

Submissions shall be made by August 29 via e-mail to the Rules Chair, John Blackburn, with a copy to the committee Secretary, Bob Podkaminer.

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