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Day Three Quotes

Men's 20k Race Walk
Curt Clausen, winner:
"This was a real good test effort working towards Edmonton. I just wanted to see what I could do today with a nice even pace. I'm right where I want to be. I'm on track. I think I have the speed now that I was lacking last year due to knee surgery. Now I can go with them when they make their moves in Edmonton. I had a torn meniscus and had surgery on July 12 of last year. I didn't start walking again until August 15 so I was under-prepared going into Sydney, and I didn't have the leg speed that I had in 1999."

Clausen will compete in the 50k race walk competition in at the IAAF World Outdoor Championships in Edmonton in August.

Tim Seaman, second place:
"I've been sick since the Tuesday before last, and I knew it would be very hard. Sean is in very good shape and I wasn't stronger then him, but I was hoping I'd be ten steps smarter than him. It was not easy. Sean made me work real hard just like he did at the 15k championships. He's a great athlete and he has a very good future. We knew Curt was going to put the pressure on us early because he has been training great. With me being sick and with Sean having a sore hamstring, we knew we couldn't walk with Curt and that showed from the beginning. But we were smart and walked our own race and didn't get caught up in what other people were doing."

Sean Albert, third place:
"I felt kind of crappy today. I haven't felt too well for a while so I'm happy to get out of here with a medal. I'm happy with today's performance. After the Olympic Trials last year when I got disqualified, it wasn't exactly the best of times. I'm just happy to be healthy this year and be competitive."

Men's Discus Finals
Adam Setliff, Champion
"I am gratified with this win because I was nervous coming in. In any elimination type of meet, the result is more important than getting a PR. Past results are over and every meet is a new situation. I never take my American competitors lightly. John, Andrew and I have something to do in Edmonton and hopefully we will get it done. I don't think there will be an American sweep. There are too many good guys in the world."

John Godina, 2nd place
"It was a solid day. I would like to have won. The numbers were OK. There were not good or bad. It was just an average day. It's nice to make the team."

Andrew Bloom, 3rd Place
"I'm happy to be sitting here. I'm happy to have made the team. Nick (Petrucci) put a scare in me."

On competing 20 hours after doing the shot put
"I think it's ridiculous and disgusting that they held the shot put and discus within 20 hours. The women have three days within their shot and discus. I'm just a little upset about that."

(NoteJohn Godina said he has no problem with it since he competes in both events at invitationals. He called a the 20-hour break a nice bonus.)

Women's 3000 Steeplechase Final
Lisa Nye (Bend, Ore; 1992 University of Oregon graduate), Champion, new American Record (9:49.41)
"It was about time; I've finished second to her [Elizabeth Jackson] twice now. I had been struggling this season, having trouble finishing. I just found out two weeks ago that I have exercise induced asthma. I almost didn't run here, but my coach [Bob Williams, also a University of Oregon steepler] said 'Oh two weeks, you'll be fine'. He's almost always right! I just stayed up in Bend and came down for the prelims, then went home again until today. I have less problems up there than down here in the valley.

"We kept hearing one of the coaches yelling 'It's slow, it's slow'. Elizabeth is so brave - she kept pushing the pace. I had planned to go hard with about six hundred to go, but I looked over at Elizabeth and decided 'No'. I had learned from the past that I had to start kicking right when I came out from the water jump, so I threw myself over the water jump and just kept going.

"It's been fun to watch Elizabeth this year. She's gone under 10 minutes, what four times this year? She's really raised the bar in this event."

Elizabeth Jackson, 2nd place, NCAA champion, former American record holder
"I ran my heart out with all the credit going out to Lisa. She ran awesome. I am so happy for everyone. We are in a race where it gets more competitive and times are dropping. It is a great group of girls and everyone is close and we are all enjoying it. Hopefully the event will keep progressing and we will get more chances to run."

Kelly MacDonald, 3rd place, from Tualiton High School in Oregon, graduated 1997
" I focused on the 5000m last year and then I decided to focus on the 3000m steeple this year. I plan to go back and forth (between events). The 5000m is good training and I will also try to concentrate on the Steeplechase more, working on my form and strategy for that race."

Women's 100-meter hurdles
Jenny Adams, winner, heat 1 in 12.61, second fastest time in the world under any conditions.
"I just clicked. I found my rhythm. I didn't mean to run this fast. I am shocked. I was trying to do things right. I was thinking about my mechanics and my place. I was not trying to run this fast. I just thought about what I wanted to do, and it worked."

(On making the team in the long jump):
"I'm not thinking about the long jump. I had to drop all the emotions from the long jump. I had to get set and focused."

Melissa Morrison, finished 7th in heat at 13.39 - 2000 Bronze medalist
"I am not disappointed because I have had a month off from training where I could not train at all (pulled hamstring). I knew I would have to run under 13 seconds to keep up with them. I have only had maybe a week of practice and my hamstring is still not 100 percent. I know at 100 percent none of these girls would beat me. I know that probably because they beat me today it will boost their confidence, but it's going to beat my confidence too. It's like I am starting my outdoor season off because I have been injured."

On plans now: "I plan to go over to Europe, but I want at least three weeks of practice with Coach Frye before I go run. I know I need some practice. This week when I got here it was the first two days of practice for me. You can't expect to train two days and keep up with these people."

Angelette Kirkland, 1st place, heat two
"I am just trying to make it to the next rounds. I am taking it round by round. I am not happy with my performance but with a win in your heat, you can't complain. I will just look to the next race."

Gail Devers, 2nd place, heat three
"For the first round I was just trying to finish. I felt flat. The long wait from the first race didn't help. I just want to come back and get going."

Donica Merriman, 1st place, heat three
"I was just trying to get through to the next rounds. I get really nervous in the first round and it can sometimes end up ugly. Today I got through them clean and strong. I hit the 6th or 7th hurdle but I tried to maintain and I felt the end was strong.
(for the next race) I will try to get better each time out. In the rounds I need to stay patience and make it to the next round."

Men's 1,500m final
Alan Webb
"I think it was a bit too much but it was fun and I guess I am not ready yet. I'm excited about the future and it didn't go according to plan, I would like to have won the race but you can't win them all. It will be a lesson learned that will give me a bit of motivation for my summer training. It wasn't my day. Everything didn't work out as I planned. I enjoyed myself this week and I learned a lot. I have never done it before and I have to take the positives out of the race. It didn't go the way I wanted it to, but you have to live and learn. I plan on being around for awhile. I am looking forward to being around for awhile. I'm going to take some time off and then I look forward to running cross country in the maize and blue (will be a freshman at Michigan)."

Downing, first place
"Nobody really thought I had a chance except me, my coaches, and my family. I didn't have any injuries this year. So with 200m to go in the race, I wanted to put myself in it. The last three times I have been here I didn't do well and it's a shame. I just wanted to do well. I told myself to race smart and give myself a chance today."

Lassiter, second place
"I wanted to win like everyone else, but I thank God that I got second and have the opportunity to represent the United States and the (World) Championships. I figured that Berryhill would take the race out fast so I was trying to stay with him. I think I was in fourth for most of the race. I was confident with my kick at the end. I thought that I had it (the win) but Andy (Downin) caught me."
(about getting the standard time) "I am not worried about getting the standard. I was injured this season but my practices have been getting better. I am not in race form all the way yet. This summer I expect to drop my time."

Paul McMullen, 3rd place
"In the last 100, I got swallowed up. (He was in second with 400 to go, then he fell to fourth) I did not panic. With 10 meters to go, I thought I was going to finish in fourth. Gabe (Jennings) suddenly hit the brakes. I saw this black flowing hair slow down. It was like a gift from God."

On the pink ribbon:
"This is for my baby daughter. She was born at 12:38 this morning, eastern daylight time. Her name is Olivia Kate.
(Wife Jill had a C-section since the baby's weight was 9 pounds, 9 ounces and 22 inches long)

"I told (former high jumper and commentator Dwight) Stones that my daughter is going to be a high jumper. I had to make the team, since my brother made it (as a decathlete)."

Gabe Jennings, 4th place
"I feel pretty spent. I got greedy. If I had waited for 100 meters, I would have won. I felt the energy of the crowd. I want to win. This is a preview of a blowout year in the middle distance. It's an exciting time in track. There is going to be a revolution in the 800, mile and 1,500. The times are changing. Webb is inspiring. (Seneca) Lassister came back like a monster."

Men's 110m Hurdles Heats
Terrence Trammell, first place, third heat
"I just thank God that I was able to make it into the next round. I felt sloppy in this race, but that gets better with more competition. I will be able to work on fine tuning and plan to get a lot better."

Allen Johnson, winner of heat four
"I felt good. I wanted to take it nice and easy. It's the fastest time I have run all year and I am just happy to make it to the next round. I feel good and am ready for tomorrow now. First and foremost my goal was to come in and finish in the top two so I could advance to the next round in a good lane. I also wanted to feel good doing it and that's great. I am really happy with that race - that's the best I have felt in a long, long time."

Women's Pole Vault
Stacy Dragila, winner
"I felt low on my legs. I just didn't feel like I could come over the top and take a really good jump. I felt like I really had to press to take the jumps. You don't to be feeling like that but what is nice is I have been there and done it enough in my lifetime. I know what I have in the tank. It's good to have the background I have and the cross training I do. I know that coming here with the experience I have, I could do it. I just felt like I was warming up and I am still really working on my technique so when I do make an attempt at the world record, I can make it on the first or second attempt."

Alicia Warlick, 2nd place
"I am excited about my finish. This is only my second season of competition in the pole vault so I am still a baby in the event. Making the team was a great accomplishment. I am glad to have finished top three and made the team. I run for the Santa Monica Track Club and I am trying to live up to the standards of success and class set by guys like Mike Marsh, Carl Lewis and Leroy Burrell. I am very proud of the history of my team."

Mary Sauer, 3rd place
"We have a chance to sweep this event at worlds and that is the goal. I would have liked to go higher but after I knew I made the team, everything else was icing on the cake. I am glad to represent the United States. Going to Canada and making my first team is exciting.

Men's 400m
Antonio Pettigrew, winner
"My foot speed was good. I can to the meet hoping to finish in the top three and qualify for the team. I didn't think I had a chance to win. I only have run two meets this year. I leave for Europe Monday. (The 400) is not a grand prix event. I'm going to run a couple of meets, then I'm going home to train for Edmonton."

Byrd, second place
"I felt good in my race. I just wanted to make the team. I am going to take some time off and just prepare for worlds."

Jerome Young, third place
"Today I didn't feel as good as I did yesterday. My legs were weak and I felt a lot better yesterday. I just tried to finish in the top three and I am happy I did that. I will try to get some fast times in Europe and be ready to perform well at the Worlds."

Women's 400m
LaTasha Colander-Richardson, winner
"I am very happy because my husband, my coach, my father and my mother were here today to support me. I have a very traditional track family. Running with Michelle was very comfortable for me because we train together. I know how she runs and she knows how I run. I felt confident coming around the corner. I knew I could do it if I kept my composure. I still want to run a 49.7. I ran it in the relays, but I want to run it on the track solo."

Monique Hennagan, 3rd place
"When I came in, I said I didn't care about time. I just wanted to make the team as an individual. I didn't get the win, but I got top three and I am proud of that. It's a long summer ahead. And I am looking forward to Edmonton. (made semi's in 2000 - what will you do to make finals?) I am going to go back home to Columbia and get with Coach Frye and work on my technique. I need to work my technical kinks out and work on my race so I can be in the finals of the World Championship, that's my goal.

Men's 400m Hurdles
Angelo Taylor, 1st place
"I am satisfied, I got the victory. I am happy about that. I still have a lot of work to do. The times not important, the victory is what is most important. I am going to run a couple meets in Europe. I just have to get prepared for the World Championships.."

Calvin Davis, 2nd place
"It feels great to be back where I was three or four years ago. After the Games (Atlanta), I had a couple of years of getting injured and not being prepared to handle all the rounds. It wasn't easy. I went back to doing what I use to do. I felt pretty good. I knew that James (Carter) goes out pretty fast and he was in front of me. I knew if I stayed with him he would help be in a good position when we came around and hit the straight away."

James Carter, 3rd place
"I have been tired. I was tired since yesterday. I have had a toe injury since June 9th and since that time I have only been able to practice once a day. I ran 50 (seconds) in the semi finals and I thought I was through. I beat myself up physically and mentally but I was happy to make it through and come back. This was my goal and I am happy with my overall finish."

Women's 400m Hurdles
Sandra Glover, 1st place
"I am a Christian. I train hard, but I owe it to him. God helped me get here, I owe it to him. It is all him and not just my training. It has nothing to do with my training. This year I did not train as hard as I have in past years and I know he's with me. My strength is better. But it's not my strength, it's the Lord's strength. I truly have to give all the glory to him. He gave me the inspiration to come here and win."

Brenda Taylor, 3rd place
"Every race is different. My goal was to be competitive and make the team. I still have to work to make the standard. But I think I really can do that - I have the confidence now. That's what I am going to start working on right now. I will probably run some meets in Europe. It's been an amazing four years, representing Harvard nationally. Now I can represent them internationally. That is something I really cherish."

Women's 200m Semi's
Marion Jones, first place, first heat
"All of the athletes in the 200 preliminaries were disappointed that for the second year in a row they have cancelled the preliminaries after we had all spent time warming up. Waiting two hours is a little much. As far as my race, I felt very relaxed. I felt like I had my turnover back. Overall I felt good. I am excited that my turnover is back. That was the best thing of this race. I am going to have a good night's sleep and come back and run even faster. All of my focus in on the finals, but I can't help but think of my race in Rome on Friday. It will be my coming out party for the 100 meters."

Women's triple jump
Tiombe Hurd, winner
"I'm just excited to make my first outdoor world championship team. I was the only one who had a qualifying mark. I had to win in order to go."

Yuliana Perez, 2nd place
"This was a very good competition. Everyone is older than me. I think I did well."

Shelia Hudson, 3rd place
"I'm not sure if I'm upset or not. It was weird in the sixth round. I went to find my mark and it was not out there. Someone took it away. It was placed in a trey. I had to re-measure my mark. It iced me a bit."

Men's 200 semifinals
Ramon Clay, winner heat 1
"Tomorrow should be interesting. (The race) should be sub-20. If I execute, I will be all right."

Women's 1500 Finals
Regina Jacobs, winner
"I was really happy with win number 10. I have a nice streak going, but there's never any promises. Suzy's a great runner, great racer.

"I knew the pace was slow, that it would come down to a kick. I was gonna go earlier but Suzy jumped me, so I just rode with her. Everything changes when you're in the race. I've done my homework, watched the tape. I knew that I could get her in the stretch."

Suzy Favor Hamilton, 2nd place
"I am definitely happy. The pace was slow, but I felt very confident. My goal was to make the team and that happened. I feel lucky to be healthy and running. It is no longer a chore to run since my injury. I am healthy, happy and enjoying the sport. Each year I see great results, which encourages me to keep going. I am still looking to get the American record. My speed is definitely going to come when it counts in August."

Sarah Schwald, 3rd place (does not have world champs A standard)
"I thought the race would be faster, but with the wind no one wanted to lead. It was a little daunting since I know that realistically I can't outkick Suzy or Regina. I thought I'd go early, but then Suzy went so I just followed.

"I go to London on Wednesday and I have some races set up to get the World champs standard. I'm not sure which ones."

"I've been healthy for a year now and training since October 1. I relocated to Wisconsin to train with Peter Tegen. He was my first choice for a coach."

Men's Javelin
Breaux Greer, winner
(He set two meet and stadium records) "I'm glad I did it. Even if I get every record, I'm never satisfied. I have a lot of potential. Tom (Pukstys) has done great things for the sport."

Tom Pukstys, 2nd place
"I'm happy to be here. I'm recovering from a serious injury. Seven weeks ago, I ruptured my plant foot. I went for a full approach here, and it was shocking. I had some foot pain. It was pretty scary. I think Breaux is going to break my records some day."

Ron White, 3rd place
"I am just excited to have been able to throw with these guys. I am pleased with my performance even though it is 10 feet off my PR. I am glad to be a part of this, with Tom having his last year here."

John Steigeler, University of Oregon, seventh place
"It was great competition. My shoulder was bothering me last week and it hurt more than expected, I didn't throw as well. I was competing with some of the top guys in the world, so I can take this opportunity to learn and improve. This year has gone well for me too, I won Pac-10's and NCAA's. I would have liked to have done better at this meet but I know I will get to work and train more. There are more years to come."

Women's 10,000-meter final
Deena Drossin, first place
"We went out conservatively. My goal was to feel comfortable for the first few miles then make a strong effort over the last couple miles. Sylvia (Mosqueda) took off with two miles to go, so I tucked in and went at 6 laps to keep up the pace. I was watching out for Jen Rhines and Milena Glusac since they're both part of Team USA Distance Running and I train with them all the time and know that both are quite fit. Winning in Hayward Field is exhilarating!"

Jen Rhines, second place
"I was hoping to put myself in position to contend for the win, but I'm still happy with the race. I thought that the race would be quicker; my plan was to stay in and be competitive. This is my first World Championship team. I'm going to Europe to run two races prior to World's."

Silvia Mosqueda, third place
"My plan was to pretty much run from behind, keep the pace slow, and make top three. The pace felt slow early. Annette pushed it early, then the pace slowed again. I tried to push the pace with two miles to go, then just tucked in when Deena took over and once I got in third I felt comfortable the rest of the way home. I will try to go after the world champs standard somewhere, but I haven't thought about it yet."

Annette Peters,
On running her final race in Hayward Field: "It's time. I can't fight it. But it's still hard."


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