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Athlete Quotes - Powered by Tyson Invitational

Held: February 11, 2005 at Randal Tyson Track Center, Fayetteville, AR

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Women's Mile Run winner Treniere Clement

"This was my first mile of the year so I wanted to come out and do well. It was a good race for me. My goal was to build up every 200 meters. I just executed what my coach wanted me to do. The last 400 meters I gave it my all to pull away."

Men's 400 meter Dash winner LaShawn Merritt

"I knew coming in that I could run 45, and I knew this was the fastest track in the country. I wanted to set my race up. When I came in (the final turn), I knew no one was around, and I just wanted to finish strong. I knew the field was full of Olympians, and I was the only collegiate athlete. I wasn't going to back down. I wanted to set the pace, and that's what I did."

Women's 800 meter winner Hazel Clark

"I wasn't sure if I would be able to run today. I had a bad throat ache last night and could not breathe real well. I debated whether or not to go home. I am proud of myself that I decided to stay and it turned out good. I always love running here. The Arkansas fans are great and when they started cheering for me it made it a lot easier to run and get the win."

Men's 3,000 meter Run winner Alistair Cragg

"(Markos) Geneti and I have been training together for the past two weeks. We push each other. When we finished and saw the time, it wasn't as fast as we thought. But it was still a good race between us. When it came to the finish, it was just like old times. It was like we were opponents again. Every year, from now on, the Tyson (Invitational) is going to be a good meet for me and I will look forward to it."

Men's Long Jump winner Miguel Pate

"I was winded because there were only six jumpers. Overall I felt good. I feel like I'm getting my rhythm back. I'm pretty much 100 percent."

Men's Long Jump Runner-up Savante Stringfellow

"I was a lot more winded than usual with only six jumpers. Our turns came around very quickly. All in all, I have no complaints. I'm using indoors to get back into jumping. Everything is good and working out fine."

Women's 60 meter Hurdles winner Danielle Carruthers

"I'm getting better. Little by litter, I'm getting better every weekend. I go home every week and watch tape, and I'm going to keep doing that to get ready for the USA's. I'm still learning how to execute my race properly. Every race is close and I think I'm getting better every week."

Women's 200 meter Dash winner DeeDee Trotter

"Going in, I wanted to focus on my start, being in the race at the beginning and not having to push so hard at the end. I think I did a good job getting into the race early and I finished strong. Overall, I'm content with the race. I thought Arkansas' track might be fit for my style, and it was."

Men's 60 meter Hurdles winner Allen Johnson

"My race was good. I moved well from the middle to the end which is what I have been working on so I was happy with that. I felt I was able to be in the pack and pull away at the end. It's all about consistency. The atmosphere here was good and it was a good place to run."

Men's 60 meter Dash winner Jason Smoots

"I was not pleased with this race. I was thinking too much, and concentrating on time. But, I was pleased with my time (6.54). I wanted to run 6.43, but I was happy with my time. This was a strong field with excellent competition."

Men's 200 meter winner Wallace Spearmon

"My first step was kind of off, but after I got running, I felt a lot better. It felt pretty good. I won the race, I'm healthy, it was a pretty good day. I've just got to stay consistent in the blocks."

Women's 60 meter Dash winner, Veronica Campbell

"It was a good race. My ultimate goal was to beat my PR, but I equaled it so I am satisfied. This was my first 60 meter, so it was a good race. I don't normally run the 60 meter, so I am satisfied with my first result."

Women's Pole Vault winner Mary Sauer

"I thought it went pretty well. I was pretty consistent with all of my jumps. It was a good environment to jump. I was feeling good. I wish I could have jumped a little higher, but I am happy with the results. I'm still getting ready for USA Indoors. So overall, I'm happy but not satisfied."

Men's Mile winner Bernard Lagat

"Actually I felt very strong. The pace was fast, and I wanted the guys to get out fast and that happened. It's tough (being so far ahead), because I need someone to push me. It was better the last 2 laps. It's nice to have the fans support you and get behind you. I thought I would come here and attempt to break the record and why not after what I had done in Boston and New York. I might as well try while I'm felling good, because I can't go at this pace forever."

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