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Entry Status Information

Recently, USATF has received several inquiries regarding the "Info Needed" notification on the online Status of Entries page.

In the majority of instances, the "Info Needed" notification means that meet management still has to verify the athlete's date of birth. Bring your date of birth verification with you to packet pick-up at Morgan State. If the athlete's name appears online, the athlete is in the competition. Although your birth certificate may have been included in the entry packet, time constraints have not allowed meet management to cross-check all of them.

To have the athlete's online status changed from "Info Needed" to "Qualified," please fax a copy of the athlete's birth certificate or passport with the athlete's membership number written on it to USATF at 317-261-0481 or 317-261-0514.

HOWEVER, whether entries are marked as "Info Needed" or "Qualified", athletes should bring a copy of their date of birth verification with them to packet pick-up at Morgan State in the unlikely event that a computer glitch would prevent registration personnel from accessing the online database.

Date of birth verification is required for this meet, and athletes whose dates of birth have not been verified either online or at packet pick-up will not be permitted to compete in the meet.

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