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Race Summary

Blake Russell took a 20-meter lead as the field exited the stadium at the end of the first mile in 5 minutes, 36 seconds. In the second mile (5:05-10:44), Russell extended her lead to 300 meters.

Her lead increased to 55 seconds over the rest of the field with the completion of mile 3 (5:15-15:59). Deena Kastor and Sylvia Mosqueda (Los Angeles) were one minute behind Russell, with Deeja Youngquist, Colleen De Reuck and Jen Rhines 50 meters behind the second group.

Russell ran mile four in 5:24 (21:33), with the field trailing in the same order as in mile 3. Russell increased her lead to 65 seconds in mile 5 over Kastor and Mosqueda, and she hit the 10 km mark in 33:33.

Russell continued her lead over Kastor by 42 seconds as she passed the 7-mile mark in 37:55. Trailing Kastor were Mosqueda, De Reuck, Magdalena Lewy Boulet, Rhines and Jenny Spangler. Mile 8 was completed in 43:31 (5:36) with Russell holding a 40 second lead over Kastor, who held a 24 second margin over Mosqueda.

Russell completed mile 9 in 49:01 (5:32), and finished the first 15 km in 50:44. Russell ran a 5:26 in mile 10 (54:29). Her lead over Kastor was 40 seconds as she completed the 11th mile in 60:06 (5:37).

Russell took some water for the second time during the 12th mile (5:36-1:05:42). Her lead at that juncture was 40 seconds over Kastor, who led Mosqueda by 20 seconds. During this part of the race, Kastor stopped twice to get a rock out of her shoe. Russell hit the halfway point in 1:11:58, with a 53 second lead over Kastor, who was trailed by Mosqueda, De Reuck, Rhines and Lewy Boulet. Russell hit the 14 mile mark in 1:17:05, with Kastor trailing by 40 seconds.

Kastor made up ground in mile 15, where she decreased Russells lead to 20 seconds. The 15th mile was completed by Russell in 1:22:55 (5:50). Kastor soon after decreased the lead to 18 seconds, with De Reuck leading a group 40 seconds behind Kastor that included Mosqueda, Lewy Boulet and Rhines.

Kastor shaved Russells lead to 9 seconds in the 17th mile, that Russell completed in 1:34:15, a 2:23 pace for a marathon. Kastor pulled a couple of steps ahead of Russell in the 17th mile. Kastor built her lead over Russell to three seconds at that point, with De Reuck 30 seconds back, followed by Mosqueda and Lewy Boulet.

Kastor began to run away from Russell in the 19th mile (1:45:40), with the 20 mile mark passed by Kastor in 1:51:17, a 2:25.30 pace. In the 21st mile, Russell stopped briefly and was passed by De Reuck. Russell continued running again after a short pause. Kastors lead over De Reuck was 34 seconds at this point. Kastor completed the 21st mile in 1:57:08 (5:52).

Kastor hit the 35 km mark in 2:01:35 and held a 30 second lead over De Reuck and a 52 second lead over Russell, who was followed by Rhines, Mosqueda and Lewy Boulet. Kastor continued to hold a comfortable lead in finishing the 23 mile mark in 2:08:47. 

De Reuck decreased Kastor's lead to 12 seconds as they approached a big hill at mile 24, which Kastor passed in 2:14:51. De Reuck then passed Kastor 2:16:20 into the race and built a 15 second lead over the American record holder, who began slowing down. De Reuck hit the 25 mile mark in 2:21:04 and her lead over Kastor was 25 seconds.

De Reuck went on to win the race easily in 2:28:25, carrying an America flag as she crossed the finish line. Kastor was the runner-up in 2:29:38, followed by Jen Rhines, who finished third in 2:29:57 and fourth place finisher Blake Russell completed the course in 2:30:50. Magdalena Lewy Boulet was fifth in 2:30:50.

Full results will be posted as soon as they become available.

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