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Day Two Quotes

Women's 800
Hazel Clark, winner heat 1
"I took it out hard and shut it down about 600 meters. I ran about what I wanted to. I like to lead - I don't like to get jumbled up back in the pack. I haven't really raced much this season. It's my first race since indoors."

Regina Jacobs, winner heat 2
"The Achilles is still tight and sore. But it's better than last night. Last night was not a good night."

"I'm doing this to get ready for Europe. It's more important for me to run fast in Europe. It's not going to get any worse. It one of those things that last the whole season. I just have to tough it out."

Men's 800
Jesse Strutzel, winner heat 1
"I did what I was supposed to do; which was to qualify. I won by .01. We weren't sure before if it was going to be the top four or the top two - we found out right before it would be the top two from each heat. My strategy for the finals will depend on who qualifies. We shall see. It depends on who qualifies - there might be some surprises."

David Krummenacker, winner heat 2
" I felt great. It's the first time coming to the US championships that I am healthy; last three years I've been hurt or sick. This is a redemption year.

"I was anemic last year at the Trials. I found out when I got home from the Trials that I was anemic; the doctor said that he was surprised that I could even walk."
"This year I took it slow and chose to focus on the 800. I've kept the iron levels up and the miles down."

Men's steeple heats
Tim Broe, winner heat 1
"I got out to stay out of trouble. I hurdle better out front. It was a little windy out there today. I kept telling myself 'My strength is my strength.', I made them run faster than they wanted to."

On how finishing fourth at the Trials influenced this season: "I worked very hard for the last eleven months. I learned my lesson - I was a rookie - got to be relaxed, be confident, stay with the guys on the last lap."

"I moved to Ann Arbor from Alabama. I'm training with Paul McMullin and Kevin Sullivan under [Michigan coach] Ron Warhurst."

Clint Wells, winner heat 2
"We went out slow. My plan was to wait until the last 1000 to race; almost anyone can stay there for the first 2k. The even is more wide open this year - 5-6 guys could be in there [to make the team]. Can't go in disrespecting anyone."

Women's heptathlon
DeDee Nathan, first place
"Yesterday was lethargic. I was stuck in Denver. I didn't get into Portland until 1:40 a.m. I got into Eugene at 4:30 at went to sleep at 5. I was at 10. I felt dizzy and tired. I expected to score 6400 points, but lost a lot points because I was tired."
(Noteher luggage didn't arrive until Thursday morning. She wore some clothes from Connie Pirce-Smith, and Nike supplied her with some spikes.)

Shelia Burrell, second place
"I did what I had to do. This is my first meet since April. I'm going home to regroup and get ready for the Worlds."

Gigi Miller, third place
"I am excited. I PR'd by 200 points. It was fun and exciting to be here"

Men's high jump
Nathan Leeper, first place
"This was a great win over Charles, but he is always ahead. I owe him about two or three more wins. There are meets that you want to jump the highest and there are meets that you just want to win. This was a meet that I just wanted to finish in the top three. I was disappointed that I didn't jump higher, but I got in the top three so it's time to move on."

Charles Austin, second place
"Today I am not really pleased with my performance. I was not able to make the correct adjustments. However, I will be getting more prepared for worlds, I am strong but I have just been training; I need more competitions. Later this summer, I will be ready. (for worlds).

Henry Patterson, third place:
"I am pretty pleased. This has been an incredible year for me. I have six-month baby. I've been working. I'm pretty pleased to finish third. Charles finds a way to put it down, Nathan did a good job.

Women's 400 heats
Michelle Collins, winner heat 2
"I just wanted to out out relaxed and run for a good lane in the finals. I had a slow start this year but things are starting to come together."

Women's Hammer
Dawn Ellerbe, 1st place: Hayward Field and USA Championships record
"I think every time I come here I wish I could have that 13-foot PR I had when I won my first NCAA title in 1996. It's a real positive vibe and everyone is very supportive.

On winning her 12th USA title (6 indoors and 6 outdoors)
"This one is special because it was such a transition year for me. I moved from Wyoming back to South Carolina. While it's been a good move, it's been a year of transition. Any I had to really rethink and rebuild my confidence after my last two meets. It's 12 feet further than my last meet and my second best throw this year. It means a lot to me to go to the World Championships. I have been there before and to the Olympics and I have competed OK. What I am looking for this year is to put my best throw out there in the field and hope for the best."

Anna Norgren, 2nd place
"I am happy I made the team. I was fourth last year at the U.S. Championships. Whenever I get to compete against Dawn it's always a big challenge. I wanted to PR today, which I didn't do, but it feels good to make the team. I was just six inches off. I am going to go to Europe for a couple of meets before World Championships, and in two weeks I am going to get married so hopefully that will help."

Melissa Price, 3rd place
"It's wonderful because last year I didn't even make the finals and I threw just terrible. This year I have been trying to work hard and salvage last year. I wanted to make the most of this year. I am young and I have a lot ahead of me."

Men's 400m semifinals
Tyree Washington, heat one. On his injury during the race
"I had a hamstring pull about a week ago and then I ran too hard yesterday. My leg swelled today and was hurting a lot. I couldn't push or feel anything (during the race). I ran like 46, I usually jog that in practice so this is a big disappointment."

Antonio Pettigrew, 1st place, heat two
"I felt pretty good but I had to battle the wind. We were held for a long time (at the start line) and that affected my performance. I started slow and I had to run everyone down. It's difficult when you're ready to go and you have to wait so long. It kind of throws you off."

Calvin Harrison on his brother Alvin:
"He has a slight groin injury. He will be ready to compete next month. He has been invited to participate in the Goodwill Games."

Women's 400m Hurdles
Tonya Buford-Bailey, first race
" I felt a little bit sluggish in the race, but I ran the best time I have run all year so I can't complain. There was a very strong wind on the backstretch but those are the breaks. You have to be ready for that in the 400m hurdles. (In the finals tomorrow) I will need to run faster, but I am ready.

LaShinda Demus, second place, first heat, recorded the third fastest time in American Junior history at 55.76.
"I'm happy I've made it this far. I can't ask for any more."
She also set the national junior record in the 300 hurdles earlier this year.

Michelle Johnson, first place, second heat
"One of my hamstrings was really sore. I had it worked on a couple of times today. My legs were tired. My nerves got to me. I ran, but I didn't feel like me. My legs felt wobbly. I won my heat, and I'm thankful for that."

Sandra Glover, third place, heat two
"I have to thank God because He gave me the strength to finish this race. I have been on a fast today and I was very weak. I didn't know if I could finish the race but I kept praying to God that he show me His strength. In the last 100m I got an enormous surge of energy. I have been fasting and praying all week because I had a slow start this season but now I have really started to come along. My goal was really to get a good time here, and making the finals is a big bonus. I am excited that at my age I can come out and run with the young girls."

Men's 400m Hurdles
Eric Tommy, first place, first heat
"This race felt good and I am ready for the next round. Now I just need to relax and stay focused."

Angelo Taylor, first place, second heat
"I made it to the next round. It was very windy. It didn't really affect me. I had to work a lot and through it. My goal is go for the win, whatever it takes."

Bayano Kimani, 2nd place, heat two
"I was advised to 'run like I wanted to win', so I tried to stay with everyone early, then brought it on home."

Kip Janvrin, winner
"It was fun, huh. That's what it's all about. I was pretty prepared the second day because I knew it was going to be tough. I was worried after the first two throws in the javelin, but I finally hit it on the third one. I was pretty confident going into the last race. I knew after the vault it was going to be close. I had an all-time second best day here. Does that make sense - two weeks from being 36. I think my wife and kids will come to Edmonton. I will fly, they will drive, but maybe I will ride home with them."

(thoughts of retirement): You know, when you are sitting out there getting warmed up for the javelin and your back is sore and you thinking about running the 1500m in an hour - you think 'is this really worth it?'. But now when you are done, hell yeah it's worth it!"

Bryan Clay, second place
"I just thank God. Without Him, my coaches from junior high to high school to my college coaches now, it wouldn't have been possible. There was no way that I could do it without God's timing, health and strength.

Phil McMullen, third place
"Everything went really well and I'm excited to make the team for Edmonton. I PRed in the vault and had a PR for my total score. This is really exciting. I was solid throughout the competition and I'm very pleased."

Women's 100-meter dash Final
Chryste Gaines, champion
"I have been confident to win this. Here, you can't afford to make the most minnote mistake. If you do, it will hurt you. With age comes more speed, look at Merlene (Otty). I missed the 1999 outdoor season and everyone forgot about me. I had to reprove myself."

Angela Williams, 2nd place
"It's exciting and a blessing to be back. I am ready to go."

"At this level it is anyone's race we are all professional and experienced athletes. I knew I was capable of winning and the others should have felt that way as well because confidence is important. I made top three, made the team and ran a personal best, I have nothing to be upset about."

Kelli White, 3rd place
"It feels awesome to make the World Championship team. It's the best feeling. I definitely wanted to do better than I did indoors. I wanted to make the finals of the 100m outdoors. I am not sure if I will run the 200m tomorrow - I have a nagging injury. If I can get it together tonight then I will run."

Men's 100-meter dash Final
Tim Montgomery, champion
"I feel wonderful. I just tried to stay focused and push to the finish because Bernard Williams' time earlier was hard to follow. This is very overwhelming. The US has a strong history of sprinting." (On Bernard Williams' 9.96 in the first round) "That time put a lot of fear in all of us."

Bernard Williams, 2nd place
"It went pretty good. It was a nice race. I wanted to win but I didn't get a victory. I thank God I made this team on an individual basis. I have a lot of work to do, technically. I have to work on technical things. I will take it race by race, one race at a time. Like I did today and hopefully the Lord will bless me. The false start affected me. I had to be extra careful and not false start out of the race. I stayed in the blocks a little longer. I have to congratulate the champion, Tim Montgomery."

Curtis Johnson, 3rd place
" I am very satisfied with my race because this is only my second open race this season. I did not know how my body was going to react. I just wanted to come out, compete and see where the competition would put me."

Dennis Mitchell, 4th place
"This was a tough race. This is my last National Championship race. It has been a long sixteen years. I just want to enjoy this moment."

Men's Shot Put Final
John Godina, champion
"This was a good chance for a good mark. But having a bad day at 70 feet is a good sign."

Adam Nelson, 2nd place
"Obviously the goal is to throw a personal best at the World Championships. And hope that will be enough to be beat the other guys - John Godina, Januss Roberts. There will be some very good throwers there."

"I felt all right about my performance today. I have been training really hard over this last week too. I was training in New York for the last 6 months and that kind of put me at a disadvantage because I wasn't able to get in as many practice days as I would have liked. I am still getting into the competition phase and into my competition groove."

John Davis, 3rd place
"I was about to have a heart attack out there. It was all so close. I'm happy to escape with third place."

Men's 5,000-meter run Final
Bob Kennedy, champion
"Surging was my plan; I've been very successful with it in the past. I won my second NCAA cross country title with surging. Surging is a very tough tactic to use; you have to practice it in training. I was trying to run 62/67s (62 second 400 followed by a 67 second 400). This title meant a lot to me. I was very frustrated last summer sitting at home watching the games. I wanted to quit, but my wife wouldn't let me. She told me that in five years I would look back and regret quitting. I was very excited at the finish; I released a lot of pent up emotions.

Alan Culpepper, 2nd place
"I'm definitely running the 10,000 [at world championships]." (On why he ran the 10,000 after saying yesterday that there was a 20 percent chance of doing it): "Yesterday, I felt like I ran just a of a race. The heat kicked my butt. I didn't feel sore this morning. I felt I needed to run. (He does coach himself) "I consulted with myself."

Adam Goucher, 3rd place
"I just wasn't in it [the race], didn't know what I was doing out there. I was tired.
"I have to give him [Kennedy] credit - he's extremely experienced and knows what he's doing. He's really good at surging.

"The world championships are much more important than this race and I have been preparing for them in my training."

Matt Lane, 4th place [has missed World Champs A standard by 0.38 seconds]
"Going into it, I knew Kennedy and Goucher would be tough to beat. I thought that if I stuck with them, I would be in position that I was - alone with them with 400 to go - I would make the team. The last 400 I rigged and Culpepper got me. I'm going to London on Wednesday with Kim McDonald's group and will try to get the world champs standard. I was a little surprised by the surging but happy with the way I handled it. At NCAAs I struggled with some surging early in the race. This time I stayed composed. However the surging is why I crashed in the last 150 meters."

Dathan Ritzenhein, 9th place
"I can't help but be happy. I have been catching all the points lately. (On the success of lots of high school performers) "It's great to have people like this out here. I saw Alan (Webb's) race yesterday, and I was in awe of him. He ran very fast."

Men's Long Jump
Savente Stringfellow, champion
"It was a chance of a lifetime to compete versus (Mike Powell). I want to thank him. He's the one I've always looked up to. He showed a lot of heart. He is the best ever."

On expectations at the worlds:
"The pressure is out there. The US did not medal at the Olympics last year for the first time in a long time. People are wondering what we will do next."

Miguel Pate, 2nd place
"I'm overwhelmed making my first World Championship team. I came here with that goal in mind and now I hope to represent the U.S. well.

On competing in the same conference as Savante Stringfellow and Walter Davis during the collegiate season:
"It's always good to have great competition. I seem to always finish second or third to Savante (Stringfellow) or Walter (Davis of LSU). I'll definitely take second here. It also helped that I just competed in the long jump here. All season I've done both the long and triple and it was nice to concentrate on one."

Dwight Phillips, 3rd place
"It's an honor to compete against the world record-holder (Mike Powell). He brought the best out of all of us. Maybe now that he's come back, U.S. jumpers will get a little more respect on the international level.

On making his second World or Olympic U.S. team:
"As far as making the World team, I'm glad to represent the United States again."

Mike Powell, 4th place
"It was definitely worth it. I was thankful to have the opportunity to be out here. The guys jumped well. I'm proud of them. The U.S. is supposed to dominate the long jump. That's the way I want these guys to represent the U.S., not just at World's, but all the time. Hopefully these guys can carry it on. I thought I could further. The schedule definitely hurt me. I'm disappointed, I have gone this far in practice."

"I will continue (to jump), I just don't know if I will this year. I haven't had enough weight training yet this year and it would be tough to go right into the European season."


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