Clubs - USATF New Mexico

Y - youth athletes welcome
O - open athletes welcome
M - masters athletes welcome

The following are USATF-registered member organizations and competitive clubs in the New Mexico Association.

Current Member Clubs

Club nameClub no.LocationPhoneE-mailAges
505 Track Club42-0505Rio Rancho, NM(505) 850-4080e-mailYOM
Acoma Running Club42-0214Acoma, NM(505) 285-7056e-mailYOM
Albuquerque Athletics Track42-0313Albuquerque, NM(505) 328-3835e-mailYOM
Albuquerque Olympette Club42-0201Albuquerque, NM(505) 304-3547e-mailY
Cougar Track Club42-0406Albuquerque, NM(505) 507-4934e-mailYOM
Dead Running42-0462Organ, NM(575) 502-0663e-mailO
Desert Springs Christian Academy42-0496Las Cruces, NM(575) 405-1538e-mailY
Dukes Track Club42-0428Albuquerque, NM(949) 292-9546e-mailOM
Four Corners Youth Running Club42-0497Shiprock, NM(505) 215-5986e-mailY
Got Speed Track Club42-0455Albuquerque, NM(505) 771-8937e-mailY
Great Southwest Track & Field Classic42-0447Albuquerque, NM(505) 299-3359e-mailY
International District Track & Field Club42-0479Albuquerque, NMY
Invert NM Pole Vault42-0494Albuquerque, NM(505) 480-6157e-mailYM
Jr. Jaguars Track Club42-0489Albuquerque, NM(505) 506-6724e-mailY
Las Cruces Running Club42-0448Las Cruces, NM(575) 312-2584e-mailOM
NB3F XC Club42-0498Santa Ana Pubelo, NM(505) 867-0775e-mailY
New Mexico Racewalkers42-0231Albuquerque, NM(505) 898-8270e-mailYOM
New Mexico Sports Academy Track & Field42-0502Albuquerque, NM(505) 933-0604e-mailYOM
New Mexico Track Club42-0457Sandia Park, NM(505) 217-1727e-mailOM
Rio Rancho Track Club42-0468Rio Rancho, NM(505) 803-7292e-mailY
Sol Running Club42-0490Albuquerque, NM(505) 553-6321e-mailY
Sons of Hermes42-0460Albuquerque, NMY
Southwest Athletic Academy42-0507Albuquerque, NM(505) 922-5671e-mailYO
Sports Warriors Track Club42-0393Albuquerque, NM(505) 710-3323e-mailYOM
Sun Dragons42-0403Las Cruces, NM(575) 496-6792e-mailYOM
TCR Productions42-0209Albuquerque, NM(505) 256-3625e-mailO
TEAM HAA'NU42-0500ACOMA, NM(505) 980-3544e-mailY
The Jamii Running Project42-0506Santa Fe, NM(978) 270-5674e-mailYOM
Torreon Day School WolfPack42-0219Cuba, NM(505) 615-5199e-mailY
Walatowa Running Club42-0389Jemez Pueblo, NM(505) 350-3409e-mailYOM
Wings of America42-0213Santa Fe, NM(505) 982-6761e-mailY
Zia Track Club42-0499ALBUQUERQUE, NM(505) 506-2289e-mailY

Non-Renewed/Non-Approved Clubs

Club nameClub no.LocationPhoneE-mailAges
Absolute Velocity Track Club42-0488Albuquerque, NM(505) 414-6218e-mailY
Bioletix Speed Co.42-0501albuquerque, NMY
CCA Defenders42-0476Silver City, NM(575) 388-4478e-mailY
Duke City Dashers42-0503Albuquerque, NM(505) 362-3701e-mailY
High Elevation Running Club42-0504Jemez Springs, NM(505) 480-0094e-mailO
Laguna Sports & Wellness42-0495Laguna, NMYOM
Monarch Track Club42-0454Albuquerque, NM(505) 205-8641e-mailY
Sky City Pueblo Eagles42-0478Pueblo of Acoma, NMY